“Grudge Match”


10 Sets For Time:

This series must be completed as a continuous set.  5 Burpees if the bar touches the ground after the set has begun (excluding deadlifts).  The bar can rest on the ground between sets.

  • 5 Deadlifts (1/2 bodyweight)
  • 5 Hang Power Cleans (1/2 bodyweight)
  • 5 Front Squats (1/2 bodyweight)
  • 5 Push Jerks (1/2 bodyweight)
  • 5 Back Squats (1/2 bodyweight)
  • 5 Overhead Squats (1/2 bodyweight)


Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday Mack!

Sammy prego
Happy Birthday Sammy!  Actually, Sam already had the baby a couple of months ago.

76 Responses to ““Grudge Match””

  1. MachO RanGEr

    Happy B-day guys. BTW Paige looks much smaller now!…so does Sammy 😉
    22.58 (rx) BW158 /80#
    Every set after 6 was brutally hard to start and a panic to finish. severything is shutting nga down now ,…..

  2. Bullhorn

    Well Billy i am sure you will get me today, i gave it all i had, i am just not good enough right now with the OHS. have fun though using 105 BIG BOY.
    26:11 RX 95#

  3. Toddzilla

    Happy birthday, ya’ll.
    Is anyone else’s glutes crazy sore?!

  4. Silverback

    C-Note, Good to see you back in action! You picked a good one to come back to 😉

  5. Bullhorn

    why wouldnt it be RX half of 192 is 96, i dont think we have 1/2 lb weights, and if we do no one told me.

  6. Bullhorn

    was told to use 95 by coach Grace, next time i will round up 5 pounds for you silver 🙂 How much do you weigh?

  7. Silverback

    184# – So if I use 95# today, it will be Rx+ ;P

  8. Bullhorn

    Juan, you are a OHS beast, take me under your firebird wing!!

  9. RayRay

    19:30 (85#, 7 rds)
    HBD Mack and Sam!
    everything felt good except OHS. strong work bravo

  10. Noel (SKIP)

    21:50 (65#) – Poop’d out at 8 rounds.
    Feeling slow. Grrr!

  11. Bullhorn

    well i guess it is pick on Cal day. i did i was told and that is the end of it. next time i will make sure i ask. by the way thanks Fam

  12. G

    I told Cal that he use 95# as RX. Nuff said!!!!
    Any concerns or issues, come to me.

  13. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    19:20 70# 7rds
    Had to go back to work.
    That was tough.
    Great job nooners!
    Thanks Coaches!

  14. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    19:20 70# 7rds
    Had to go back to work.
    That was tough.
    Great job nooners!
    Thanks Coaches!

  15. Ramrod

    Well.. That one kinda tickled a little bit
    22:4? Rx
    Good job everyone this morning. T. I, silverback take care of yourselves

  16. Barbella

    20:21 (45#) hardly half my weight =0)

  17. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    24:07 (75#)
    Fam, I know what you mean… I too felt a little light headed,.. for me on the last two sets. Good job 8:30 crew.
    HBD Sammy & Mack!

  18. Teach

    I just had a “You Know You’re a Crossfitter When…” Moment.
    I was reading an article about a fire in downtown Houston and came across this quote:
    “Firefighters had to carry 80 to 100 pounds of gear up to the 27th floor to get water to the fire.”
    You could pretty much guess what my next thought was…
    Wonder how fast I could do that??

  19. G

    Teach, as long as it’s not a bear hug carry….I may just entertain that thought 🙂

  20. Teach

    We could do a “Destination WOD”…everyone meet downtown. Walk in and Jim points to a pile of stuff on the floor and says “carry all that upstairs”
    3-2-1- GO!!!
    LOL 🙂

  21. mikey

    Teach- you’re not too far off. There is typically a stair climb “race” every year. I did one a couple of years ago at the Marathon Oil Tower (~40 floors) as part of an American Lung Assoc fundraiser. Anyway- HFD and HPD SWAT typically compete in full gear. Guess who won that one.
    There’s one coming up soon, if I recall.

  22. Silverback

    Cal – You know I was just kiddin’ with you this morning. You rocked this WOD & kicked my ass to boot.

  23. Silverback

    TI – It was a pleasure ridin’ that pain train with you today. Pukie did make a visit & I welcomed the rest that came with it…

  24. Bullhorn

    Silver, i know you were just kidding.
    Ramrod, i am going to Beaumont, are you?

  25. Jared M

    Happy birthday Mack and Sammy.
    19:43(8rounds, 75) good thing I am a light weight. Visited NYC black box a couple times, but nothing is better than coming home. Ya dig?

  26. Bravo

    Teach you would kick ass!!
    Great wod and crossfiters today 9:30 crew way to pick up gears

  27. Freakin' PR

    16:38 Rx
    Thanks G, Daniel and most importantly Jim…for pushing me at the end. Was trying to beat Bravo, but still not bad!!
    Awesome job nooners!!!

  28. JohnnyB

    30:54 RX (75#)
    Happy Birthday both!
    Valentin- Thanks for the push!
    I can’t remember how many burpees, I executed.
    Just being thankful, I finished the WOD!

  29. Teach

    I think I probably did about the same weight as Ramrod 🙂 thanks for yelling at me G, Billy, and Hernan! And a big thanks for catching my last round… Almost forgot to do push jerks.
    Huge group of Firebreathers! Great to meet you Austen!

  30. Matt

    28:00 (7rds @ 105)
    I knew I was in trouble when Beth lapped me during my first round. That might be my favorite workout I’ve done at ACF!

  31. Gatekeeper < -III---------III-

    19:20 70# 7rds
    Had to go back to work.
    That was tough.
    Great job nooners!
    Thanks Coaches!

  32. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    23:12(45#) great job Firebreathers! OHS:((((
    Chad- way to fight through it!!!!
    Thanks G!

  33. Keith Fogle

    31:40 (65#, 10 Back squats)
    30 burpees, I think, phew! This wod kicked my ass, in a good way 🙂
    Thanks for the push G, Zen Jen, and Coach Jim!
    Happy Birthday to Mack and Sammy!

  34. T.I. (Kenny)

    What a horrible day. My back started acting up during round 3. I think I tried to quit the WOD four times. I made it though. My time isn’t even worth posting. Silverback it was great working with you. Aida, great job. Thanks G, Ramrod and Jim for keeping me going.

  35. Julia

    20:19 (45#)
    And an 800 with TC’s running club!
    Great group at 6:00!

  36. Dianna

    Sorry I missed this one!
    impressive results. Taz and Ruel made it in to work as well–to relieve me.
    HBD Mack and Sammie

  37. dub

    25:47(80)…Great wod, glad I stayed in town tonight for it.

  38. April M

    27:23 (25#, 10 back squat)
    WOD was a killer, but made it through! Thanks for the push Coach J!

  39. Valentin (aka V.T)

    happy birthday guys.
    Great WOD to start my week. Great everyonr from 4,5,6 got to see everyone try their hardest to finish this WOD without stopping. Bobo, and Johnny B good for you guys for not stopping and quitting. Thanks everyone at the Box who kept me going last round was looking pretty rough.

  40. big E

    27:45 45lbs
    Definetely need to work on endurance and speed. Took too many long breaks between sets.

  41. Ace

    27:25 (85#) – no burpees (thank you 6 pound, 8 ounce little baby Jesus)

  42. TC

    Happy Birthday Mack and Sammy!!!
    I was tight tonight but I made it through I think I could have done a little more weight!!!
    20.39 (95#)
    Teach I down for a wighted stair climb!
    Ramrod I am signed up for Beaumont!

  43. Lesley Ann Mago

    22:37 (25#)
    I’m such a feather weight compared to all you pro’s! One day, some day…. Great job guys!….and just when I dreaded sitting on the toilet after being sore from yesterday’s WOD; Ima have to go buy some Depends tomorrow.

  44. G

    21:27 (Rx – rounded up on the last 6 rounds)
    Thanks for the push on the last few reps Jim. It was an honor to battle with Bobo today and it reminded me of the good old days. Way to fight hard Bobo!

  45. Beast (aka JA)

    26:50 55# There was no way I would do RX on this one! (Dar, I still remember your reaction when I told you how much I weigh: “WOW!” I know, it’s a medical anomaly!) LOL!
    I think I could have gone a little heavier and maybe a little faster. I was so scared of doing burpees that I was resting way too much.
    Great job Vamps. Great job Darlene for pushing through!

  46. G

    Great job on your baseline WODs Mark Lopez, Pano G, Michelle R and Becky V!
    Good to see CNote, Teach, Conor H, Andi, Jared M, Carla, JDS, VT, Khara and Debbie back in action. And Mikey…2 days in a row!
    This WOD goes down as one of my FAV WODs as well, Matt. I can tell you liked this WOD, your ROM was indubitably there on all your reps 🙂
    Some of you guys may need to do some well needed unloading. For instance, The Barbarian and Dozer came by but were DNP (did not participate) today. Remember if you are doing RX or close to Rx on weights, we recommend that on your fourth week you do light weights and/or scaled reps.
    Sarge, good to see you chime in yesterday’s post.
    Bravo and Freakin PR killed this WOD!

  47. Bobo

    late post. was dead to the world after getting crushed by the wod last night.
    36 and change. RX. 90#.
    Finished the first five rounds in 9 minutes. the next three took 12 minutes. last two…yup, fifteen minutes.
    wanted to quite a few times on this one, but Valentin kept me going.
    I’m right with ya Todd, my legs were pretty epic sore after yesterday. don’t even know how to describe how they feel today.

  48. mikey

    28:56 (65#)
    That was BRUTAL. I tried to avoid burpees but broke down on midway through Rnd 10! I was pissed… but the 5 burpees went by much faster than the Rnd 10 OHS!

  49. Kate

    24:16 5rds @ 55# and 3rds @ 35#. No Burpees. I was DETERMINED not to drop that bar for anything!