“Neutron Bomb”

5 Rounds for time:


21 Double-unders

14 KB Swings (53)(35)

7   Push-Press (135)(95)


Post results to comments.


We will have an ALL VOLUNTEERS MEETING on Saturday, October 30th, at 9am.  Your committee chairman should be touching base with you before the big meeting.  If you are in the Facilities Committee with Juan, he will see you guys on Saturday.  We are planning on handing out the volunteer shirts that day.

Daniel E

Happy Birthday Daniel E!  He got his first Muscle-Up on his first day.

Sarah M
Happy Birthday Sarah M (Oct. 22nd)!

40 Responses to ““Neutron Bomb””

  1. Macho Ranger

    Happy B-day Daniel and Sarah!
    12.28 (125)
    Good work on DU’s Today Jennifer and Josh. Bobby we will have that Muscle-up by the end of the week.

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Daniel and Sarah!
    14:02 RX
    Thanks for the DU coaching Daniel and Billy.. it helped. Strung together 6-8 several times during wod,.. improvement.
    2000m row 8:28.5

  3. Bitchy Eggroll

    Happy Bday you two!!!
    14:05 (35#kb, 55#)
    Damn Double Unders. Got ten in the last round. That is how it works with me. LOLOLOLOL!
    Fam: Thanks for making me go heavier on my KB!

  4. Keith Fogle

    Happy Birthday Daniel E and Sarah M!!
    15:11 (LJ, #95) got a few DU’s before switching to lateral jumps, got to keep practicing…thanks for the push Arnold!

  5. Billdozer

    6:50(RX) Fun WOD, enjoyed every aspect of this one. I almost lost concentration due to the fact that Bob worked out in the skirt, but I stayed focused.
    Way to get the double unders today Arnold, sorry I was never good enough for you. Ramrod, way to go with the 135# and push yourself without anyone else there.
    Happy Birthday Daniel and Sarah!

  6. Todd

    7:50 at rx. Everything unbroken except 5th round of PP’s. You gave me a good time to shoot for, billy, but my body became numb on the 5th round.
    I was watching aida in my peripheral. Making sure she dint squeek past me. Good work to all the honeynooners.
    Bullhorn, r u cherry-pickin this wod?
    Good job coaching, ramrod.

  7. G

    Good job on your baseline WOD this morning Dawn H and Christina M!
    Good to see Bobby, Josh P, and Jennifer H. back in action! Way to go Pacemakers!

  8. Bullhorn

    No sir Todd, i had to give me body a rest today. i will be there the rest of the week, so you dont go worrying about me. So Thursday class watch out i will be there in full force

  9. RamRod

    Thanks for staying after dozer and logan. not a fan of heavy overhead stuff, but only cuz i suck at it. But we gotta practice what we suck at right?!

  10. Barbella

    14:38 (70#)
    Good times…Good times….
    Shoulders are feelin’ it!

  11. Freakin' PR

    8:27 (Rx)
    I was trying to catch Todd the whole time…Push press definitely slowed me down some.
    Awesome job nooners!!

  12. mario c

    mario c 11:25 scaled
    5 rds
    60 singles
    10 KB 18#
    7 PP 35#

  13. mario c

    mario c 11:25 scaled
    5 rds
    60 singles
    10 KB 18#
    7 PP 35#

  14. Bobby AKA Bobby

    I felt great after my week long break. Thanks Jim for staying after class and teaching me how to do a Muscle-up. One day I will be as good as Callum and Billy….10:55 minutes…55 lbs kb 115 lbs.

  15. G

    Welcome back Eli!!!!
    Good to see T.I., Admiral and Lopez back in action!
    If you guys and gals haven’t noticed we have a few new jump ropes (black with thicker black handles) that we’re experimenting to help everyone figure out this elusive Double-Under.

  16. G

    15:18 (Rx) – embracing my weakness, heavy push presses!!
    Had to redo a couple incomplete lockout presses and 1 rep of push jerk so there were no rebends of the knee on any of my reps. Crazy Carl, today you were no pacer; you took off like a speeding bullet. Great push Bobo and Wingman! Thanks Jim!
    Hope you’re not working too hard on your bday Daniel E!
    Belated Happy Bday again Sarah M!

  17. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    12:13(55#,1st rd DU rest LJ) thanks G!
    Happy Birthday Daniel and Sarah!
    Happy to finally do some DUs:)

  18. G

    Btw, Crazy Carl…thanks for the big encouragement on my last 2 rounds of push presses; it helped!

  19. Julia

    13:51 (70#) Thanks Jim for encouraging me to go heavier!
    + 1 mile run with Ace after the WOD
    Was able to string more DUs together sans shoes… weird.
    Happy BDay Daniel and Sarah M!

  20. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    19 something (80)
    Thanks for the push Coach Jim…my shoulders are feeling it…now I need to work on my form!
    DU getting better…way to go Julia on 21 unbroken!

  21. T-REX

    4:26 1K Max row. was @ globo gym and my selective hearing overheard a trainer telling another trainer about something new, mentioning words like “snatch” and “wod” and immediately I was like, Oh, you’re talking about crossfit? Yeah, I was just in a crossfit comp at Beaumont this weekend. I feel like such a CF snob! haha!

  22. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    11:12 (25#KB, 45#PP), yay home gym!
    BEFORE I’M YELLED AT FOR HOW LIGHT MY WEIGHTS WERE… I had to improvise with what my dad’s got in stock in the garage, hence the 25# KB. That’s the heaviest he’s got at the moment. And my shoulder was acting up all day today so I decided to go light just to make sure I didn’t hurt myself. Back to going heavy tomorrow though for sure, missed being at The Box with everyone today.
    Happy Birthday Daniel and Sarah!

  23. TC

    Happy Birthday Guys!!!
    Thanks Coach Jim for making me to the 70 Lb KB it kicked my A$$!!! plus an 800 with Lopez and Crazy Carl!!!
    10.57Rx +(70 KB)

  24. mario c

    mario c 11:25 scaled
    5 rds
    60 singles
    10 KB 18#
    7 PP 35#

  25. dianna

    Happy Birthday Daniel and belated wishes to Sarah M. 3mile run today at Oyster Creek, while being drug along by my chocolate lab, Riley.

  26. Ace

    9:47 (Rx) + a one mile run with Julia after the WOD.
    This WOD was made for me. All I have to do now is work on my gas tank… See ya’ll Thurs.

  27. Bobo

    16:14 RX
    135 felt much heavier that it normally does. prolly shoulda scaled today.
    thanks to all that helped me get through this one.

  28. mikey

    15:35 (44#,105#)
    That was probably a little more weight than I should have done on the PP but Jim insisted… it was good though. Thanks Jim and Admiral for the pointers!
    DU’s are really hit or miss for me. It’s all about getting the rhythm down.

  29. chrissy c

    13:48 (Lat jumps, 65#)
    Thanks Skywalker for helping me with my kip movement!