“Geek’d Out”


5 Rounds For Time

  • 10 Power Cleans (135)(95)
  • 10 Ring Push-Ups
  • 10 Burpees



Post results to comments.


The ACF community had fun in the sun at the 3rd Annual Beach Bash.  Freakin'PR, a mother of three, is showing off her gymnastics move.

35 Responses to ““Geek’d Out””

  1. Rosie

    Beach Blast looked F U N!!!=bummed I missed it:(
    19:31 (65#, Reg PU)
    it was brutal for me this morning. I paid for that 4 day rest. Thnx G & Juan for your support!

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    11:13 RX
    Macho Ranger – “Gasoline in the lungs.”… would be a good name for a WOD..maybe you should tell coach Jim about it. Yeah, today the burpees weren’t as fun as they normally are.
    Great working out between Ramrod and Arnold, nice intensity with Freakin PR and others in the 9:30 class.
    Good seeing Lopez breifly.

  3. RamRod

    10:11 rx
    Nice little race with easy rider,PR,arnold, and fam, those burpees got old quick. Also thanks to vegas for keeping me going. Feel alot better after the whole chocolate milk incident on monday. Great work 8:30 & 9:30 classes!
    Dozer– sub 10? Or are you preparing for your BATTLE with matt this afternoon at open gym? for those that done know, at our fantasy football draft monday night, after a few beers, these 2 concocted a workout that they will go head to head at tonight. It should be a good fight.
    The WOD: I will dub “Bragging Rights”
    3 rounds:
    500m row
    50 Double Unders
    400m run

  4. Bullhorn

    Dame billy you got people gunning for you everyday. Me, Matt, who is next?

  5. Billdozer

    I am mentally preparing currently for the duel tonight. Although, I really want to do this one today.
    Cal, everyone is gunning for me.

  6. Silverback

    9:29 (Rx)
    Thanks for the push Gatekeeper! Your motivation was key. For some evil reason Bobo suggested we do a 400 meter, 20# vest run right after WOD: 1:35. Thanks for nothing JB.

  7. Bullhorn

    Well bill i will be back in action next week, so until then a rare thing will happen, i am going to shut my mouth, until Monday my good friend 🙂

  8. Barbella

    13:something? (65#/C2G) Thx to Ramrod for the push at the end! Oh & I ran the 400m with (or behind) Silverback & Bobo…didn’t NEED or use a vest.

  9. JohnnyB

    6:28 (65#)
    I sprinted this one, the weight itself it’s too light..
    Hopefully, soon I can go heavy again. 🙁
    Thanks Coach G!
    Good Job Jen & Ruel! LOL

  10. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    12:44 (75#,15reps ring p.u. rest C2G) way to finish April hope you feel better soon. Thanks Johnny B for the super fast count lol!!!!!
    Thanks for the push Coach G!

  11. Ruel

    good WOD today…thanks JohnnyB for the push on my last round of PC…it really made a difference…
    Good Job 4 PM crew!!

  12. The Nomad

    Great to see everyone!
    13:45 (95)
    Thanks for the push Silverback!

  13. Rigo "SUAVE"

    11:55 (115#)
    Great job everyone at 6:00pm.
    I’m proud of each and every one of you. …Except for Abel. JK.
    Thanks guys for waiting and letting me compete in the
    “400m Dash after WOD +20lb Awkward Pregnancy vest”
    (1:25) …with TC practically pulling on my vest at the end
    Good work!

  14. Ace

    Big fan of this WOD. Maybe should have gone a little bit lighter and gone for speed. But oh well.
    Did the run group with a 20# vest and bench press afterward. All in all a good night.

  15. Billdozer

    Matt and I had our epic battle and let me just say, the two of us have spent a lot of time drinkng at various establishments together over the past few years and we have thought of some pretty stupid stuff, but none dumber than the idea to do this workout. That being said, everyone should try it.
    3 rds
    500m Row
    50 Double Unders
    400m Run

  16. H The B

    10:07 (95)
    Great battle Billy and Matt looked like a rough one. Great work 4 PM it was fun

  17. April

    16:31 75# PC–Thank you Jen and G for the encouragement tonight.

  18. heatherd

    13:29 (75 lb, C2G), time was slow but I couldn’t stop thinking about setting a new PR on OHS–I guess you can say my head wasn’t in it today.
    120# OHS–new PR!!!! However, given the debate on whether or not I went low enough, I’ll do it again for you next week:)
    Thanks Aaron, Todd and Matt for judging my squats! Thanks Silverback for coaching a great WOD and keeping me going!!
    Don’t forget that Lululemon is having their annual WOD at Highland Village this Saturday–it’s free–check out their website, several of us will be there!!

  19. T-Rex (JUDY)

    12:43, 95#. first 2 rounds, RPU, ROM sucked, so did 1/2 C2G, 1/2 RPU.
    We have a group going to lululemon’s wod, so join us!

  20. TC

    WOW Billy and Matt the battle was crazy wish I could have watched the whole thing!!!
    Matt you are a man to do the battle and then turn aroud and do this WOD!!!
    9.00 but Silverback kept me honest and said that not all of my pushup well all the way down so I did 15 more then Chased, Kyle, Joe and Rigo in the weighted 400m sprint!!! Good work tonight 6pm
    Abel how was your first sip of the Atomic aid???

  21. Lauren

    I think that my time was 14:51. (65#, C2G) Could have been 13:51. Definitely under 15. Worked on kips before the WOD and got up to three consecutive. Seven more are needed.
    Thanks Silverback, Hernan, Billy and Todd for keeping me on the bar.
    Fun battle between Matt and Billy… looked like the evil cardio wod April does on Sundays. Also fun watching Todd show off his epic triple unders. 😉

  22. Steve

    18:03 95 # cleans 1:34 quarter after the WOD – I thought JB was joking when he asked us to run a quarter for time; he wasn’t
    Worked more on form for the cleans that speed – I needed the practice.

  23. G

    11:20 (Rx) Fun pacing with Nomad, Austen and, towards the end, with Fight Club. I was actually gunning for The Barbarian’s time tonight 🙂 Fight Club and I kept crossing each others path in between exercises.

  24. Matt

    18:?? With a pit stop to puke in the dumbass double under/rowing thing.
    13:50(135#, 3 rds of suspect ring PU’s, 2 rds of C2G PU’s).
    1:30 – 400m run w/20lb vest.
    The battle turned into a slap fight, and I got slapped the f@#k out. And I disagree William, we have had much dumber ideas.

  25. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Abel and Becky!
    Good to see Cody “Dble D”, Wingman, Maricel, Carla, Andi, JohnnyB, Nomad, Toddsky, Regina, Bullhorn and Mogi back in action.
    Rosie, you fought hard and glad that CrossFit’s mascot didn’t come out to meet you this morning.
    T-Rex, way to go on 95 PCs! The training effect is better with full ROM on push-ups (ring or regular), you’ll see.
    Vegas, you had it in ya to dig deep on the last 2 rounds.
    The battle at 930am was fun to watch with everyone facing each other.
    Jen W, hang in there. It takes a lot of courage and mental toughness just showing up. Keep up the good work!
    JohnnyB, keep it light for one more week and we’ll go from there.
    Open Gym:
    OG was a riot today with Dozer and Matt going at it with their WOD. Bobby, now you’ve had a little taste of LINDA 🙂 She is a big bi-atch….tall order for a Badass ACF Black Beanie of a Girl Named WOD Crossfit Benchmark requirement of 20 minutes. Saw some folks practicing on DUs, thanks to Toddsky’s Double-Under 101 tonight. HD, Nice OHS PR! Lauren, not 2 but 3 consecutive kipping pull-ups….you are getting stronger!

  26. abel

    TC: Lets just say my walk up the stairs in the office this morning was very interesting, but I am good. Good workout!