!!UPDATE N0. 2!! Halloween Party


Halloween pumpkin light


Sorry, not enough people confirmed–we'll see everyone tonight at the party at 8:00 PM!!!!!

 WE ARE PLANNING A HALLOWEEN SCAVENGER HUNT!  The hunt will start at 7PM sharp so be there a little earlier–we will meet at the box in our costumes. You will be grouped into teams and will have exactly one hour to get the items on the list and get back to Aaron and Brandon's house–there will be a prize for the winner(s). Please RSVP if you would like to participate in this…if I don't get at least 8 people then we aren't going to do it.  Also, several people have asked about bringing a dish/dessert.  You don't have to, but if you want to that would be great!!!!!!Hope everyone has gotten their costumes:-)

Join us on Saturday, October 30th, for a Halloween Party hosted by ACF's Fight Club (Aaron D), Dub (Brandon W) and Ramrod (Daniel W).  

What: Costume Party (there will be a costume contest!)

Where: 6215 McAllister Dr., Missouri City, Tx 77459

When: Saturday, October 30th

Time: 8 PM 'til ???

Details: Still in the works but plan on having a lot of FUN!!! Keg and snacks provided, but if you prefer your own flavor, BYOL!!

20 Responses to “!!UPDATE N0. 2!! Halloween Party”

  1. dub

    Yall make it out, you will not be disappointed! Let us know who will be in attendance, it will help us line everything out. Thanks..

  2. G

    Btw, I am also participating in the costume contest. This should be a blast and a well needed down time!!!

  3. Todd

    I am planning to be there. I may not be able to make scavenger hunt

  4. Julia

    I’ll be there…for the party and the scavenger hunt. 🙂

  5. T-REX

    2 – yes. we got invited to an 80’s party too that night, maybe I can think of a costume to combine the two.

  6. Lauren

    I’ll be at the party, don’t know about the hunt. I can bake whatever, requests welcomed.

  7. heatherd

    Lauren–can you make those ooey gooey things that you made for the beach bash. Have no idea what they are called, but they were fabulous!!!!!

  8. heatherd

    If you would like to participate in the hunt but are concerned about driving or having to leave your car at the box, we will make arrangements to get you back to pick up your car. If I need to be a DD to personally make sure this happens, I will:)

  9. Julia

    Lauren, didn’t you make the brownies that were out there?? Those were good. And that crumble fruit thing…was that you?? All the sweets from that day are running together in my brain!

  10. Flanigan

    Marie & I will be there…but unforch no hunt for us!

  11. G

    We’ll be there at 8pm (skipping the scavenger hunt)
    G & Silverback

  12. Vanessa aka shakeweight

    I’m coming with about 3 friends! Yall get ready!!