“Steak and Eggs”

Back Squat 3 – 3 – 3 – 3




20  – 15 – 10 – 5  Reps of:

KB Swings (2 pood) (1.5 pood)

OH Lunges (95#) (65#)


Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday Marlon!

68 Responses to ““Steak and Eggs””

  1. Summer

    Happy Birthday Marlon!!!
    9:21(35#,45#) Nice sharing a bar with u Heather D. Great Job 5:30 class!!

  2. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Happy Birthday Marlon!
    Belated Happy Birthday April! Miss working out with you at 4pm!
    Goodluck Carl and Bravo!

  3. Bullhorn

    well OH stuff and me are becoming better friends but we are not BFF’s yet.

  4. Billdozer

    6:09(RX) Cal, in case you didn’t know, this one is supposed to be a sprint.

  5. Billdozer

    Happy Birthday Marlon, I think you are the first person to get a good action shot. The rest of us look like we are about to die.

  6. Bullhorn

    Billy, thanks for the incouragment, wait till tomorrow buddy.

  7. Billdozer

    Cal, I think i’ve got ya tomorrow, but wednesday could be fun. I might just have to come at 5:30 to push you a little.

  8. Bullhorn

    Well we will have to see about tomorrow and all thinking you are doing!!!

  9. Dar

    Happy BDay Marlon!!
    eeww BS…nightmares. back still sore from Saturday. will sit out another day. have fun!

  10. dianna

    Happy Day Marlon, nice action shot–no WOD face!
    6:52 (35#KB 45#)
    very strong work, Ivannah.

  11. T.I. (Kenny)

    Not feeling very well today. A bad headache and still a little sore from Saturday’s beat down. Did lighter weight today.
    4:48 (53# KB, 65#)

  12. Ramrod

    7:17 rx
    Good job to all the morning classes. Bobo awesome work on the squats as well as the metcon. Glad to have you back now the battle can continue. Dozer, Cal are y’all fighting over who will be second?
    Hernan thanks for the shoes..

  13. Bullhorn

    Oh hell no, OH HELL NO, BILL AND RAMROD is on NOW.

  14. Ximena

    Thanks for sharing the bar with me Barbella and Thanks G for the tips on where to postition the bar =)
    (26# KB, 15 # lunges)
    Had the 18# KB as back up, but i sucked it up with the 26 for the whole WOD =) FINALLY!!!

  15. Ruel

    G, I think your right, I’m doing better on noon or later classes…thanks for the push today……and also I was able to my very first Muscle-up today:)….good job nooners!!

  16. heatherd

    Happy Birthday, Marlon!!!
    6:34 (35/55)…I probably should have gone heavier but it wouldn’t have been much of a sprint. No doubt, I’m still going to feel it in the morning!!!

  17. Bobo

    Happy Birfday Marlon!
    BS: 225-245-265-275
    Metcon: 6:22 RX.
    Great to be back in action. Great working with ya Ramrod. You definitely get me to push hard, exspecially when i think i might be able to steal a wod from ya. Sorry i was daydreaming on that one set of squats.

  18. MARLON

    Thank you everyone for the birthday greetings. It’s very much appreciated. Hopefully, I can have more time in the Box after my Time Trial race in September.

  19. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Not feeling it today:(
    6:47 (45#x30 reps,35 the rest,35#KB)
    I sucked BIG TIME on anything overhead!
    Great job April! thanks for your help on the BS!

  20. Toddzilla

    6:06 (rx). Silverback snuck past me, reminiscent to saturdays 400 meter weighted run. :-/
    Oh well, live to fight another day.

  21. Silverback

    6:00 (Rx)
    Great battle with Toddsky. I don’t think he broke any of his KB sets. Had to come from behind on the OH Lunges. Very close.

  22. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    8:15 (53/65)

  23. Toddzilla

    Oh yeah, 185-205-225-245
    Sorry heatherv for dropping my weight close to you.

  24. The Nomad

    8:10 (53,65)
    After spending last week in Dallas, was glad to back at Atomic. Great job 5PM! See ya’ll next week(San Antonio this week)!
    Nomad out….

  25. Ace

    225-245-265-285 — Started off WAY too light… my ORM before today was 305 so I thought I’d be ok… guess I’m getting stronger. It was great liftin with Playboy today. Normally don’t see him til 7 pm.
    7:21 (70,75)

  26. Speedy J

    155-175-195-205..thanks Todd for the encouragement..5:12 (Rx)

  27. Lauren

    Happy b-day Marlon!
    8:?? 30#kb/35#oh
    Great job nooners! Always fun sharing the bar with LA. Shoulders didn’t have much left today after yesterday morning’s ‘Broken Hearted Angie.’
    Epic lifting face, JB. :p

  28. Julia

    Happy Bday Marlon! Great photo!
    5:50 (30#kb, 35#)
    after WOD 1000m run.

  29. Freakin' PR

    My back was still feeling it from Saturday…
    6:56 (Rx)
    53# KB is heavy!!!
    Thanks G for sharing the bar with me!!

  30. JohnnyB

    6:14 (44 KB, 75 OHL)
    BS- 205-225-225-225
    TC- you’re a beast, Indeed!
    Mikey & Hopper – Thanks guys!
    Thanks CoachG!

  31. Lesley Ann Mago

    Finally, after 3 weeks I didnt forget to post! (That’s what I get for being the new kid who thought “posting” was just writing on the board) Thanks everyone for being so welcoming & motivating!
    5:29 (18#KB,15#)

  32. Keith Fogle

    HBD Marlon!
    8:40 (35# KB, 45# OHL)

  33. G

    135-145-155-165 – Fun sharing the bar with Aida and thanks for the push.
    7:51 (RX) – unraveling tape on KB caught my nail and ripped it out only a quarter of the way on second round – eeek! Thanks for the cheer Fam!

  34. TC

    Good work tonight 7 pm!!! Thanks Johnny B, take care of your back!!!
    275-305- 315-345
    5.01 Rx This was a good one tonight!!!!

  35. T-Rx (JUDY)

    1K row = 4:15 (boo). slower bc no did it on an empty stomach (last week I had it under 4 mins.)

  36. T-Rx (JUDY)

    apparently i can’t type either!
    HBD Marlon! you look like model

  37. Nicole Disco D:)

    8:23 30#kb,45#
    Still dealing with my injuries:(
    Hey Juan, I would like to help with Hammer and Chisel…Let me know what I can do.

  38. G

    Good to see Mikey, Arhtur, Karina, Ingrid, The Nomad, Tara, Jim F, Kaylynn, Regina, Sunshine, Jared R and Big E back in action.
    Ruel = 1 Muscle Up
    TI = 5 consecutive MUs
    TI, hope you are hydrating with electrolytes and hope those headaches (tension?) are gone tonight. Good to see Pecan Grove folks workout with the 9:30am crew.
    Austen and Hopper, hang in there!
    Sunshine, hope those tiny little toes feel better soon. Good to see you working on getting your first pull-up!
    Marlon,good luck on your upcoming Time Trial!

  39. T-Rx (JUDY)

    Oh yeah, anyone see the October 16th – Barbells for Boobs at Bayou City posted on katycrossfit? I just want the t-shirt! Just kidding, and for a good cause…looks like fun, let me know if anyone is interested =)
    also, any ladies sign up for Beaumont?

  40. G

    Nicole, hope you are getting a massage. Just wanted to clarify since I’m not aware that you are injured. Tightness of the muscles may cause compensation issues. Rolling and holding for 20 seconds on an affected spot usually release tension, troublesome deep knots or any adhesions.

  41. G

    T-Rex, that WOD will be “Grace” – 30 reps of clean & jerk for time. Not sure, if I’ll have time that’s month-end and quarter end. I’m thinking about it.

  42. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    70-85-105-115…went too light, I’m a baby when it comes to BS since i knocked myself out the first time i did them 🙂
    thanks for the encouragement G and Sharon!
    5:13 (35kb, 45#)

  43. Teach

    Sorry I wasn’t there today!! I should have come because of my love (hate) with back squats. Really need to work on those!
    4:41(Rx) on the metcon

  44. ingrid

    95-105-105-115 thanks Heather for sharing the bar with me.
    7:13 26#KB,35#OHL
    Glad to be back sweating again.
    Happy Birthday Marlon and April K.

  45. mikey

    10:55 (53#,65#)
    It was nice to meet TC finally & good to see Johnny again. Thanks G and everyone for willing me on… after a 3 week hiatus, coming back to this one was miserable.