Daily Archives: June 13, 2010

Barbell Clinic on June 13th

Seated (Left to Right):  Miles, Ingrid, Coach G and Noel Skippy "The Animal" Middle Row:  Dianna, Nicole "Disco D", Coach Jim, Pepper, Darlene, Regina, Ivannah and Abbye Back Row:  Josh K, Silverback and Old Hickory Barbell Clinics at ACF are lead by our very own Coach Jim.  Coaches JB, Stacy and G assisted him today.  […]

Pix from the Men’s Summer Challenge

Daniel Ward, aka Ramrod, running with a 20lb vest   Juan Garza, aka BB4 (or "Juan Timberlake" to some), also running with a 20lb vest The temperature was above 100 degrees on Saturday.  Both Ramrod and BB4 participated in the standard division at the CrossFit Houston Men's Summer Challenge.  Both athletes made it through the […]

Addressing Recent Increasing Nutrition Inquiries

As our community is growing, so is the interest in our nutrition approach.   Let's review our Sugar & Carbs Topic from our Nutrition Blog.  Also, go over the basics tips from our Nutrition Blog.  Check out the CrossFit Journal Issue 21 and the CrossFit Mainsite Nutrition Page for some suggestions on meal plans.  Everyone should […]