“Couplet of Death”

5 Rounds For Time

  • 20 Wall Ball (20)
  • 20 Pull-Ups

Post results to comments.

May 16 intro 1May 16 intro stephen

                              May 16 intro stephen spec abbye

Attendees of our CrossFit Orientation Class led by Coach Stacy last Sunday were Stephen D and Abbye M.  Welcome aboard guys!  The next one and last one for the month is this coming Sunday, May 23rd, from 8am – 10am.  We expect all our new folks to sign up to this class.  See you there!

22 Responses to ““Couplet of Death””

  1. josh p.

    Do those work well? I ended up ripping callouses open on both hands with this workout. It feels great.
    I forget my time, but I scaled to a band and a 14lb ball. Good work pacemakers!

  2. G

    Welcome Meg on your first WOD!
    C-Note, nice time and thanks…all classes are getting full and so we need the veterans to get the warm ups out of the way. Good DL warmup for you and Spec.
    Good baseline today Sherronda!
    Check out the link below to Red River CrossFit. They referred our gym rules, as well as a few others, to their athletes.
    Starting May 31st, 9:30am classes will be added to Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. Open gym 630-830am will only be on Fridays.

  3. Noel (SKIPPY)

    20:40 (14#/2″ band)
    First time I didn’t punk out and go back to the ring rows mid-WOD. Was very tempting, but Jim’s voice was in my head yelling at me for not going (and staying) heavier.
    Thanks Manuel a lot for counting and helping me with the band and making sure I didn’t fall off the box. I am not worried about embarrassing myself, I am more worried in putting a dent in the gyms floor with my hard head.
    Grace: awesome link to Red River CF. That is messed up that someone would use a water cooler as a sink!! Screw burpees, that should be punished with a jug of clorox wipes and cleaning ALL the equipment after EVERY WOD for week!! Bet that’ll teach a life-lesson.

  4. caci

    17:17 (RR,6#WB)
    Thanks to Dianne for the encouragement and awesome job!!

  5. Speedy J

    Lost a soldier today for team POW…hope to see her in the am ;)…cut my hand on box jump, did no know that was even possible…

  6. bryan g.

    if you’re looking for grips, i prefer these:
    they’re leather, so they tend to grip the bar better than the foam/rubber ones. it’s probably worth pointing out i haven’t ripped since i started using them.

  7. mario c

    mario c 15:55
    SCALED to 5 rds of 15/15 #10; grn band)

  8. ingrid

    12:32 (6#,RR)
    Thanks Alice for being my partner.Great Job.Well done my friend.One day soon we’ll graduate from ring rows and 6# wall balls as for now,we just need to keep working hard..
    Thanks Bryan G. for the link,my calluses keep getting ripped..awww
    G,love the meat and how it’s packed..very easy to handle and store.I don’t need to be creative with my freezer

  9. H the B

    12:43 (14# WB)
    Fam great job on tackling your less strong movements. Won’t call them weaknesses because you still kicked ass. Thanks for keeping me moving Juan, Billy and Ramrod.

  10. ian

    11:37 RX
    Doing that WOD at noon is no fun. If it wasnt for Silverback,Juan & Gatekeeper I’d still be doing that WOD

  11. Speedy J

    Thanks Toe…tough finish, thanks for the encouragement. See you in the am!

  12. Teach

    Did Wednesday’s WOD
    15:40 (Rx)
    I’m blaming the slow performance on missing 500cc of blood 🙂 Tess told me I could still be recovering from donating blood…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  13. Gina

    16:34 (14#, 2″ white band)
    That was a sneaky one – looked all innocent on the board, but then when you start doing it, ouch!
    Hope you get to feeling better, G!!

  14. Rosie

    12:48 .. I think (10WB,RR)
    100 RRs = Tortue BUT I did it! : D

  15. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    Teach, remember to put that blood back in in about a month or two, and enjoy the Floyd Landis style performance gains!
    21:02 (14# WB, Green Band PU) Thanks to JB and Silverback for keeping me company during the long wait between single pull ups.
    JB, let’s get’s that music right next time. The only thing worse than todays setlist would have been if you broke out your Enya collection 😉

  16. 007

    I am still not at full lung capacity. This sinus shit is killing me.

  17. G

    Fam, thank you. I’m just down with a nasty cold…will rest and shut down the whole weekend. Have fun tomorrow!
    Forgot to welcome Brennan, who joined the pacemakers this morning and who learned how to kip on his first CrossFit workout.

  18. G

    Gina, I think the “Emergence C” drinks are helping. Thank you for the suggestion.

  19. Freakin' PR

    So excited for the 930 class…woohoo!!!!!
    13:10….something like that. I think I finally conquered the wallballs!! That stupid workout last Saturday still makes me MAD!! It’s going to take me a while to get over it. I still hear Jim saying “no count”…love you Jim!!!! haha
    Ok…I’m done!! ready for tomorrow’s WOD…even though I have no idea what it’s going to be…

  20. Taz

    Take it easy Teach. Don’t forget the fluids. Rest and Recover…the same goes to you, too,G. Ya’ll be well.

  21. Fjord

    C-note thanks for the link, I have to do something because the Pull ups destroy my hands. Ya’ll, thanks for making my son feel welcome, he had a great time and it was a great change up from his regular workouts.