4 Rounds For Time


10 Hanging Power Clean (115)(75)

20 Ring Dips

30 GHD Situps

40 Squats


Post results to comments.


Congrats to all our participants at the CrossFit Beaumont Showdown Event this past Saturday.  A lot of heart, sweat, blood and tears were put forth out there.  You all made us proud.  A BIG THANK YOU to many who were able to make it there to cheer us on.  Your never ending support is amazing!  HD and Kari left before the group picture. (Photo Album courtesy of Gatekeeper)(Photo Album courtesy of TC & Jen W)

Front Row (left to right):  Gracie "G2", G, Lara and Lauren

Second Row (left to right):  Sarah "Snash", Daniel "Ramrod", Summer, Jeremy "Beast", Judy "T-Rex", April, Jim "Macho" and Juan "BB4"

Third Row (left to right):  Billdozer, Cal "Bullhorn", Crazy Carl, TC, Jen W, Hernan The Barbarian, HeatherV, Pat "Wolverine"


Standard MenWomen Scaled MenTCs tiebreaker
On the Standard Men's division Billdozer took 1st place and Bullhorn took 3rd place, on the Scaled Men's division TC took 3rd place after a gruelling tie-breaker and on the Women's Division G took 3rd place.

Happy Birthday Melessa!

Happy Birthday Vanessa (Oct. 23rd)!!!

49 Responses to ““Juiced-Up””

  1. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Melessa & Vanessa!
    Congrats to everyone who competed in the Showdown Event!

  2. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Melessa & Vanessa!
    Congrats to everyone who competed in the Showdown Event!

  3. dar

    Happy birthday Melessa , happy birthday Vanessa!

  4. Bullhorn

    Hello Monday, 17:46 rx
    Thanks to all the coachs and everyone who came out this weekend, we have a great family at ACF and it shows, there were comments from other folks on how our box is so close. Also the picture of me and billy on the boxes if people must know, billy was whispering sweet nothings to me lol!

  5. Silverback

    HBD Ladies!
    Great job ACF competitors! Way to represent!
    Hey G, are you giving Leah a wedgie on the podium??

  6. SpeedyJ

    Great job ACF! I kept checking the website all weekend to view our success…congrats to all!

  7. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Melessa & Vanessa!
    Congrats to everyone who competed in the Showdown Event!

  8. Jen C

    Happy Birthday ladies!
    Great job to all those that competed this past weekend! Way to represent!

  9. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    Way to go competitors! Happy birthday, ladies!
    28:09 (Box Assist Ring Dips)

  10. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Congrats Cal, Billy, TC for placing. Congrats to Juan (1 pt from placing) and everyone else that competed. Wanted to go to support, things still tricky with a 12 month old, naps and feedings.
    21:24 RX GHDs were tough. Way to go Keith, nice range of motion. Good job 8:30.
    Todd, way to maintain your wit and humor in the middle of a tough wod. Gives me something else to strive for.

  11. Todd

    25:56. Boy, that one was tougher than i think it should have been. Thanks robert for giving me a time to shoot for. Thanks fam for not letting me embellish my rep count. Ha.
    Happy birthdays.

  12. Keith Fogle

    Congrats to all the ACF competitors!
    29:37 (95#) — ring dips were slow…but wanted to get good ROM…making progress…did all GHDs, still working on ROM, making progress there too..
    thanks to Easy Rider, G and the rest of the 8:30 class for giving me a push 🙂

  13. Jackrabbit

    Way to go guys! Awesome job!
    Happy Birthday Ladies!!

  14. Maricel

    Happy birthday ladies!
    Congrats to Billy, Cal, TC and Grace…that’s awesome!
    25:30 (35#, Parallet dips, SLSU) – tough wod for me with all the squats but getting better at it.
    Tony B – 21:25 (75#, parallet dips, SLSU) he liked this one!

  15. The Situation(Ruel)

    21:02(85#, BARD)
    Thanks JohnnyB for counting and for the push.. good job Coach Daniel and the 0930 peeps…
    Congrats to all the Beaumont participants and more power to all that won, you all made us proud(ACF family)…
    Happy Birthday Ladies…enjoy your day…

  16. Barbella

    HBD girls!
    18:15 (65#,Para,SLSU)
    Need to get on the Box RD’s…ugh…
    CONGRATS to everyone @ Bmt!! Great job!

  17. mario & chrissy c

    mario c 14:36 scaled
    4 rds of:
    5 PC 55#;
    7 box dips;
    10 abmat crunches;
    5 squats.

  18. mario & chrissy c

    mario c 14:36 scaled
    4 rds of:
    5 PC 55#;
    7 box dips;
    10 abmat crunches;
    5 squats.

  19. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    26:14 (95#, Box RD, SLSU)
    95# vy heavy, but wanted to challenge myself today. Arithmetic of ring dips harsh!
    HBD to the ladies!
    Hail to the competitors @ Beaumont this weekend!

  20. Lauren

    Happy b-day girls!
    24:49 (55#, BARD, SLSU) Suffered through most of the ring dips in sets of two. I mean, pure anguish. GHD’s were all taken, but they would also have slowed me considerably.
    Thanks Ramrod and Jim for coaching, and G for pushing me quickly through my last set of squats. Great job to all nooners, I know I wasn’t the only one (love)hating those rings.

  21. Nicole Disco D:)

    Happy Birthday Ladies!!!!!!
    Congrats on to all the competitors @ Beaumont!!!!
    17:38 (55#,para,slsu)

  22. Bobo

    Congrats to all of the competitors!!
    there aren’t many people that can make Billy or Cal look small…er normal size. That dude that took second is a monster.
    Happy Birfday ladies. By the way, vanessa was given a nickname last week. shakeweight. hehe.
    24:26 RX. worked extra hard on making sure my dips ghd and squats were good. still slouching on my squats. Thanks Jim and Ramrod for keeping me honest.

  23. Ramrod

    congrats guys wish i could have been up there as well.
    17:07 rx
    Happy birthday ladies

  24. Freakin' PR

    Congrats guys!!! Awesome job at the competition!
    Thanks Ramrod for making sure my ring dips were full range…
    Thanks Pat…definitely helped me push harder
    Awesome noon class!!

  25. Bitchy Eggroll

    Congrats to everyone! You guys rocked the competition!!!
    18:?? (45, para, slsu)
    Went light. Just trying to get through the workout with a hangover.

  26. wolverine

    21:18(1/2 ghd)Great noon class! Jim, I will be in to work on those cleans. Happy Bday to you both!

  27. Alice S.

    16:17 (#45, para, SLSU)
    Thanks Ate Chi and G!!!
    Good job 0830 class!!
    Happy Birthday Ladies!!!
    Good job to all the competitors!!!
    Job well done!!

  28. Tyler

    as rx’d
    ghd’s were slooow!
    congrats to everyone who competed this weekend.

  29. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    24:01(BARD,10 SLSU the rest GHD)Thanks G for yelling at me to keep my legs straight on the BARD..they keep wanting to bend:)
    Nice meeting you Joe!
    Again CONGRATULATIONS to all our ACF athletes that competed, each and everyone of you made us all proud!
    HAppy Birthday Ladies!

  30. dianna

    HBD Ladies!
    Congrats to ACF competitors.
    23:46 (box para-dips, SLSU)
    thanks G for babysitting my technique.

  31. mario & chrissy c

    mario c 14:36 scaled
    4 rds of:
    5 PC 55#;
    7 box dips;
    10 abmat crunches;
    5 squats.

  32. Speedy J

    18:02 (90% small band dips)…working on ROM, if no band I may be still doing dips..thanks G for the tips, can only get better.

  33. Schubert

    23:20. Box assist on rings, 75# bar, straight leg situps.

  34. G

    23:18 (Rx) – I was chasing FPR and Wolverine the entire time! Way to push through on those GHDs, and ROM on your ring dips, Bobo 🙂
    Twas fun suffering with the nooners today. Thanks for the awesome coaching and push, Ramrod and Jim!

  35. G

    Good job on your first WOD, Rene F!
    Good to see Junior, Sarah M, Macho, Fredie M, Sam, Jackie, Traci S, Chris B and Face back in action!
    Way to go tribe! The WODs at CF Beaumont’s Showdown were pretty cool!
    The photos are amazing……now that’s INTENSITY…..looks like we all had an ugly warface contest….especially during the 1 Rep Max Cleans…..Haha!!

  36. T-REX

    21:48 (75#, BARD, 1/2 GHD, 1/2 SLSU), post wod +800m run. Nice meeting Joe and Dianna! Great job firebreathers! and yes, those are some ooogly warfaces on those cleans, embarassing! LOL!

  37. G

    Btw, awesome job Joe Wilson on 16 consecutive HSPUs! You are now in the ACF Leader Board 🙂
    T-Rex, no shame on those war faces! They represent Lactic Loving Hard Core Crossfitters!

  38. Billdozer

    25:40(RX) That was a tough WOD for me, but just tried to keep moving.
    Great job to all the evening classes on a tough WOD! Good to see the girls tackling some skills after the WOD, that little extra time each day will pay off for you down the road.
    -Good work Drew and Sid!
    Great work Joe, I hate to disappoint you but after everyone left, I did 17 consecutive HSPU’s, some might doubt this with my previous inability to do one, and the lack of a witness but what can I say, I was feeling it.
    -Judy, war faces are the best part of heavy lifting, all the girls looked graceful doing it. My vote goes for Cal as the best war face, it was quite scary to see it in person, especially with him barreling towards you with 265#.
    -Juan wins the intensity face award.
    – TC wins the holy crap how did he not hurt himself while lifting a small car award.
    -Daniel wins the Barney Stinson I never take a bad picture award
    – I win the I’m about to crap my pants award
    – Pat is just ripped, enough said.

  39. mikey

    25:42 (95#,BARD,1/2 GHDs 1/2 SLSU)
    Thanks everyone for the push towards the end.

  40. Crazy Carl

    24:14 Rx
    great to work out with the 6pm group today… i had to let my hangover from the weekend wear off a little more before attempting crossfit. Thank goodness for the late classes.
    Awesome job to Joe for whipping all of us guys ass at that WOD today…dude made it look easy. My abs are gonna be sore all week from all those GHD’s. Great job to the ladies who took on that wod today… I think a few finished before me as well.
    The warm down for the 6pm group was changing a headlight bulb in a Honda accord…Damn near got the best of us!

  41. Steve

    85# , straight leg situps, box ring dip. Good workout.