Beach Bash 2010

Beach Bash 2010.1 group

Our 3rd Annual Beach Bash was a huge success.  It was so awesome to see everyone have so much fun.  This event also marked as our 1st Inaugural ACF Team WOD League Championship.  Congratulations to the Silent Ninjas, who won an intense battle with the Stud Ducks.  The picture above was taken early in the morning but many more came later throughout the day.  Thank you all for making this event a fun experience.  (Beach Bash 2010 Album, courtesy of Gatekeeper).  Also, more photos will be posted later.

3 Responses to “Beach Bash 2010”

  1. T-Rex (JUDY)

    aww, I came so late I was eating the seagulls scraps. bummed that I missed out on most of this fun bc my daughter was sick, but won’t be bummed that I might miss work tomorrow for the same reason. Congrats Ninjas!

  2. ruel

    awesome pics guys…Congrats to the ninjas and to all team….hopefully next year I could come…It should be my holiday off….Good job everybody!!!