3 Rounds For Time:

  • 10 Barbell Russian Twists (90)(70)
  • 20 Sit-Ups
  • 30 KTEs
  • 40 Push-Ups

Post results to comments.

BRING THE HEAT SUMMER CHALLENGE (photos courtesy of Sarah Nash).  More to come.

Jen C
Happy Birthday Jen C !

Jenny S

Happy Birthday Jenny S!

75 Responses to ““CheckMate””

  1. Summer

    Happy birthday Jen C. and Jenny!!!
    19:45(55#, knee-up) great job 5:30 am class!!!

  2. ingrid

    Happy Birthday Jen C and Jenny.
    Here’s wishing you bountiful blessings –
    The Grace of His Peace,Joy,Love and Life

  3. Bullhorn

    ME + Pushups (once again) = Blows!!
    14:11 RX
    Way to work Chalkman!!
    Again thanks to the ACF family for this weekend, by far we have the best box around!!

  4. heatherd

    Details on Oktoberfest Obliteration II, have been posted on CF Champions website for those of you interested in competing. Registration opens this Saturday.

  5. Nicol disco d

    Happy Birthday ladies!!!!
    17:20 (55#,knee-up)
    tired and arm still messed up………..
    I so want to get past this!!!!

  6. Bullhorn

    Holy Shit i am so excited once again, time to start counting down the raining days till Oct. 9!!!

  7. valentin (aka v.t)

    happy birthday ladies
    great job everyone from 8:30 class you guys did great.

  8. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    23:23 rx
    Good job 9:30. Aida… amazing time. Thanks for the push Todd. Congratulations to all who competed Saturday, I wanted to be there; however,.. sick baby took priority. And he is fine now.

  9. Billdozer

    20:42(RX+C2G, Butterfly Situps) well that was just plain awful, thank goodness that was not the competititon wod. It felt like it would never end.

  10. Billdozer

    Silverback, Oktoberfest is gonna have a masters division.

  11. JUDY

    HBD Girls! Is anyone forming a scaled team for Oktoberfest Obliteration? Let me know…

  12. Dar

    Happy Birthday Jen C! It was great meeting you that evening(in the picture).
    Happy Birthday Jenny S!
    Have a great day ladies!

  13. todd

    17:11 today at RX + C2G
    Is there a scaled division for oktoberfest?

  14. The Billdozer

    Cal, I have retired from competition. I figured I’d let you and Daniel have a chance at this one.

  15. Bullhorn

    Say it ain it so Billy, Retirment, you still have prime years ahead off you.

  16. H the B

    New nickname for Billy is going to be “farve”
    that’s your 3rd retirement to date.

  17. Silverback

    15:38 (Rx + C2G)
    Ramrod, TI and I were involved in a tight match-up today. We finished within 8 seconds of one another.

  18. T.I. (Kenny)

    Happy Birthday ladies!
    15:40 (Rx, C2G, Butterfly).
    Good group at noon. Ramrod, your hands are nasty bro. Good luck washing and fixing your hair for the next few days.

  19. Silverback

    BTW, Billy, you can’t retire at the young age of 20-something. You have many more competitions in you. The only reason you didn’t beat Wells this weekend is that you weren’t “tatted-up.” Tattoos provide mystical strength and stamina. Just think how intimidating you would be at the next competition with a Thundercat pouncing out of your shorts…
    I may have to get a replica of TI’s scrawl for Octoberfest.

  20. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    23:07 (55)
    Happy birthday ladies J!

  21. mario c

    mario c 14:42 Scaled to 3 rds of 10-20-10-20 (#70; c2g)
    Congratulations to everyone who competed in the meet!

  22. T.I. (Kenny)

    LOL, the unicorn is small but the horn on him is huge!

  23. Billdozer

    Hernan, every time I tried to give it up, I get drawn back in. I guess I can give it one more go in October.

  24. Bullhorn

    Kenny a day without messing with you is a wasted day for me.

  25. Freakin' PR

    12:56 (Rx)
    Awesome WOD!!!
    Ramrod….still waiting for your post!
    I’m doing octoberfest!! I wish I could compete scaled division 🙂

  26. Ramrod

    Retirement sounds good right about now.
    Aida you won you freaking puerto rican
    Sucking it up lately..

  27. Billdozer

    Daniel, Me and You, Masters Division 2035 Crossfit games, although we will still probably have to beat Silverback.

  28. Freakin' PR

    Retirement?? Please…..adapt and overcome!!!
    There’s always another competition!!

  29. Sarah

    Those comments were great! haha!
    Happy birthday ladies!
    12:29 “A Grace Preggo Special”
    Some sort of leg/butt lift, push press 10#db’s, ring rows, paralet knee pushups
    Whew! My wods keep taking longer and longer to type, but its going to happen with this growing belly and a WOD like todays! Thanks for the Preggo WOD Grace!

  30. Speedy J

    Missed it today..hope to make it tomorrow..teacher in-service all week! Happy birthday ladies!!

  31. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    15:08 (60) FIREBREATHERS were treated by a cool breeze this afternoon. Way to finish it Johnny B. Welcome back Taz!
    Happy Birthday Ladies! Nice to see you again TC!

  32. Dub

    Happy birthday ladies! Looking forward to getting back in the box tomorrow

  33. Chad "The Nomad" Blaylock

    23:10 -(80) ….KTEs suck.
    Congrats to all who competed this past weekend. Sounds like ya’ll had fun!

  34. Ace

    Just over 20 min. My freakin hands are still jacked up from the competition. So my KTE’s were less than impressive and took me FOR-EV-ER… See ya’ll manana.

  35. Kyle S

    20:01 Rx- not bad for 1st day…Bring it tomorrow!

  36. H The B

    23:40 something I think. Thanks G, Nomad and Billy for the help @ the end.

  37. Barbella

    22:33 (55#, abmat, C2G)
    KTEs, or KUAHATWG ‘knees up as high as they will go’ took forever (and bad form), Push Ups even longer….
    On a positive note, the WOD did take the grumpy’s away!!

  38. chrissy c

    16:45 (70#, toes touching between KTEs)
    SCALED – 10-20-20-20 – You scaled me right G!!

  39. Dar

    19:35(RX) Thanks G and Chrissy for the push at the end. Gotta work on push-ups!
    Oh, and thanks for the Russian twist lesson, Billy. Thought board said “Mexican” twist. My bad. =)

  40. Gina

    19:13 (70#, kneees-to-waist, knee pu)
    hands still messed up from last wed, and new taping technique really didn’t work. Thanks Jen for bandaid help & Juan for hand placement advice. We’ll see how that works next time.

  41. Teach

    16:21 (Rx)
    Thanks to the H the B and Billdozer for making sure my KTEs were actually to my elbows! And thanks for helping me with some more KTEs at the end Hernan 🙂
    Great work today firebreathers!!!
    HBD girls!

  42. TC

    Happy Birthday Ladies!!!!
    Still sore but a good WOD today, to work it all out!!!!
    16.03 Rx + a sand bag run to top it off!!!
    Thanks for the push Silverback!!!

  43. Big E

    20:01 ( a wod oddity! +.01) #55, ku, kpu
    feeling better endurance. confidence is building, good wod vamps! congrats to all on the Katy competition. We’re proud of all of you who competed.

  44. Jen C

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Can’t wait to get back into the box after being on vacation…I know I am in for a real treat! Be there Wednesday!
    Congrats to you guys on the Katy competition. Looks like ACF was well represented! Way to go!

  45. Jen C

    Thanks for all the b-day wishes! Can’t wait to get back to the box after being on vacation…be there Wednesday!
    Congrats to you guys on the competition in Katy! Way to represent!

  46. Jen C

    Sorry for the double post…looked like it didn’t post the first time. Operator error.

  47. Abbye Mac

    26 something (70lb)
    thanks for the push Grace!
    Go Vols…only 18 more days till the first real UT game!

  48. Ximena

    Horrible day for me. I have ZERO upper body strength and I know I’m a big ol’ baby! My hands ripped in a million little pieces and I think I whined the whole rest of the WOD.
    There was a whole lot of scaling going on for me today 🙂
    Thanks G for keeping me going!

  49. JohnnyB

    23:03 RX
    This WOD is nasty!
    Thanks Jen, CoachG, Tank, & Hernann!
    Taz… Welcome back!
    Happy Birthday both “J’s”!

  50. G

    20:00 (RX, C2G-only a few last reps didn’t make the ground and being accurate on KTEs caused me time!)
    Welcome Kyle S, Sonia and Veronica on your first WOD.
    Good to see Brandon B, Taz, Tank and Monique back in action.
    Ximena, hang in there.
    Great to see C-Note chiming in.
    For those who didn’t make it this weekend, we know you were there in spirit. Next competition is October 9, so mark your calendars. The competition throws definitely a different level of intensity outside the box. It’s exhilarating to watch.

  51. Mr Mom aka Bobo

    17:32 RX
    arms were jello after the first twenty push ups. i think my last round of push ups took four minutes.