Pix from the Men’s Summer Challenge

June 5 1094

Daniel Ward, aka Ramrod, running with a 20lb vest

June 5 1107 

Juan Garza, aka BB4 (or "Juan Timberlake" to some), also running with a 20lb vest

The temperature was above 100 degrees on Saturday.  Both Ramrod and BB4 participated in the standard division at the CrossFit Houston Men's Summer Challenge.  Both athletes made it through the 3rd Event, Prowler Push and Dumbbell Thrusters.  We also would like to especially mention one of our newest Pacemaker Crew, Bobby Feiertag, who participated and made it through the 1.5 mile run yesterday.  We are proud of you guys!

13 Responses to “Pix from the Men’s Summer Challenge”

  1. Macho Ranger

    Congrats guys! Way to DO WORK! Thanks CFH for hosting the event.
    Last night was Outstanding. 9 Guys finished the Crossfit Century and many battled it out with the SUMO Suits
    CrossFIt Century Finishers:
    After the “Prowler push to CHUG” Tie Breaker, the order of finish is:
    1st Place “Crazy Carl”
    2nd Place “Toddsky”
    3rd Place “TC”

  2. Billdozer

    Truly an outstanding day. Congrats Ramrod and Juan.
    As I suspected, no one gave in on the century. I didn’t know I could have so much fun until I saw the first Sumo match between Skippy and TC.
    Arnold, Crazy Carl was a man on a mission, I had a couple issues with getting the beer in my mouth on the first run and the ladies didn’t have another beer for me.

  3. todd

    As pathetic as it may sound, that was one of the most memorable nights for me in a long time. But, did I REALLY get 2nd place overall??
    I miraculously got home unscathed.
    We missed you last night, GRACE!! 🙂

  4. Pat

    Fun night for sure! Paid my penence today with a five mile run.

  5. HeMan

    What an evening!!! Carl, your prowler run might be the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen at ACF. Congrats to everyone who finished. That was a hell of a good time and some great company too.
    Billy – I can’t seem to remember who won our sumo bout. Can you help me with that?

  6. TC

    WOW!!!! Last night was a good time for sure!!!! Sumo was a lot more fun than I thought it would be, it was hot as hell but still a good time in the sumo suits!!!!
    Way to represent our box Juan and Daniel!!!

  7. G

    Sure am sorry I missed out on the Summo Wrestling. Toddsky, thanks I should have been there!
    Thanks to Skip The Animal, I saw some pretty hilarious videos after the barbell clinic today. Those are going live on cyberspace this week. So be on a lookout through our vimeo account.

  8. G

    Fam, that is a very good Fran time!
    The Women’s Summer Challenge at CrossFit Houston is going fast. Lisa of CFH informed me that there are a total of 24 signed up already but wasn’t sure which ones are signing up for standard and scaled.
    I’m doing it…anybody else wants to join in the fun???

  9. G

    Ramrod and TC, thanks for showing up at the Lululemon Free WOD today. TC’s assisted handstand push-ups there came easy!
    Julia, congrats on getting your Lululemon reward from Sledge for setting a PR yesterday. We need to get you setting more PR’s from here and on 🙂 So, kipping pull-ups will get you a whole outfit?

  10. G

    Sharon of CrossFit Caveman Kids and our athlete was also at Lululemon working out hard outside on their sunny parking lot/front area! Thanks for your undying support Sharon!

  11. Julia

    G, You are brilliant. I look forward to more PR’s! 🙂