“The Cough”


Phase I

    Extensive Mobility Work with a partner

Phase II

    Warm-Up (not for time but don't go too slow)

  • Run 1 Mile  (Sub 50 Burpees for time if it is lightning outside)
  • Row 1000m

                    (Half of the class start on the rower and the other half on the mile run)

 Phase III

    "FRAN" (Benchmark)

        21 – 15 – 9 Reps

            Thrusters (95)(65)



Post results to comments.

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34 Responses to ““The Cough””

  1. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    Dnf (21+9 @ rx…. Shoulda done 75)

  2. Bullhorn

    I was real nervous since this was the first time to do Fran, but i was pleased with my time, i think it is respectful.

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    5:01 RX (PR – previous time 10:28 in 2008)
    Room for improvement, but feel good about the progress. That is one tough WOD..it’s own unique blend of pain. Kind of want to do it again.. that’s how sick I am.

  4. dianna

    Yes, ZEN, as G predicted yesterday, my lower back was talkin to me during the run–because of my propensity toward straight-legged DL’s. Thought my choice of rr’s would keep me in the game, alas…
    DNF: 55#,rr’s. 2rds+9
    good effort all my 930 peeps!
    nice to meet you Garret

  5. dianna

    Bullhorn your time WAS respectable and enviable.
    Respectful of FRAN as well.

  6. Khara

    DNF: 45# with 4 pull ups to go at the 6 minute mark.
    The row and run were great today, great 0930 group, as always!! Welcome Garrett.

  7. Barbella

    Juan/BB4 — I will be there Saturday from 6AM until 11AM to help out!

  8. Barbella

    I want a RE-DO on this FRAN mess….
    55#,2″ band
    Almost 2 rounds (needed 4 more pull ups)

  9. Dawn

    1st Fran, 2nd class ever 25#, rr, 4:40, can probably go heavier. I’m enjoying this, everyone is great and very helpful.

  10. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    DNF (45,1/2″ 21-15+8thrusters) way to push 9:30 although a lot of us DNF:)
    Welcome back Garret! Hope your back feels better Dianna!
    Funtimes with Fam and Toe working on the boards! Thanks for the yummy steak Toe:)

  11. Kelli

    5:00 35# and r r. I’m ready to try bar pullups w/ band next time… I think…

  12. CrazyCarl

    5:38 Rx
    My body was still all worn out from those 5 rounds with Hulk Kogan yesterday! Dude whipped my ass for 38 minutes!

  13. mario c

    mario c DNF !
    Even though I scaled the thrusters to 12-8-5 using 45# and used the green band for all my pull ups I could only finish 2 rds!
    In studying the game film of my WOD, (doesn’t everyone film their WOD?) I could see I should have also scaled my pull ups!

  14. FPR

    4:42 Rx…Fran kicked my ass today for sure!! I was chasing Silverback the whole time! The first time I did this WOD was on 11-9-09…my time was 7:26
    Next time I hope to get under 4 min!!
    Taking it “easy” the rest of the week…
    Awesome job nooners!!

  15. Julia or now know as Beetle Jules :)

    Really really wanted to do this WOD today but, I’m having dinner with my husband, alone, for the first time in over 2 weeks! I’ll try and get this workout in Sunday during Open Gym.

  16. Speedy J

    3:36 (Rx) first time for FRAN..as many of you mentioned, she was with me for a while afterwards..

  17. Billdozer

    4:56(RX) felt good until the pull-ups on the round of 15, 30 seconds slower than last time, I will blame yesterday. Tried to start my Miko Salo stay standing after the wod today, but failed.
    Timmy- Good work getting the pullups in at the cutoff.
    Cal, Get ready for the Taco Stand tomorrow night.

  18. chrissy c

    I crushed Fran! I murdered her! I was like an olympic gold medalist wrapped in a suit of body armour. I was smokin’! I was freaking elite!!
    Ok, DNF.
    needed 7 more pull ups – bummer!
    #35, thin white band
    thanks G & Nate!

  19. Natalie

    Row 1,000m; Run 500m; Row 500m
    DNF 2 Rds + 9 Thrusters (35#, 2″ band)

  20. Aimee

    DNF 2 rounds + 7 thrusters
    previous PR 6:20
    I blame Hulk Hogan for not being able to do the set of 15 pull ups unbroken and slowing my time!

  21. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    DNF (#65, 1 Rnd + 20)
    65# was too ambitious for what was needed. Here’s an apropos video (esp if you’re a Nine Inch Nail fan):

  22. TC

    Fran does not play nice!!!!
    Good to be back at the box 5.26Rx happy to finish!!!

  23. Teach

    Just didn’t have it today 🙁 haven’t been doing a lot of pull ups lately and it definitely shows! Such is the nature of the beast!
    Great job today Speedy J! Fun working with all the 5pmers!

  24. Ace

    Technically an (Rx) DNF. But I’d never done Fran before so I finished anyways. I only had 5 pullups left anyways. So we’ll call it 6:15-ish.
    I can definitely tell a difference in my stamina though… a couple months ago I couldn’t run a mile without stopping. Today I did it without breaking a sweat, then rowed 1000 m, then did Fran. Now thats progress.

  25. Dar

    DNF – 2 rnds at 55#. That Fran was a biatch tonight. I hope you’re right, G. Next time Fran will be nicer. =)

  26. G

    5:47 (Rx) More than a minute slower than my last one. No excuses, just slower than before.
    Good to see Ben, Dar, Lopez, TC, Tony B, Maricel and Patti back in action.
    Below is the youtube vid that I was talking about after today’s tea bag comments during the PNF drills…have a good laugh! (WARNING: ABSOLUTELY NOT WFS)