“Modern English”

Front Squat 1 – 10 – 1 – 20 – 1 – 30

Compare 100113 results.



50m Sprints x 5 (30 seconds rest)

100m Sprints x 5 (1 minute rest)

Post loads to comments.

May 15 001

Above are just some of the Pacemakers (5:30am crew).

Left to Right:  Jared R, Matt F, Juan (BB4), Bobo, Kenny, Pat, C-Note, Chalkman and Arthur.

31 Responses to ““Modern English””

  1. Pepper

    Dang… Pacemakers. What a bunch of hotties. Did I hear someone say 2011 Calendar?

  2. Silverback

    C-Note, as your agent, I must remind you that I need to pre-approve you going shirtless in public since there are fees involved. I’m still in discussions of representation with Arthur and Kenny.

  3. Jen M.

    NOt Feeling it today ๐Ÿ™
    felt light headed while doing my 20 and 30 reps….oh yeah and the sprints just did it for me.
    Thanks for the push brother Gatekeeper, Summer and of course G! i’ll get it next time.
    Nice meeting you Daniel! Where are you Fam?

  4. Nicole Disco D :)

    I felt good today ๐Ÿ™‚
    But the sprints are always painful!!!!
    Way to go T-Cats!!!!!!

  5. She-Ra

    Hola ACFers
    Yesterday’s WOD:
    Baseline, 400 run, 10 pull ups 20 push ups 30 sit ups and 40 squats PLUS max snatch and max C and J withitn 20 min window.
    5:30, 115 (PR), 115 (from lack of time)
    Snatch went up quite a few pounds!! Felt good with form.
    that 7:45 time for the Northwest regional OHS/DU WOD would have got me a 16th place out of 50 competitors :D…
    Thats right on top of MIRANDA OLDROYD!! SICK NASTY

  6. Speedy J

    4 mile run..getting my mind right for that team WOD..POW!! Have a great day everyone!

  7. Silverback

    Janet – Give me a call just before you tackle the team WOD. I have some valuable insight I’d like to share that I think will make a difference in your performance. Maybe you could have Andi, Daniel and Billy on the line as well…

  8. RamRod

    185-145-225-135-275(pr)-135(F=28 reps)
    50m sprints good, 100m sprints not so much.

  9. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    Rest Day – sad to be missing the untimed Metcon ๐Ÿ™

  10. sean

    185-135-205-115-215-110 i think.
    Thanks Grace for the solo wod this morning.
    Tough sprinting after the squats.

  11. G

    You’re welcome Sean! Those are the correct loads. Next try on your 1RM is 225, you had the depth requirement on 215.
    Welcome Cal! and Welcome back Dylan!
    Arnold, you didn’t like the Boneyard station?
    She-Ra, way to go!!
    Jen, you’ll get it next time.
    Btw, ACF is always auditioning for Marvel Super Hero Characters for a possible calendar in the future.

  12. Freakin' PR !!!

    Could have done more than 145!!! oh well…still PR for me
    I do much better on the 50m sprint than the 100m
    Thanks Arnold for sticking around and cheering us on!!
    Great sharing the bar with Andi and Jenn!

  13. Beast (aka JA)

    I had a few minutes to spare between driving to karate, homework, dinner and packing so I decided to do the “Speak to me, Julio” WOD. 28:55…slow time but it was hard to drop for a burpee on my tile kitchen floor.
    It was nice to meet Shawn (from Safety America). Hey G, can we call him Sensei Shawn? ;o)

  14. 80s Girl

    Thanks to Arnold, Andi, PR & Grace for your help. This was actually fun…somehow.
    My daughter was such a trooper the whole class. In the car she told me I ran really fast, so that was worth it!

  15. G

    145 – 115 – 155 – 105 – 165(*)-95(23)
    Thanks for the push Chalkman! 165 is my best PR but not feeling it tonight. Hammies were screaming during the 50m sprints but they got warm to set a much better pace on the 100m sprints. Thanks for the well needed pep talk Chalkman.

  16. G

    Welcome Brandon Bright!
    Good to see 80s girl posting again.
    Huge crowd for Thursday night!!!
    Awesome PR guys!
    I think I’m losing my voice yelling all day long on the sprints. Glad Teach took over with her orange cone tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Heather

    Good to have you as coach tonight Teach, felt like it had been too long ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for all your help Nate

  18. Nisha

    95, 85, 110, 70, 125*, 65*(20)
    Dang wrist grip got me more than anything else..left wrist turns in too much and starts screaming after 15+ reps….
    Large 6pm group made the sprints spacially challenging and a bit comical as there was conversation being thrown around of “smelling ripe, running like a horse, and burping up pickles”…

  19. David "Chalkman" Henley

    185pr – 135 – 195pr – 115 – 205(*)- 95

  20. Julia

    Nisha, now you know via my PSA…pickles before a WOD is No Bueno! I’m just glad I didn’t throw up!!

  21. Chrissy C

    Love the sprints!!

  22. Morris "Sledge"

    Droppin the Hammer

  23. G

    Toe, I remember La Bare when they were still located at Voss and San Felipe. Thanks for the reminder LOL! But I have my own private dancer now ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beast, Sensei Shawn is very fitting. He is humble about his shutokan karate 3rd degree black belt skills. There you go Shawn, everyone knows not to mess with you now.
    Bry, whiteboard memos do not apply when I’m still physically in the box, just in the office, ya hear!!

  24. Pepper

    80-60-90-55-105 (not pretty)-45
    Sprints about did me in. Chrissy, why weren’t you in front? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Chrissy, Babs and Mimi: it was fun sharing the bar with you tonight.

  25. Pat

    185-135-195-115-205(*)-95 think I made some potholes w/ the sprints.Thanks for letting me work in w/ you Aaron, the bench always makes me feel better.

  26. Teach

    Another fun Thursday night at the box! All the front squat newbies did fantastic!
    Julia and Jen C. – I think the round you thought was 105 was actually 115!!!
    April- way to pound out 20 reps at 90# ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Brandon- welcome to ACF, look forward to seeing you thus summer!
    Admiral- thanks for the back up at 6:00!!!
    G- bananas and oranges!

  27. TC

    Sorry I couldnt make it last night I got stuck in a meeting at work and then had to go straight from there to class.

  28. JUDY (F-bomb)

    135-120-140(PR)-105-155miss-95. I think I probably could’ve got a way with 150 but got stuck. Next time! F-Bombs away!

  29. Julia

    Teach, I kept counting and I didn’t think the math was adding up to 105! Ha ha. I kept saying I think this is 115. But, I figured I couldn’t add!

  30. Bobo

    Pretty happy with finally getting 225!
    Great working with Todd and Sledge.
    Sprints were pretty fun. Sorry for smelling so bad on the sprints. I might have to change my name to Pete Schweddy.