“Timely Precision”

Front Squat 

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Done as a group. 
30 Seconds to complete your set then 1 minute before the next person in
line goes.



AMRAP in 4 minutes

  • 10 Push-up Rotations
  • 10 Wall Ball

Post results to comments.

Bday Matt L 3

Happy Birthday Matt Luther (aka, He-Man)!  Check out his rowing technique (video) and his kipping pull-up skills (video).

63 Responses to ““Timely Precision””

  1. Summer

    Happy Birthday Matt!!!
    Front Squat: 95/105/115/120/miss
    MetCon: 3&7
    Thank you pacemakers for letting me join ur class this morning great job to everybody. Thanks u Rosie for being my partner and pushing me.

  2. Silverback

    FS: 175-185-205-195-185
    Metcon: 4 Rds +3 PUs (20#)
    Felt good to be back with the Pacemakers this morning. Happy Happy He-Man!

  3. Juan (bb4)

    Happy birthday matt!
    Wod 175-185-205-215-225

  4. Rosie

    Happy Bday!
    3Rounds + 7PUs

  5. Gatekeeper and Beast < -III-------III-

    Happy bday Matt. Have a blessed day.
    Dennis and Jeremy

  6. Gatekeeper and Beast < -III-------III-

    Happy bday Matt. Have a blessed day.
    Dennis and Jeremy

  7. Vegas

    FS 185-205-225pr-230pr(1)-185
    AMRAP 4rds+4reps @20#WB

  8. dianna

    metcon: 3&7
    not pretty but thanks Ivannah for keeping me moving.
    Happy Birthday Matt

  9. Sarah

    Happy Birthday Matt!
    Couldn’t do the heavy lifting portion of the wod, so I warmed up with Bulgarian squats and planks, then I did 2 rounds of the amrap and got 6 rounds with 6# wall ball and regular pushups. What a difference a 6# ball makes on those wall balls; I don’t have to jump to get it to hit the orange 🙂

  10. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Matt! Cool video too.
    FS: 155-175-200-205(1)-175
    Metcon: 4 Rds + 9 PUs (20#)

  11. Billdozer

    Front Squat
    3+17 reps
    C-Note, you lucky bastard. I thought Silverback only reserved those intimate stretching moments for me. Although, Vince was quite gentle today, and he gave me a hell of a push on the amrap.

  12. 007

    Happy Birthday Stretch!

  13. Nicole Disco D:)

    AMRAP 4rds 10#
    Thanks Alice for being my partner, you are such a slave driver!!!! Thanks for the push:)

  14. Gatekeeper and Beast < -III-------III-

    Happy bday Matt. Have a blessed day.
    Dennis and Jeremy

  15. Ramrod

    Happy birthday heman!
    Good working with you 007 and wingman
    FS: 235-255-280-285-255
    Metcon: 5rds + 10

  16. Bobo

    FS: 185-205-210(2)-205(1)-185
    let my knees cave in on the 210 and therefore missed it. felt something funky in my right knee on the 205 so i dropped it. need to work on those knees. once they cave in, the chest falls forward and then its all over.
    Metcon: 4+5 20#. well, i think it was a 20# ball on the first round, after that, i think G replaced it with a 40#. didn’t know we had those. hehe. Thanks for keeping on me G, i wouldn’t have made 4 rounds without ya.
    Dozer, i almost had an intimate session with the silverback too, but G put a stop to it. well, it was at the noon class, and you know what that might be called…

  17. Nicole Disco D:)

    Happy Birthday Matt!!!! I was great seeing today:)

  18. JohnnyB

    3 rounds +1; 20# WB
    FS- 155-185-225(1)- 205-205
    PR Front Squat-135
    Thanks H the B & CoachG!
    Matt B- you’re an animal!! Good Job!!

  19. David "Chalkman" Henley

    4 Rds + 5; 20# WB
    FS 155-175-175-185-195(pr)

  20. christine sicam

    95-120-180(1)-125-135. Amrap 3 rounds plus 2 (10# wallball)

  21. mario c

    FS: 75-80-85-95-100
    AMRAP: 3 rds + 6 reps #10

  22. Andi

    Happy Birthday Matt!
    Hope you get to see Cody Canada for your birthday :o)

  23. Keith Fogle

    AMRAP: 3 rds + 3 reps 14# wallball

  24. H the B

    HBD Matt
    4rds+1 (20#)
    Good work today Chris and JohnB

  25. Dub

    Happy Birthday Matt
    FS: 155-185-205-225(1)-205
    AMRAP: 4rds + 12

  26. T.I.

    Happy Birthday Matt!
    4rds + 14
    Thanks for the push Carl, Chris, Todd and TC. It helped. Silverback and Billdozer…don’t be jealous of my push-up rotations. The judges gave me 10’s all across the board!

  27. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    105-110-115(2)-115-110 🙂 thanks for bearing with our “low bar” HeatherD! thanks for the push Fam, Heather and Coach G!
    4R+3reps (10#) Good Job Christine!
    happy birhtday MATT!

  28. Crazy Carl

    Happy B-day Matt…
    205-215-225-205 then: 4rds +1 rep on Metcon
    wasn’t feeling it today for some reason. great job to everyone in the box at 4:00 &5:00p.

  29. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)


  30. Chad Blaylock

    It was good to be back home at Atomic!
    Amrap – 3+3
    Next stop on my nationwide crossfit tour is New Orleans/Baton Rouge. See ya’ll in a week.

  31. TC

    Happy Birthday Matt!!!

  32. Gina

    4 rds (14#). Me & the wallball were having issues! Don’t know if I really should take credit for them all.
    Thanks Regina for putting up with me tonight. You did great!
    Billy, Thanks For putting up with my blond moment 🙂

  33. Abbye Mac

    10lb wb
    3rounds +2
    I need to go heavier…I wimped out! Not a great night, I can do better.

  34. Babs

    Thanks Chrissy for being a great partner.

  35. Mogi

    3.5+3 (or 3+13) 14lb wb

  36. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    105 – 115 – 135 (PR) – 120 – 125
    3 + 0 (14#)
    JB, thanks for tempting me to go 125 on the last set…great way to finish the strength part.
    If memory serves, first time playing with 14# wall balls…OOOFF!

  37. Pepper

    80-90-100-105-110 (PR)
    3 + 1 (10#)
    Sharon, good partnering with you. Thank you for pushing me with the ‘bad ass’ talk. Great progress, Ernie!

  38. Chrissy

    3 rounds even (14#)
    Babs – good partnering – but you took me down yet again on another AMRAP!! You are my hero! 🙂
    Pepper – way to go on the PR!
    Bryan-thanks for not getting us any Burpees tonight!

  39. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Sieh!
    Welcome back Victor!
    Good to see Arthur, 007, L A, Fam, Chad B, Sarge, Mack and Sherronda back in action.
    Way to go on the PR’s guys.

  40. G

    FS 125-135-155(1)-145(2)-145
    145 is my 3RM personal best (PR) from last time.
    Thanks for partnering with me on this Sarge. You are getting stronger!
    MetCon: 4 rnds + 5 reps (14#) – good pacing with Chad B!
    Bobo, actually I switched your wallball magically to 50lbs on your 3rd round.
    Good luck back to college Brennan, Matt B, Cortland and Robert L!

  41. mikey

    3Rnds + 10 (20#)
    It’s good to be back.
    Happy BDay Matt!

  42. Matt

    3rds + 6Reps
    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!

  43. big e

    65-75-75-85-95 10 WB
    First real burpees today. Felt confident. 30 lbs higher on f squat than last time. Thanks for the encouragement pepper. You’re awesome out there.

  44. Vanessa

    workout #2
    4 rounds! kpu on last round

  45. G

    Almost forgot..Mikey, it’s good to have you back!
    Also, good to see Tank back in action with the pacemakers on Monday.

  46. Steve

    Happy Birthday to you, Matt!
    Squats: 3x 65, 95, 135, 155, 115
    rtational pushups / 15# wallballs @10
    3 rounds + 5 pushups.