(WOD Courtesy of CF Dallas Central)

AMRAP in 20 Minutes

  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 10 Push-Ups
  • 15 Squats

Every 3 rounds, pull 3 DeadLifts at 70% of your 1RM

Post results to comments.

HD Butterfly Tattoo
                                HD's Beautiful "Butterfly"!

75 Responses to ““Cindy-ish””

  1. Bullhorn

    What a way to kick off Game Day Week!!! great workout to prepare for WAR on Saturday.
    15RDS 315 deadlift

  2. Billdozer

    At first glance, I thought Kenny had gotten another tatoo.
    Cal, impressive today, i’ll see what I can do later.

  3. Bullhorn

    Well i think kenny has the same one bill, that is where Heather got the idea, also one more observation Grace and heather are not crying about their tattoo and not being able to come to the gym.

  4. Summer

    Nice Tattoo Heather. Stacy team ninja’s would like to do there Team WOD on Thursday August 12th during open gym if u don’t mind.

  5. JUDY

    Pirates are coming on Thur @ 6pm too for our team wod. See ya there!

  6. FACE (aka Bob)

    15+10 in Dubai. Pullups aren’t any easier here. Could not do the deadlifts.
    Can’t wait to get back!!!

  7. toddsky

    15 + 3 DL’s and 2 pull-ups at 245#. Prob could have gone heavier on DL’s.

  8. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    15 + 26 (235# deadlifts)

  9. Billdozer

    14 rds(C2G RX@315)
    Just coudn’t get to 15 rds today, but not too disappointed. Nice to do battle once more with Toddzilla. Daniel stuck it to Cindy today, too bad we don’t have any pull-ups in the competition.

  10. Josh P.

    12 rds + 12 reps (215#)
    Cal is kinda like a strong cup of coffee at 5:30 in the morning.

  11. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    15+14 c2g rx
    Had to re-do some squats because I wasn’t going low enough.
    Great job Pacemakers!
    Beth, you are just crazy fast!
    Thanks G!

  12. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    15+14 c2g rx
    Had to re-do some squats because I wasn’t going low enough.
    Great job Pacemakers!
    Beth, you are just crazy fast!
    Thanks G!

  13. Ruel(The Situation)

    15+4 reps(185)
    It was a very good work out….good job 0930 peeps…I was surprised on how much I did today…thanks G for the push..

  14. T.I. (Kenny)

    15+2 reps (RX 275)
    Thanks Coach Ramrod for keeping me moving.

  15. ingrid

    Disappointed I couldn’t make it today,jealous of everybody who could.Once again, responsibility gets in the way of crossfit.

  16. Ramrod

    19 + 3 (rx @ 300#\c2g)
    Great job 930 and nooners. Think Cindy just got institutionalized (that’s for you T. I)

  17. Bullhorn

    Who ever is doing the katy comp. Bobby will pick up all of our packets on Thursday and bring them to the gym for you to pickup on Friday. Please comment if you would like this service from the gyms mail boy.

  18. T.I. (Kenny)

    LOL, thanks Coach.
    Bobby if you could pick mine up as well I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  19. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J.)

    11 + 5 (Rx @ 155)
    Cool, more opportunities to practice kipping!

  20. Teach

    16 rds (Rx @ 215)
    Great to see the Pacemakers this morning! Way to keep my going Gatekeeper, Juan Timberlake and Bullhorn!! It’s amazing how fast you can get through things where there are only 20 seconds left in a WOD!
    Bobby – can you pick my packet up for me? Thanks!!!

  21. Aaron Durden

    Bobby – Would appreciate your picking up my packet as well if it isn’t a problem. – Thanks: Aaron Durden

  22. Dar

    Hey Bobby – don’t forget me! Thanks again for doing this.
    –Darlene Granados

  23. Ace

    I too would appreciate the service Bobby. Thanks.
    –Doug Mena

  24. She-Ra

    65# ground to overhead
    200 (10 20m sprints) shuttle run
    5:43 RX
    Jerk 170 PR!!!
    Snatch 120 PR!!!

  25. Lauren

    First day back since hospitalization. Apparently, week off being sedentary + pills + heat = first time actually losing consciousness mid-wod. Due to that, 5 rds 2 reps.
    Got up and did more when I could… but felt another blackout coming on after one round. It sucked. Would still be back tomorrow if I could.

  26. JUDY

    Bobby, please pick my pkg up!
    Thanks! Judy Trent (scaled)

  27. Ramrod

    Bobby.. Count me in on that pick up. Thanks brotha

  28. Gatekeeper < -III-------III-

    15+14 c2g rx
    Had to re-do some squats because I wasn’t going low enough.
    Great job Pacemakers!
    Beth, you are just crazy fast!
    Thanks G!

  29. Ximena

    12 rounds (RR, KPU, 95#)
    Working out with the nooners was good fun today ๐Ÿ™‚ Good to see everyone!

  30. JohnnyB

    12 rds + 12 reps (225#RX)
    Nice seeing you Fam & Toe @ 4pm class’!
    Brant- Perfect Kipps!
    Thanks CoachG!

  31. Ray

    11 rds + 25 reps (C2G, 225#)
    Did this one at caveman. Wish I could have made it to the box.

  32. Speedy J

    21rds (185#) had to beat Ramrod – POW! Thanks for the push Billy…let me know what time you guys may do the run through on Wed/Thurs. Good job 4pm-ers!

  33. mario c

    mario c 8 rounds (C2G; #95)
    Hey Lauren, so let me get this straight. You started the WOD (wearing eye glasses and a head band, hehe), passed out in the middle of it – you were out cold! Then you regained consciousness and started right back up from where you were when you passed out? I like it! You are the essence of a Crossfitter!
    But, I must say, I think the clock should have been stopped on you while you were out cold on the floor, then restarted when you came out of it, hehe!
    Then , rumor has it, you went rock climbing right after the WOD! One word comes to mind: Warrior!
    Hey guys, thanks for having a catch with me after the WOD today, makes me feel young again when I do that stuff.

  34. Lauren

    Only a light climb. Didn’t want to black out on the wall.

  35. Freakin' PR

    So now I want another tattoo! Who’s coming with me??
    17 rounds + 5 reps (155# Rx)(I lost count after 15, but I think that’s right)
    It was like an oven at the box today. I think I was well done after the WOD!!
    Janet…you’re an animal!!!

  36. Sarah

    10 preggo rounds (ring rows, 45#)
    They are preggo rounds because they are modified, light weight, and I move slow ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job 9:30, it was another hot one!

  37. toddsky

    First, Lauren, be careful. Ease back into it. Sorry to hear about the hospitalization. I hope you evthing’s okay.
    Bobby, please pick up Todd Crosswhite’s packet too. And, Cal, thanks for volunteering Bobby’s services.
    Are we doing another pool party satday night after the WOD…?

  38. toddsky

    Aida, I’ll go with you to get a tattoo. I have been wanting one on my forehead.

  39. H The B

    14+2 (245 RX, C2G)
    Heat was killer. Thanks for the push Billy and T.I. Janet awesome job.
    TC great to see you back.

  40. Chad "The Nomad" Blaylock

    Great WOD today. Nice to back with the 5pm crew.
    14 Rds – Rx @ 205lbs
    Too bad Sunshine wasn’t able to risk it…would have loved to see the wardrobe malfunction!!!

  41. Ace

    Great way to finish up a good Monday. 12 rounds even, Rx at 225 DL. Don’t want to throw my back out before we commence WAR on the other area crossfits.
    Good group at 6 as usual. Good to see everyone.

  42. TC

    Man did I miss ACF…..glad to see all of my extended family!!!!
    15+8 Rx

  43. Steve

    Deadlift = 215#
    Pullups w/thin white band
    Did 13 rounds + 22 into the 14th round
    After I finished, I realized I should have done 10 pushups per round; I did 15, or 70 too many pushups. No wonder my chest feels tight!

  44. Brandon Bright

    11 sets – (box jumps instead of squats)
    185lb deadlift
    B. Bright

  45. Nisha

    13 rounds + 7 reps (Green band, 145#)
    Big class at 6pm…had to do boys vs girls heats ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Heather

    13 rds (115 DL, KPU, thin wht band)
    Slowly making my way back. Thanks to all the 1st heat for keeping me going.

  47. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    12 rds exactly (black band pull ups, 245#, C2G)
    I have no idea what my max deadlift is, so that was a guess. Seemed like a pretty good guess, but it might have been a tad light.

  48. Julia

    17 rounds + 8 (green band, 10 rds knees, 95#)
    Awesome 6:00 p.m. crew! Had fun facing Nisha, Kendra and Abbye on the bar!
    Nice tats HD and G!!

  49. Bobo

    16+5 RX (242# C2G)
    Missed my new home, the noon crowd. Playing mr mom this week so cant make it till 4. Big 4pm class with lots in the cheering section. I needed it. it is so easy to start shutting it down around minute 15 on this one. you guys kept me going. Thanks T.I., and i think i heard April yelling at me every time i wanted to rest on the push ups.
    Missed 365 and 355 DL attempts on the recent CF total, did 345 on sunday, so i think that 240 was accurate for right now. hope to get that 400 mark one of these days.
    Janet and Ramrod crushed this one. You guys are animals.
    Lauren, ease in to it warrior!

  50. Dub

    Man, taking 5 days off really hits you around round 10.
    15 + 2(255 deadlift). I need to get back into the grove for the comp this weekend

  51. Freakin' PR

    I think we definitely need a pool party Saturday night!!!

  52. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Kathy M, Natalie E and Tara!
    Good to see Juan, TC, Abbye, Lauren T, Jeff, Ben K, Dub, Ximena, The Nomad and April K, back in action.
    I see your post Brandon Bright! Cool!
    Heather, hang in there.
    We miss you Katie, aka Jack Rabbit. Hope you and C-Note.
    Lots of hard work and huge classes today! Good job guys!

  53. Dar

    12rnds+20 (125#DL)
    What does 21 rnds + DLs in 20 min. even look like?!? Wish I could’ve been there to witness. POW!

  54. G

    18 rounds + 1 DL (Rx, 180)
    Attempted to do C2G on first few rounds but last Friday’s Bench Press Strength WOD is still haunting me. Darn the pecs and delts!
    Hernan The Barbarian and Toe, thanks for being loud at the peanut gallery. It got me going on the push-ups!
    HD and I were going at the same pace round per round and finished with the exact number of rounds! Felt like we both had the same year and model of Lamborghinis – ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the push, HeatherD!
    Barbella, your DLs look good!!
    Janet, you definitely earned your nickname!
    As far as the competition, Silverback and I are judging and SOS is volunteering. I’m bringing a big cooler full of ice and drinks. I will post the directions by Friday or you can check out CF Katy’s website. Can’t wait to see the battle! You guys are gonna rock!
    Jim, hope you’re feeling better today.
    Teach, you went heavy! Glad you are able to get the WOD into your schedule on your first day back to work.

  55. G

    Saw some butterfly kips today – Teach, Gatekeeper and Ramrod. Nice!
    FACE, good to see you post from half way around the world.
    RayRay, its also good to see you post from the Cave.
    Bobo, I think Jim dedicated tomorrow’s post to you – hehe! It’s so cool to be a Mr. Mom once in a while!
    That reminds me of Gris, whom we haven’t seen since he moved up North but glad to see him chime in last week.
    Thanks Coaches Daniel and Billy!

  56. Noel (SKIP)

    Woo Hoo! Moved to green band.
    Still doing KPU but at least maintaining C2G. I was able to maintain form with 215lb Deadlifts! Yay!!

  57. sharon

    @ the Cave
    shoulder was sore from bench and row on sunday so I modified:
    5 24″ box jumps
    10 sit ups
    15 squats
    12 rounds
    Bad idea to combine the box jumps and the squats – just saying.
    Miss everyone. Will be in the box on Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. JUDY

    1K m row = 4:19…taught my class, made them do air squats last week, they wouldn’t let their knees past their toes…bad habits are hard to break! Only G will get that ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. bryan g.

    15 + 15 (235#)
    kinda wish i’d done 255 for the sake of argument….