“Push The Beast”

4 Trips (20m) with the Prowler For Time (155)


Shoulder Press

 3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

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April 093
Happy Birthday Michael "Bravo" !!  Bravo is a dedicated firefighter and a fun-loving hard working CrossFitter.

53 Responses to ““Push The Beast””

  1. josh p.

    The Prowler was no joke. 1:53, 135 max rep on Shoulder Press.
    Good crew at 5:30, as usual. Thanks for the Push Dennis, you are the man.

  2. Bob

    Happy Birthday Bravo, haven’t seen you in a while, get back to the box!!

  3. Rosie

    Happy Birthday Bravo!
    2:54 (#95 Prowler)
    Good Times working out w/ the girls, Thnx Ingrid, Jen C. & G

  4. Jen C

    2:53 (95 Prowler)
    Great working out with you ladies this morning!

  5. Andrea / Genie

    Happy Birthday Bravo! Hope you have a great day!!

  6. Beast (aka JA)

    Happy Bday Bravo, you mack-truck lifting crossfitter!

  7. Stephen

    Happy Birthday Bravo!
    1:20 Pushing the Puke Sled:)
    It’s great to be back and the box blew up. It’s cool to see all the new faces.

  8. Pat

    Happy Bday Bravo, and a belated one to your dad Silverback! Prowler somewhere around two minutes.Found out 180/10 trips was not gonna happen.Shoulder press 135-145-155-165(2)-165(1)

  9. Cody

    “The Prowler” was no joke! First time doing pushing this animal, legs are still burning! Prowler 1:42, Push Press max out @ 145 lbs.

  10. T.I.

    Pat, thanks for figuring that out for us.
    Prowler: 1:20 and bad leg cramps!
    Shoulder Press: 115-135-155(2)-135-155

  11. Summer

    Happy Birthday Bravo!!!
    Shoulder Press 55,65(2),60,65,65
    prowler push 2:03 Good job today T-Cats

  12. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy bday and may God bless you richly and give you the desires of your heart.

  13. caci

    Prowler Push 2:27
    Shoulder Press 55-65-65(1)-65-65(2)
    Thanks everyone for the push. Nice to meet you Ivy!

  14. Noel (SKIPPY)

    Happy Birthday Bravo!
    Wish I could’ve hit this WOD. But today is my day off.

  15. Crazy Carl

    Prowler ain’t no Punk…especially after the bender i went on for Memorial day weekend…felt great to be back sweating in the Box once again.
    1:42 on the damn prowler
    115-130-140-150-155 on the shoulder press

  16. Crazy Carl

    Oh…and… Happy birthday Bravo. Hope you have a good one brother.

  17. the "Gris"

    Happy Birthday Bravo! Hope it is a good one.

  18. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    Happy bday and may God bless you richly and give you the desires of your heart.

  19. sunshine

    happy birthday Bravo! Make it your best!

  20. Mike B

    Happy birthday bravo!
    2:29 on the sled from hell. Took a long breather then

  21. Billdozer

    56 seconds on the prowler, that sucked! Had to pass on shoulder press because I couldn’t leave the drain for 30 minutes afterwards.
    I tried 1 round of a workout Ramrod and I concocted 5 rds of 400m run with 20# vest, and 10 triple unders. I quit after 3 triple unders.

  22. Khara

    Happy B-Day Bravo!!
    1:27 Prowler Push
    Thanks Summer and Steph for all of the encouragement, ya’ll inspire me to be better.
    Good to see my SLEH ED family this am outside hell, great job Valentin and Stphen!! Ya’ll are awesome!
    Great way to finish MB!!!

  23. Bravo

    Million Thanks for all the birthday wishes you guys are great!! can’t wait to be back at the box with all of you
    Coming back strong!!

  24. TC

    1.42 this was not at all what I expected, my legs still feel like jello!!
    Shoulder press 115-135-155-185(2)-185(1)
    Happy birthday B!!!

  25. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    1:37 prowler push

  26. Julia

    2:++ on the prowler
    Shoulder press was really hard considering I could barely stand up for it after the prowler and I was seeing double. My nasty long weekend diet has seriously affected my WODS this week.
    55-60-60-60-60(2, I knock my own face on the 2nd rep. I blame the Prowler)

  27. Sarge

    3:05 on the Prowler
    95-105-115-120-125, Shoulder Press.
    Thanks 007 for the tips. It definitely helped.
    Happy B-day Bravo!

  28. ingrid

    2:54 damn prowler
    Nice working out w/ Jen C. and Rosie.
    Thanx G as always

  29. Ed

    2:14 prowler!
    95-105-115-125-135(F) shoulder press
    Love the prowler! Next time I am going for under 2 minutes! Ha! Ha! If my legs will cooperate!
    Thanks for a great work out!

  30. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    1:53 My quads were on FIRE!!!!
    SP: 50-55-60m-60(1)-60m
    Fun 4pm group. Nice to have you back April:D
    Coach G- THANKS 😉

  31. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    1:39 Love the prowler. Let’s get 40m of that included in the regular warm up.
    125-125-125-125-135 (PR). Shoulder press was tough, and I think I made it tougher by stupidly putting 20 minutes of jump rope practice between the Prowler and the rest of the actual workout.
    Thanks to J.B. for the answering all the questions, and showing me how to do my first GHD situps, and thanks to Sunshine, who continues to inspire me to new jump roping heights.

  32. Z

    1:06 on the Prowler 🙂
    I had so much fun wodding with Sunshine, Heather, and Heather! 🙂 Thanks for the coaching on the shoulder press, Nate and for the push on the prowler push, G!! 🙂

  33. G

    Awesome baseline and welcome, Jonathan V, Jessica F, Kim H and Ryan C.!
    John O’Malley picked a good WOD as his very first. Welcome John!
    Good to see Crazy Carl, Manuel and Laney back in action!!
    Ed, it’s awesome that you are posting. Way to be accountable!
    The prowler needs a best friend after today! There might be a coin toss between Ed and Agent Orange.
    Lots of hard work!

  34. Abbye Mac

    1:53 Prowler
    45(3) 55(3) 65(2) 65(3) 70(1)

  35. Brandon Bright

    1:05 Prowler
    Shoulder Press: 125, 135, 145(2), 135, 135

  36. April

    1:53 Prowler
    55-60-65-70-75(1)–but a PR
    Happy Birthday Bravo!

  37. tim

    Prowler 1:41
    I got the 115 up 3 times on the 2nd round

  38. brandon "dub"

    1.08…The prowler is brutal!

  39. ray

    2:15 prowler
    Happy Bday Bravo. When’s your graduation?

  40. Steve

    prowler 2:35 push press 75-95-100-105(2x)-100