Two person teams.  Reps can be broken up between partners in any way.

For Time:

  • Run to the Fire Hydrant
  • 100m Splat ball thruster throw (from the Fire Hydrants to the box (20)(12))
  • 50 Pull-Ups
  • 40 Dead Lifts (225)(165)
  • 30 Back Squats (155)(105)
  • 20 Parallette Push-Up Pass Through Dips
  • 100 Walking Lunges


Post results to comments.

Isaac Payne CF Overdrive
Isaac Payne, CrossFit Overdrive's BC Sectionals Athlete, dropped in for the WOD "Lullaby" on Friday.

7 Responses to ““Wonkavision””

  1. Julia

    Jim, I’m not slow… I’m a little bear! ha ha.
    16:+ with Summer (Thin white band)
    Bonnie, 210-882-6755

  2. Bullhorn

    WOD @ Crossfit body armour
    50 power clean
    50 dbl unders 🙁
    50push press
    great box, I hate dbl unders, they are ruining my trip.

  3. Ruel

    my first weekend WOD…14:30(RX)
    hit the wall plenty of times…thanks Bryan for carrying the load on the DL…. u were awesome….
    Thanks coach Jim and Coach JB for the push.. u guys were great on keeping me hang in there.. i was on the verge of throwing up… that wouldnt be a pretty sight..

  4. T-REX

    “Grace” 65# 3:06. Standard next yr for sho. + ran 3 miles @ Memorial, much lighter w/o boots! thx G for joining me @ B4B

  5. G

    Barbells for Boobs/Amazing “Grace” WOD
    4:26 (Women’s Rx) – a minute slower than PR but had fun! Thanks for the push T-Rex.