“Drop Kick”

For Time:


800m Run

75 Squats

75 Jumping Lunges

75 Weighted Walking Lunge Steps (25)


Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Chad B, aka "The Nomad"!!

The Ultimate WarriorSilverback2

Any Resemblance???….I think so! No wonder nobody has heard of or seen the ULTIMATE WARRIOR in decades.  He is posing as a Silverback!

Go crush the Masters Division at Oktoberfest Obliteration II this weekend, Silverback!!!!!

Miguel Ranger CrossFit
Miguel de la Fuente, owner of Ranger CrossFit, stopped by for a couple of WODs with us this week.  He is in town for the Oktoberfest Obliteration II this weekend.  Kick some butt, Ranger style!

59 Responses to ““Drop Kick””

  1. mario c

    Scott, very generous of you to allow your copyrighted image to be shown on the website, hehe.

  2. mario c

    Scott, very generous of you to allow your copyrighted image to be shown on the website, hehe.

  3. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday!! 11:32 (Rx)..good luck to those on the run this weekend!

  4. Bullhorn

    good luck Silverback
    HBD Chad
    billy where were you at for Hip Hop Friday

  5. Bonnie B

    14:22 (20)
    Good luck to everyone running and competing this weekend!

  6. Todd

    Hbd, nomad. Kill it, silverback!
    Jason and I have a big promotion we’re doing tonight at Traylor stadium in Rosenberg for Bullritos. An employee backed out, so If anyone (preferably a girl) wants to help launch shirts in the stands, we’ll pay $10 bucks an hour and provide dinner. Call or text 281-799-1618 Commitment is from around 5:30 to 8:30.

  7. wolverine

    Good luck to Silverback and all the runners competing this weekend! HBD Chad!

  8. Billdozer

    Happy Birthday Nomad!
    I think the mystery of the ultimate warrior has finally been decided. There are just too many similarities to ignore. I would like to see the arm tassles make a comeback.
    Cal, I was beat down, couldn’t make it this morning.

  9. mario c

    Scott, very generous of you to allow your copyrighted image to be shown on the website, hehe.

  10. Dar

    Happy Birthday Chad!
    Good luck to all competitors this weekend! I’m running in the Woodlands 10(mi) For Texas. I hope to make it by and support ya’ Silverback!

  11. Bullhorn

    Billy its ok rest up, 5:30 takes some getting used to, rest up for next week. its our last full week of training before me you and juan stand on the podeum (spelling). in no special order. BOOM!

  12. Lauren

    Happy Birthday Chad!! Thanks for keeping me going yesterday.
    Good luck Silverback! I wish I could be there tomorrow, the mud run is starting us too late. 🙁
    Todd, I’ll do it if you’re in a jam. 832-677-0498

  13. Vegas

    Disco text me at 713-320-3315, I got some questions for you

  14. Keith Fogle

    HBD Chad!!
    22:04 RX — this was a tough one for me, thanks to G, Ramrod, T.I., Aida, Ingrid, Fam, Robert and whoever else was giving me a push……it takes a village 🙂
    Good luck Scott!!

  15. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    HBD Chad the Nomad! Silverback, have fun and dominate!
    14:08 Tough one, legs feel like rubber now. Going down stairs takes both hands on rails.
    Logan, great job.. 75 squats unbroken, you are a force to be reckoned with.

  16. dianna

    DOmiNatE! OBliterATe! Go Silverback!
    Happy BDay, Chad!
    19:56 RX
    looking at all the results, meh, but I am still disproportionately proud and happy.
    Thanks Fam…

  17. Ramrod

    Bullhorn I’m a little upset I was not included in your podium. I guess the podium in your head has 4 spots and the order you spoke of was for 2nd 3rd and 4th. In no specific order.
    Anyway, great workout this morning. Lots of people fighting through the leg pain! Awesome job everyone! Happy bday nomad and good luck Scott, see you tomorrow !

  18. Black'n'Blue

    Happy Birthday, Chad!
    16:48 RX
    Holy jello legs. I got through the run and the squats fine and then I did the first two jumping lunges and the lactic acid in my legs started to point and snicker. It was a mental battle from then on. Thanks Habib, JohnnyB, Juan, G and everyone yelling at me to finish those weighted walking lunges. Couldn’t have made it without y’all!
    Good to have you back, Habib, great job today!

  19. Bullhorn

    Ramrod, you would of been there but i thought you were not going on october 23, well at least that is what YOU told me cause you had a cert. that weekend. Well if you are going then just scratch juan off 🙂 just kidding. we will just have to take the top 7 spots in no order how about that.

  20. Barbella

    15:33 (20#)
    HBD Chad, good to see you!
    Juan – T-Y, T-Y for our new shower!!!
    My legs are still shakin’….

  21. Barbella

    OMG….and Silverback ?!?! Chip-n-Dallas AND Wrestlemania — Grace, you got a good one! =0)

  22. Nicole Disco D:)

    Happy Birthday Chad!!!!!!
    Kick some butt Silverback and Good luck!!!!!
    19:15(15#) This was a hard wod but good…..

  23. Ralph

    19:15 rx (lots of rest legs about to cramped)
    good to be pairing with you again Fred.
    HBD Chad!!!

  24. The Nomad

    Thank ya’ll for the birthday wishes! It means alot. Honored to be a part of the ACF Family!!! This is an amazing group!
    14:48 Rx – Good work nooners!
    Have a great weekend! The only thing I want for my B-Day is an Aggie victory over the razorbacks tomorrow!
    Good Luck Scotty!

  25. Bonnie B

    amen to the aggie victory….
    i hope you get that for your bday as well!

  26. sharon

    HBD chad and GL silverback.
    There is a great link on the CF mainsite – affiliate page.
    “Why CrossFit Ruined my Life” – CrossFit Verve
    CrossFit has most certainly ruined my like 😉

  27. G

    Yes, we actually are already posting that on Sunday’s post. Thank you Sharon!
    Mudrun Badasses;
    pick up your packet at the box starting at 4pm today.

  28. Bitchy Eggroll

    19:42 (12#)
    If someone would have told me that we were going to have this kind of WOD prior to be building my house, I would have put escalators in my house!
    Happy Bday CHAD!!!
    Good luck, Silverback. Make the orange tee look good. Or at least the orange tee will make you look good.
    Good luck Mudrunners! have a great time getting dirty!
    Billy, nice jello. 🙂

  29. Billdozer

    Toe, I don’t know what you are talking about, nothing but steel back there.
    Nomad, even though its your birthday, I can’t hold back. I have a better shot of doing a handstand pushup WOD RX than the Aggies do of beating the Razorbacks.

  30. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Crossfit has ruined my life too.

  31. Julia

    Happy BDAY Chad! And Good Luck Silverback!!
    G, I’m sending Sledge to get my packet. Are we meeting any where in particular tomorrow?

  32. T.I.(Kenny)

    10:28 (RX)
    Happy Birthday Chad! Good luck tomorrow father.

  33. Freakin' PR

    10:57 (Rx)
    My legs are still numb 7 hours later. Hopefully I will be able to move tomorrow and make it to the box.
    Good luck Silverback!!! And to all the mudrunners too!!!
    HB Nomad!

  34. MARLON

    11:07 RX
    Great partnering with you JohnnyB. Thanks for the push.
    Happy Birthday Chad!! and Good luck Scott.

  35. Ruel

    All I can say is that this WOD burns…
    Thanks Mike for partnering with and welcome back…
    And shout out to 0830 peeps that hang around to cheer us 0930 crew…we appreciate it..
    Happy Birthday Chad..u have a good one..
    And ofcourse Silverback….Goodluck!!!

  36. TC

    Happy Birthday Chad!!!!
    Good luck Silverback and everyone in the mud run tomorrow!!!!

  37. Summer

    Happy Birthday Chad!!!
    Good luck tomorrow Silverback!!!
    13:37(RX)Great Job 4pm class enjoyed working out with u guys.
    11:58 ( thin purple band CtoB)on yesterdays WOD did after today’s. Thanks Carl for doing it with me.

  38. CrazyCarl

    11:01 Rx on todays WOD.
    12:01 Rx on yesterday WOD that I missed.
    October 23 is creeping up fast.
    Good luck tomorrow Silverback. Crush those WOD’S

  39. ZEN Jen (jen m)

    15:18(20#) salamat Vegas!!!!
    Awesome Firebreathers!
    Happy Birthday Nomad! Have a great bday:)
    Goodluck Tito Scott !

  40. Steve

    Happy birthday Chad. Good luck in the competition, Silverback!

  41. JohnnyB

    Nomad, Ditto here! Speaking of amazing & unparalleled coaches, ACF has it all. Needless to say, Coach G, Jim, JB, Billy, Teach, Daniel, Stacy, Juan & Silverback. Thus, toppling the other boxes to that accord & I’m proud to belong on this LACTIC ACID BOOSTERS Family.
    Even you’re a greenhorn, the penultimate or the last person finishing the WOD, Still, you felt winning the battle cause your fellow unselfish Crossfitters are there to KILL you! I meant, push or bolster you! Bwahahaha
    14:01 (RX) First time back after a week off. Coach G, you know the reason why. Marlon, nice partnering with you too!

  42. JohnnyB

    Thank you Gatekeeper for the push & you’re Welcome Black’nBlue! But Hey, Nice finger you’ve shown to Coach Juan earlier… geesshhhh…. Never expected that & It was audaciously done! hahahaha 🙂

  43. Kari

    19:01 50reps no jump no weights.
    Thx for counting Nicole & all the encouragement from the box.
    Good to luck to all this weekend!

  44. Teach

    12:50 (Rx)
    800m runs kill me! But I’m getting better at them. Did this one Sat. morning in my garage.

  45. Taz

    Also did this WOD Saturday morning after 4 mile run. Just can’t pass this up. I can’t say these are my favorites but definitely need to work on my weakness…any leg work out for that matter. Great feeling.

  46. Mike B

    Thanks for the encouragement G and Situation… 20:24
    I could kick myself for not breaking the 20 mark but I can’t move my legs anymore… lol