“European Regional Event 4”

For Time:

Run 400m


3 Rounds of

  • 15 Power Snatches (85)(65)
  • 35 Double-Unders


Run 400m

Courtesy of CF Mainsite:

European Regional Run-Couplet-Run Results (Men)

European Regional Run-Couplet-Run Results (Women)

The mainsite didn't have any videos archived so we are showing this homemade video, courtesy of our CF mainsite message board friend, Richard Vanmeerbeek, ( Men's video)

Post results to comments.

May 15 129

Ingrid (left) shows full extension to finish the air squat and Sheryl (right) shows proper posture and depth during the air squat.

47 Responses to ““European Regional Event 4””

  1. Macho Ranger

    12.12 (75)
    Sucking wind today. Good to be back.

  2. todd

    ate:fitty (RX) (that’s “urban mad-gab” for 8:50, by the way)
    Been a week since working out and feeling it.

  3. Summer

    12:40(45, lateral jumps). Thank u Tony for counting for me, and Lopez for the push at the end. Get job Toe keeping with it!! Great Job today T-Cats!!!!

  4. Rosie

    15:55 (#35, LJ)
    Pwr Sntchs… just couldnt get the form down right ๐Ÿ™
    Josh- you’re a MACHINE! U did so good today!!!
    H U G E crowd this morning,good job everyone!

  5. D-Mena

    Looks like a fun one today… sorry I’m going to miss it! I will be getting a massage on my day off instead… ;o) See ya’ll manana!

  6. sharon and ray

    I just wanted to make a post about CrossFit Caveman Kids
    We have added some classes on Tuesday and made the Thursday night classes later to accomedate schedules a little better. Check out the website for the new schedule starting in June

  7. Gab

    15:04 Rx and i’m still unable to do more than 3 consecutive double unders. I need to practice them.
    Good work everyone.

  8. caci

    20:19(35#,parallet jumps.
    I agree with you Ivannah, the lateral jumps are KILLER! Of course, I probably should not have gone to the 1630 class. It was freakishly hot. Thanks Janet for the push and for jogging with me.

  9. Abbye Mac

    I was so distracted by all the shit talking from you “longhorn fans” that I can’t remember my time….but I just have one thing to say
    If Texas is so good how come when Alabama and Tennessee went down to the final second the Tide only beat us by a field goal but Alabama took Colt McCoy out in the first quarter and hammered the crap out of Texas for the rest of the game…the road to the real trophy is to the SEC boys!
    Go Vols!

  10. Jen M.

    Kudos to Speedy J for running over and over to push the rest of the 4pm group to the end. The last sprint felt so good, I couldn’t have pushed myself like that if you weren’t there to push me – Cyborg J! thanks again!
    G, glad you’re feeling better ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Sheryl

    16:23 (45# LJ) I should be ashamed to say it but …I do not have a good “snatch” at all!! LOL — well, not YET!

  12. Billdozer

    19 seconds faster than Todd(RX)
    That was a good one today, thank goodness for the rain.
    Everyone have a good weekend, I am heading to the land of Milk & Honey tomorrow, also known as Tennessee. Silverback, take it easy on the workout this weekend, the team league is a marathon and I don’t want you to wear out.

  13. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    11:37 (85/lat jumps)

  14. Julia

    11:04 (35#, LJ)
    The rain felt amazing during that 2nd 400 m run!!

  15. Taz

    17:04 (45#;DUs)
    One HOT, HOT day today. Thanks a zillion Cyborg (Janet)for running with me at the end. I really admire your athleticism coupled with such awesome attitude in the box. Judy (RX) woohoo! Way to go girl. Great job 4pm peeps.

  16. Macho Ranger

    Nothing more disturbing than a vol fan cheering for Alabama. I understand that blind loyalty can cause poor judgement, but that little rant about how the vols only lost by one point…that’s just pathetic.
    Hopefully, when Tennessee can keep a head coach and actually beat some decent SEC teams (South Carolina and Vanderbilt don’t count) this conversation can continue.

  17. Silverback

    9:41 (Rx)
    A big 7pm class provided for a lot of competition tonight. Just getting over “the crud” so the DUs killed me early.

  18. Abbye Mac

    Stop being such a homer…big 12 is top heavy ….if nebraska leaves what does that leave you? The SEC is a power house from top to bottom…I’m not cheering for alabama…just stating facts! Oh by the way does Georgia count? ….to be continued ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Silverback

    Ditto on what Macho Ranger said. I know you’re new to the box Abbye, but I can’t let you get away with spouting nonsensical drivel about a has-been team while speaking ill of the Longhorns. With that being said, you probably won over Billdozer for life…;)

  20. Silverback

    Thanks for the advice Billy. ๐Ÿ˜› I’ve spoken to my teammates and we’ve agreed to tie one lung behind our backs for this week’s WOD.

  21. Abbye Mac

    ok I have to say that I have a lot of respect for Texas. They have a winning program like us, clearly a good choice in colors, and a lot of good traditions. Other than the whole stealing Chris Simms thing….
    Isn’t your coach from Tennessee…see all good things come from Tennessee!

  22. TC

    Double under were a bad choice……it’s so damn HOT!!!!!
    Running felt good for once, but there is always something!!!! ie Double unders!!!!
    I think I need to watch a new movie this weekend and come up with some new material!!! Any ideas?
    Sorry I posted this twice.

  23. Flying Fred Cury

    Abbye, isn’t it legal in Tennessee for someone to marry their sister?
    TC, ditch your wool-lined GoreTex sweatpants for the rest of the summer.

  24. Abbye Mac

    No …that would be west virginia dear :)….but keep reaching

  25. Billdozer

    Love the banter on the message board tonight. You are correct Silverback, Abbye has won me over with her Tennessee spirit. I have some quick points. Let me first state that I do not care for the Longhorns.
    It is common knowledge that the SEC is the best conference in all the land. Texas has virtually no competition anymore in the Big 12 and they get to coast into the championship game. The vols played two close games against really good teams this year(Alabama & Florida), The only competition for Texas is the lowly Red Raiders( I just threw that in to piss of all the Tech fans too)
    Finally, There’s a reason the wall ball stripe in the box isn’t burnt orange, and its because Juan’s about to paint a row of Power T’s up there. POW!
    Just for fun, at least we can all be glad we aren’t from Alabama. Unless you are then i’m sorry.

  26. Macho Ranger

    “Georgia Doesn’t Count?”
    Nope, not when you lose to Florida, Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, all those opportunities at a quality win in conference….oh wait, I guess Georgia was the quality win.
    Let’s make sure I understand the “VOL” thought process. If I can’t win in my conference, I will just extol the virtues of all the teams that beat me. That has to be pretty hard to stomach in the SEC.
    BTW I love a good SEC football game. It’s just too bad the VOLs aren’t in them anymore.
    Although that Alabama\VOL game was pretty entertaining except for VOL special teams. Actually, now that I think about it those special teams are what kept that one close.
    P.S. Eric Berry is a stud and my pathetic KC Chiefs needed him. Thank you VOLS!

  27. G

    Welcome Scott Jackson and Alonzo Hingsmith! They joined the 530am Pacemaker crew this morning.
    Awesome baseline tonight, Greg B!
    Also, Kathy J did well on her baseline this morning!
    Welcome back Jim! We know it wasn’t exactly a party in the middle east.
    Brennan is putting some heat on his second WOD.
    Good to see Sarge, Andrea, Matt F, RayRay, Toddzilla, Sugahara, April K, Octavia and Nick A back in action.
    Nick Arevalo – I saw your name on the board tonight but didn’t even see you at all.
    Sugahara was stringing 14 DUs in a row.
    Judy and Logan got their RX with the DUs! Way to go guys!
    Dozer, this WOD seemed like it was made with you in mind – the Dozer who lives in TEXAS now ๐Ÿ™‚
    GO COOGS – my forever humble team!!

  28. Chad Blaylock

    15:47 or 57? can’t remeber…007 and Jim, Thanks for pushing me!
    65 and LJs

  29. G

    TC, Prince of Persia? Maybe you’ll get some wardrobe ideas for your workouts at the box.

  30. todd

    As much as billy may have made a life-long friend in Abbye, he has forever tarnished his friendship with me while subjecting TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY to an unfair, frivolous scrutiny. Not to mention he’ll probably be sleeping on the couch for a while.
    Go Tech! Hit `em wreck `em!
    p.s. thanks for rubbing in your win over me, Billy. `Preciate it…

  31. Billdozer

    Todd, I am trying to motivate you, it’s not the same working out without you. I miss your musk.

  32. Pepper

    Oh my gosh you guys are funny…thanks for the posts and laughs and the ever present Ron Burgundy references.
    12: something (35#, parallettes)
    Good to see you back Coach Jim!

  33. Ingrid

    Thanks evryone for the push,as always you’re awesome.

  34. Z

    14:31 (45#)
    Good wod…thanks, Jim and thanks for the push, Daniel. Good to see a bunch of y’all I haven’t seen in a while! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Richard Vanmeerbeek

    Glad everyone liked the wod ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope you’re good mijn vriend, take care!

  36. sharon

    19:56 55# – 1.5 rounds of DU’s then lateral hops
    That one sucked (like most of the WODS lately). Thanks Chrissy for walking that last 400 w me.

  37. Bobo

    11:33 RX. Got to sneak in with the vamps. that was a lung burner. pukie was knocking the whole way. Thanks for the push during the wod Sledge, and for the push at the end playboy! sledge passed me on the run and playboy was nice enough to announce that he was about to pass me too. heard that just in time to edge him out.