“Painstorm 9/10”

(Use single weight for the entire workout)
For Time:

4 Rounds (5 Power Cleans 155/100, 5 Thrusters 155/100)
Run 800m
3 Rounds (5 Power Cleans 155/100, 5 Thrusters 155/100)
Run 600m
2 Rounds (5 Power Cleans 155/100, 5 Thrusters 155/100)
Run 400m
1 Round (5 Power Cleans 155/100, 5 Thrusters 155/100)
Run 200m

Post results to comments.

Free Live Coverage of the CrossFit/USAW Weightlifting Open begins Friday at 9:30 AM MDT (8:30 Pacific, 11:30 Eastern).



Happy Birthday Monique!  Monique reslishes the hard work, welcomes the pain and enjoys the intensity & variety of our WODs (workout of the day).

58 Responses to ““Painstorm 9/10””

  1. Babs

    Happy Birthday Monique!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!

  2. chrissy c

    Babs – you coming tonight at 6:00 or did you go last night?

  3. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    31:43 (85)
    Could have survived @ 95, but wanted controlled thrusters.
    HBD Monique!

  4. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    I’m so sad I won’t be able to do this WOD today! I’m flying to Nashville tonight 🙁
    Good Luck everybody!!!! See you guys on Monday!

  5. Teach

    Happy Birthday Monique!! I’ve missed you on Thursday nights!!

  6. heatherd

    Holy Crapola!!!! If anyone sees one of my lungs on the ground during this one, just pick it up for me please…

  7. Silverback

    28:34 (135#)
    This is a tough one. Also, it’s been 6 days in a row for me. Body is shutting down, need rest.

  8. Alice S.

    OMG!!! Really glad I made it in one piece!!!
    Good job 0830’s!!
    28:25 (45)
    Thanks a lot Toe for making the running fun!!!

  9. Todd

    Dang, juan timberlake and callumfragilistic, wachyall eatin?
    I saw fam make puking look graceful today, so that was pretty interesting. 😀
    Way to push, Stephanie! Good work, easy rider. Good work done by all.
    27:12 at 135. Thank you for the cheering. It really helped push me.
    I’m off to a gluttonous (in moderation) and debaucherous (in moderation) bachelor party, so i will officially sabotage this week’s wod-work. Not looking forward to dragging on monday.

  10. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    28:34 (135#)
    Looks like I picked the wrong week to talk smack with Toddsky. Good job Todd, Logan, Arnold and the rest of 9:30.. hard core wod today. I think I did beat Todd a couple of times within the past few weeks or just dreamed it.
    Tied Silverback. Tied Silverback. That’s right! Wow. Tied G yesterday too. Exact to the second times. What are the odds?
    Silverback will probably say this was a horrible performance for him. Still, this is pretty miraculous.

  11. Black'n'Blue

    32:03 (75#)
    I wanted so badly to just do 65# but of course, G and Steph know me better than I know myself and pushed for the 75#. Now I’m glad I did it at 75#, I found a good pace and it was the perfect weight to finish out the week. Normally I do weekend warrior but I’m heading to Austin and then Dallas in a bit and go to the UT vs. OU game. HOOK ‘EM, HORNS! \m/
    A little motivation for everyone from a random quote I’ve had in my journal for forever:
    “Pain doesn’t tell you when you ought to stop. Pain is the little voice in your head that tries to hold you back because it knows if you continue, you WILL change. Don’t let it stop you from being who you can be. Exhaustion tells you when you ought to stop. You only reach your limit when you can go no further.”
    –Daryl Furuyama
    Awesome job to everyone at 9:30! Have a great weekend, y’all!

  12. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Bulhorn.. great job.. 155# on this is amazing. Congrats on the week.

  13. Bullhorn

    Is any one else trying to watch trying to watch the CrossFit / USA Weightlifting Open. i was watching it earlier and now it wont work. thanks Robert,
    @Todd, i am eating lots of bullritos. i deserve a punch card or something.

  14. SpeedyJ

    20:52 (Rx)..it was early but glad I was able to take part today. A little different when there are no times on the board…true personal test for me today…loved the WOD!

  15. Silverback

    I was still delirious when I posted earlier, forgot to thank Arnold for the push and for counting my reps. Thanks sis!

  16. Silverback

    Easy Rider, I have no excuses. You’re one strong dude who is whipping me on a regular basis these days.

  17. T-REX

    32:43, 85#. didn’t see the rounds, just thought it was 5 reps each, wtf was I thinking starting w/ 100#? Time was delayed when I had change my weights and had to get over my mental defeat, which lingered throughout the entire wod. grrr!
    I will be @ Memorial w/ my fellow Devil’s Rejects 7am Sunday, camo + boots!

  18. karina

    ok i’m proud of myself i finally did a power clean with a bar, it was only 20lb total but hey its not a 6lb med ball!!!
    good job to all who completed this wod

  19. monique cassata

    Thank you guys for the birthday wishes! All of yall are wonderful! Also, thank you for always pushing me during the workouts 🙂 i truly enjoy CrossFit!

  20. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Silverback, thanks for the words, but I don’t know what your talking about.. you whip me on a regular basis.. usually by 5 or 10 min. Six days straight..get some rest.

  21. Julia

    Two running WODS in a row… I’m soooooo sad I’m missing them. I love running. But, me and my almost healed ginormous blister (thank you mole skin) will be there tomorrow morning and Sunday morning.

  22. Bullhorn

    Hey Easy Rider and Silverback will one of you ask the other one out all ready. i feel like i am reading an 8th grade love later. hug it out the next time yall are at the gym. 🙂

  23. Bitchy Eggroll

    28:21 45# – I can’t believe I am going to say this…. This WOD was fun. I had fun with Alice. Great Friday WOD.
    Janet, were you riding a bike or on roller blades?? What the heck!!! I miss you!@!!!

  24. Shelly

    27:45 (35#) too light on cleans but need more depth on thrusters (1st time). Nice meeting some of the noon group. This weekend I also will be spoiling all my hard work this week with food & drink – but not at a bachelor party! 😉

  25. mario c

    mario c 28:15 scaled this way
    4rds X 3 reps PC & T; 500m shuffle
    3rds X 3 reps PC & T; 500m shuffle
    2rds X 2 reps PC & T (got confused); 400m shuffle
    1rd X 5 reps PC & T; 400m shuffle

  26. Maricel

    31:14 (45#) afer being out for 6 days, can’t believe I finished! Thanks for all the cheers and pushing! Yay!

  27. dianna

    26:50 Ithink. 65#
    G, how do you know how much weight I can move and still keep going? Today was crucial. Had a real fear of DNF
    Felt like my mojo was all gone lately, like losing my nerve just reading the WOD. Last coupla days I’m getting my groove back.
    Great day, Arnold and Ivannah!

  28. ingrid

    31:42(65#)weak thruster
    need new running shoes
    need to eat better
    need to sleep better
    need to be consistent
    Happy Bday Monique

  29. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Bulhorn.. you deserve 2 punches…no,.. I can see you are feeling left out, and that maybe you need a hug.
    All you had to do was ask. I will try to put it in my schedule to come to the 5:30am class next week. We can do one long hug for 3 minutes, we’ll time it. We’ll need to decide pre or post WOD (dry or extra sweaty). Till then, xoxoxoxoxox

  30. Freakin' PR

    Janet you are an animal!!
    Thanks G for making me go Rx…I guess after 95 what’s another 5 lbs 🙂 Enjoyed the lifting way more than the running.
    Thanks for the push TI…really helped me get through the last round. This was my fifth day in a row…so resting this weekend for sure!

  31. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    25:59 (60#)Weight was enough for me:( Not feeling it today. Felt like i’m all over the place. Had fun though with my fellow FIREBREATHERS! Good work everyone!
    Nomad – don’t forget your Gatorade 🙂
    Way to finish it Austin!

  32. ZEN Jen (Jen M)

    oopps…Happy Birthday Monique! hope to meet you one of these days!

  33. Keith Fogle

    29:07 95# ouch is right! happy to have finished in under 30 — ready for a rest day.
    HBD Monique!!

  34. Lauren

    27:10 (45) Thanks for disallowing boots, Jim. Yes, Silverback, it still would have been very challenging while naked. Great job noon!
    No debauchery for me this weekend. Looking forward to the team run Sunday, though.

  35. Sean S.

    19:22 (115)I got through this pretty quickly, but don’t know if I could have gone heavier. My legs are so tight I can barely sit down.

  36. The Nomad

    24:52 (95#)
    A big thank you to ZEN Jen for helping with my confusion!!! Ha!
    Good job to 4pm class! Ramrod owned it, Austen fought through it, Peter, Keith, Ruel,and the rest of the gang kept after it!
    Everybody have a great weekend.

  37. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    32:something something

  38. mario c

    mario c — With all the scaling info I had to include in my post above I forgot to mention the weight: 55#

  39. chrissy c

    Man, this one kicked my crossfitting butt!
    27:37 (55#) I don’t know if you can call what I did “running”… Good way to end a work week though!

  40. chrissy c

    Oh, and GRACIE!!! Good seeing you girl-nice chatting with you mid-WOD!!! 🙂

  41. Dar

    Happy Birthday Monique!
    23:48(65#) I think it’s time for me to move up to 70# maybe 75# woo hoo!
    I had a fleeting thought that I was actually going to beat Teach(albeit the 35# difference), but she snuck in behind me after the 400m and pounded out the last round. What tha? You’re an animal Teach! =)
    Great job 6pm’ers!

  42. Jen C

    25:48 (65#)
    Power clean, check…thrusters, not so much.

  43. ruel

    Thrusters were really tough for me on this one..

  44. G

    28:34 (95#) – Thanks for the push Coaches Jim and Daniel. Fight Club, you kept me going….just managed to always be ahead 3-5 reps on the barbells because I know you would be fast on the runs. Running felt better yesterday. Today I was dragging!
    Now what are the odds that Silverback, Easy Rider and I would have the exact time in a WOD! Some kinda mojo going on here.
    5pm crew rocked! HD, you are such a trooper for going heavy! Way to push yourself on the last few rounds!

  45. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Ellison!
    Good to see Gary B, Lopez, Old Hickory, Ingrid, Bravo, RHABd, LA, Jen C, Sean S, Steve W and Bill back in action.
    Another great quote Black’n’Blue!
    Pacemakers had a good mix; a few honeynooners, 5pmrs and happyhour folks decided to enjoy the 60 degree weather in the morning.
    Speedy J almost made sub 20 as prescribed (RX) but I think she stopped by Curves for a minute to show them how it should be done during the 600m route.
    Karina, you’re doing mighty fine concentrating on form first before weights!
    FPR, aren’t you glad you went for the 100?
    Give those biceps some rest, T.I.!
    Well needed rest day for me tomorrow!
    Arnold, TRIBE!!!!
    Hope you are enjoying your birthday fellow Coogs!
    Great job everyone on going through this pain storm. Read back on Ivannah’s (Black’n’Blue) quote of the day to inspire you for the rest of your weekend!

  46. Teach

    Ahhhh…another WOD with gobs of running!! I need to work on the tank, so I will be at each WOD with running! Great design Coach Jim.
    Dar – I was just trying to keep you in my sights on the runs! It was great battling it out today. I do think you definitely need to go up in weight, 65 is too light…you’re a strong chick!
    Thanks Coach Ramrod, Juan Timberlake and G2 for telling me to “pick up the bar”. I might not have done it if you didn’t remind me to 🙂
    Awesome to see preggo Sarah kicking some butt tonight with this WOD!

  47. Nicole Disco D

    26:10 45# I am still not a 100% with my injured shoulder. I’m glad I stayed at the lower weight. I worked hard but did not hurt my shoulder.
    good job 8:30