Team Barbell Complex

Each team will weigh-in prior to this WOD

In 20 Minutes, lift as much weight as possible and score
bonus points by performing C2B Pull-ups or Heavy lifts.  Total weight lifted + bonus will be divided
by total weight of the team for your team score.

Each team member must complete at least 5 rounds of the
barbell complex.

Score each round by annotating weight on the bar with one male and
one female can work at a time (one bar each).

Barbell Complex (set your weight and complete)

1- Deadlift

1- Power Clean

1- Front Squat

1- Hanging Squat Clean

1- Push Jerk


Add 25lbs for every C2B pull-up completed.

Bonus 100lbs for every complex completed over (155) Male
(95) Female

Jessica OHWL and Todd H rowing
Jessica Frnka performing a Weighted Overhead Walking Lunge, while Todd H is captured rowing.

(photo courtesy of Skip, aka Noel)

17 Responses to “Team Barbell Complex”

  1. josh p.

    In San Antonio again this weekend, and I attended Mission Crossfit for a WOD.
    warm up then 2 person team completes:
    8x100m sprints
    100 push-ups
    100m walking lunges
    100 squat jumps
    100 sit ups
    60 Thrusters (95lbs)
    8x100m sprints
    23:00 (RX) I was dragging today.

  2. HeMan

    Nice work by the ladies of commando!!! And thanks for filling in Toddzilla!!
    Nate – you were strategically superior! I realized with about 4 mins left that we had a bad strategy. Props to you for figuring it out before the workout!!
    Jim – I think today is the 3rd day this week where I’ve said to myself ‘damn that’s a nasty good workout’. I’m glad I get to come work out in a place where we have such a mad scientist cooking up WODs. Here’s to you and your sadistic WOD creating skills!!!

  3. todd

    It was fun working out with 3 of the “box celebrities” (Famelicious, Arnold and He-man). I know I had some big shoes to fill in Bravo’s absence. I hope I didn’t disappoint.
    Good wod, coach Jimbo.
    p.s. what was nate’s strategy?

  4. Wolverine (Pat)

    Always takes an extra push to try to stay close to Nate, you are an athlete!I like the name G. Nisha I would like for you to refer to me as this at home also!

  5. Julia

    Great work out this morning! It was fun watching Arnold and Famelicious do their thing! Ya’ll are some serious fighters!
    Love the new nickname, Wolverine!!!
    I’m pretty proud of Sledge’s work this morning. Too bad he doesn’t want Lululemon or anything as a reward for an awesome showing. 😉
    Great job this morning Ninjas! Have fun celebrating tonight Summer!!

  6. Nisha

    Great job today Pirates…way to go to Nate and Judy for placing in the top 3 individual rankings of the day (I know there are alot of big dogs to go still though)…and thanks Judy for pulling my slack when I couldn’t go anymore…
    BTW, for the teams that haven’t went yet, Nate’s strategy was to go heavy, very heavy..
    And, dearest “Wolverine”, I know that Grace was going for more of the Marvel character for your namesake but Wikipedia actually states that the wolverine is the largest land dwelling species of the weasel family and is said to have a pungent odor…just sayin 😉

  7. Loco Moco

    oh snap. weasel. I mean wolverine… hee hee

  8. Jared M

    Had an awesome time subbing in for the ninjas.

  9. HeMan

    Yeah Nate…. I didn’t think you could do a barbell complex at 205… That was impressive to watch!! Way to spill the beans nisha… Now the resivor dogs are going to kill us.

  10. Nisha

    We will be okay, I don’t think any of the other teams will be able to do the 205..maybe 195 but then they would need at least 10 reps…so its all good….

  11. Flying Fred Curry

    I happened by the box today and saw a couple of the Dawgs consistently completing 3 reps a minute for 10 minutes of the Complex @ 225lbs…

  12. G

    Welcome on your first WOD on Saturday Steve Long!
    Also, welcome Tino, a friend of Eli who tried us out for the weekend.
    Nice work Kristina! You are very determined to get to CFG! Keep it up!
    Wolverine….there’s plenty of pix of you now why that alias best fits you! Nisha, just play along… 🙂 hmmm…kayla silverfox…she has the powers of tactile telepathy/hypnosis.