“Giant Strides”


1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8  Reps For Time


  • Muscle-Ups
  • Squat Cleans (Body Weight)


Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday Todd "aka, Toddsky or Toddzilla" !!  Todd is celebrating his 3rd birthday with us.

Todd and Ian Cert Level I
Toddsky (ACF grey shirt, back row, rightside) and Ian "Vegas" (Standing front row, right side) took the Cert Level 1 this past weekend at CrossFit Champions.

54 Responses to ““Giant Strides””

  1. dar

    HAPpy birthDAY TO you, HAPpy birthDAY TO you, HAPpy BIRTH-DAY DEAR TOODD-skyyy…. HAPpy BIRTHday to you!!!

  2. Julia

    Happy Birthday Toddzilla!!
    and congrats on the level 1 cert Toddzilla and Vegas! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Summer

    Happy Birthday Todd!!!
    35:45(thin purple band, box ring dips, 75#)Great Job 5:30 class

  4. Macho Ranger

    Happy Day Toddsky! Congrats on the Level 1 Certs Ian and B-day boy.
    19.44 (RX) (BW 155.8)
    Really good crowd this morning lots of hard work! See you Thursday headed to North Carolina on business.

  5. CrazyCarl

    Happy Bday Todsky…
    Congrats to both of yall on the Level 1 cert…

  6. Rosie

    Happy Bday!
    Congrats on ur certs, guys!
    25:59 (3PU:2″&3 dips,65#)
    Good Job everyone!

  7. Bullhorn

    HBD Todd
    First WOD with Muscle Ups, loved every minute
    155 Squat Cleans

  8. Keith Fogle

    Happy Birthday Todd!!
    Congrats on the cert for you and Vegas!

  9. Jen C

    Happy Birthday Toddzilla and congrats on the cert. guys!
    27:42 (thin white band, para box dips, 65#)

  10. Silverback

    HBD Todd. Can’t believe it’s been 3 birthdays already. I remember you regularly kicking my ass over at Safety America.

  11. heatherd

    24:56 (thin white band, elevated para dips, 75#) Lots of energy this morning for a Monday at 5:30 AM:)
    Happy Birthday Todd, it’s been a pleasure getting to know and work out with you over the past year.
    Congratulations on the Level 1 cert gentlemen–outstanding milestone and accomplishment!!

  12. Jared M

    Happy birthday Todd. Congratulations on yalls certifications.

  13. Ramrod

    Happy birthday big guy and congrats to both you guys!
    16:17 rx (160#). G said I went too slow on the cleans. Unfortunately I agree

  14. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Todd and congrats on your cert. Ian congrats.
    22:08 (160#/jumping MU) Much more challenging than I thought it was going to be. Great workout.

  15. dub

    happy birthday toddzilla, congrats on the certs this weekend guys

  16. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    33:00 (Pull-up, Box para dip, 75#)
    Hit the wall *HARD* toward end of round 6. Pure pigheadedness got me through rounds 7 & 8!
    HBD Todd and congratulations to you and Ian on your cert!

  17. mario c

    mario c 19:04 Scaled to 6 rounds.
    (Box assisted ring dips; #45 squat cleans)
    Congrats Tod and Ian on your certs.

  18. toddsky

    Thanks everyone for the nice birthday wishes and kind words.
    Looking forward to some cold birthday brew and football tonight….after CrossFittin, that is.

  19. Bobo

    Happy birfday Todd!
    Congrats guys!
    31:59, i think? no turn out on the m-ups. 180#.
    hit a wall on the cleans. it is amazing how long the last two rounds take. i think they took 22 minutes themselves.

  20. Silverback

    16:47 (Jumping MUs & 165#)
    Gotta learn to do MUs. Very inspiring to see the Nooners work so hard on today’s WOD. JB and TI were locked into an epic battle.

  21. T.I. (Kenny)

    Happy Birthday Todd and congrats to you and Ian.
    28:40 (RX, 165#)
    Great job noon crew. Good job JB. Ramrod, thanks for the coaching brother. It helped.

  22. Freakin' PR

    JB…I agree on the cleans.
    I wasn’t really worried about the time today…I’m sure I could have gone faster, but it was my first time doing jumping muscle ups for a WOD….so I’m ok with that!!! And the squat cleans were HEAVY!! Rx on the squat cleans
    33:30 (JMU, 125# squat cleans)
    Awesome noon class!!

  23. Barbella

    28:35 (Fat Band & ParaDips / 65#)
    4 days off sure felt BAAAAAAD.

  24. Vegas

    28:29 (135#, Ring pull-ups, Ring dips)
    That ring pull-ups was hard. I envy all you boys and girls that can do muscle ups.
    Happy B-day Toddsky, if it werent for the test yesterday I would have gotten you drunk during lunch.

  25. Alice S.

    Happy Birthday Todd!!!
    Enjoy your day!!!
    Congrats to both you and Ian for the cert…
    25:29- ( white band, paradips,# 40)
    Good job to 0830 crew!!
    And as always to G for watching me and my reps!!!

  26. Ace

    Either 31:09 or 32:09. I can’t remember. Hell I could barely make it home after that bruiser. (Jumping MUs, 185 SC)
    Good job Billy and Todd in the 4 pm class. And thanks Billy for giving me the perfect weight on the SC’s. See ya’ll manana.

  27. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    32:55 (70#,pull ups+BARD) no band!!but lots of rips on my hands ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks G, Natalie, Johnnie B and others for the push and encouragement.
    Awesome work Firebreathers esp the bday boy Todd, Billy and Ruel on the MUs!

  28. Matt

    Over the time limit :-P. (135#, 6rds of MU’s, 2 rds of jumping MUs)
    happy birthday Toddzilla

  29. chrissy c

    HBD T! Congrats Guys!
    34:47 (65#, thin white band/box asst ring dips)

  30. dub

    24:46(rx weight, jumping muscle ups). Thanks billy and sledge for making me go rx weight. Thanks for the push silverback and billy, need to practice my muscle ups! Nice work 6pm class

  31. TC

    HBD Todd, and congrats to you and Ian!!!!!
    17.11 jumping MU and 205 on squat cleans way to go 6 pm!!!

  32. Toddzilla

    This was a big deal for me to finish this one. I have never finished a MU wod nor have i ever repped out so many squat cleans at 185. That crap got heavy. It was awesome going up against bill-cat. I used 39 minutes and 18 seconds of the 40 minute cut-off. Today was a good day and a great birthday wod and tremendous camaraderie. . ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Billdozer

    Todd, we finished in 39:12
    39:12(RX @ 205) What an epic battle with Toddzilla on his birthday, just like the old days at M2. I didn’t care what my time was, I just wanted to finish and I couldn’t have done it without Todd, it was only fitting that we tied.
    A lot of hard work in the evening classes today, great job everyone! Sunshine, you should start up Crossfit Dingleberry or whatever the town name is that you are moving to.

  34. Julia

    31:06 (thin white, box assist para dip, 75#)
    600m run in my jungle boots! Getting ready for the mudrun.
    This workout was a fight for me with the heavier weight. Thanks Billy for the encouragement.

  35. Dar

    37:?? (kip/BARD,75#)
    This one would never end. Great job 7pm’ers!

  36. JohnnyB

    19:30 ( Jumping MU, 75#SC)
    My first time doing Jumping MU, the WOD… wooohooo! & as usual I sprinted out my squat clean. Promise Coach G, I’ll go heavy after two weeks! LOL
    Billy, Austen & Coach G- Thanks for the tips on MU… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Toddski- Happy Birthday & Congratulations!

  37. Keith Fogle

    38:06 (box ring dips, ring pullups, #105)
    This was a tough one, the first two or three rounds of ring pull-ups felt okay, kinda rough after that, the squat cleans were looking better than last time.
    Great WOD!!

  38. G

    16:19 (Jumping MUs, 115#) – I’m now getting used to the false grip; need to get the kipping MU business going! Good pacing with TC and the rest of the 6pm crew! Thanks for the push on the last round of SC, Billdozer and Silverback.

  39. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    39:56 (box ring dips, fat yellow band assisted pull ups, 115#)
    Thanks to Grace and Billy for keeping me in the game and letting me finish.

  40. G

    Wow! Packed box all day!
    Good to see Bullhorn, Fjord, Meg T, Toe, Jimmy S, Debbie, Old Hickory, Barbella, Natalie C, JDS, Ian M, Tim, Kaylynn, Agent O, Sunshine, Mogi, Rigo Suave, JDS, Mikey, and Audry back in action!
    Welcome on your first WOD Rachel!
    Also, lots of ladies at 530am!!
    First timers on all MUs in a WOD Milestones for the following: Bullhorn, Bday Boy Toddsky, Billdozer, T I, Austen, Joe F and Sledge
    Kudos to Fight Club, Peter and Ruel for completing at least a few MUs in the WOD.
    Ramrod, you were walking around circling the bar after each rep on the last round. Otherwise, you would have finished sub 15.
    Aida, way to go RX-round up on your cleans. You were very inspiring, I did 1.6 pounds rounded down on mine ๐Ÿ™‚
    Alice, it’s awesome that you are posting now! We just need to get Fred to do the same thing.
    ZenJen, your “MeowMeow Paws” didn’t help avoid the rips?
    Toe, you are very light, my dear! Glad to know your move is over and that you are a lot closer to the box ๐Ÿ™‚
    JohnnyB, no rush on going heavy. The key is to ease back in slowly….”two steps forward, zero steps back”! You’re good. Try jumping MUs with a false grip and full lock out at the bottom on the next one.
    Toddsky, good to see you do your bday WOD.
    It was awesome to see EVERYONE work hard today!