For Time

21 – 15 – 9

  • OHS (95)(65)
  • Double-Unders
  • Ring Dips
  • Row for Calories


Post results to comments.

We are proud to announce that a few of ACF's athletes will be competing at Hammer & Chisel (details), ACF's first competition, this coming Saturday.  Also, there will be activities for spectators and kids.  Come out and have fun with us, the CrossFit way.

Richard D
Richard Davis is competing for the first time.

Aida OHS
Aida Koeplinger (aka, Freakin'PR)

Janet Black (aka, Speedy J)

Judy Trent (aka T-Rex)

Carl Melendez (aka, Crazy Carl)

Kyle aka MLB
Kyle Smith (aka MLB) is competing for the first time in CrossFit.

Logan Clarke is also competing for the first time.

Julia Abbye Aimee UT game
Aimee Pascual (far right) pictured above with Julia and Abbye.  This is Aimee's first time participating in a competition.

38 Responses to ““Brachistochrone””

  1. Josh

    16:40ish (65#, box assist dips)
    5:30am is tough! Thanks Will for the advice and motivation this morning!

  2. Bullhorn

    Man i aint ever shaving my white trash goat off, i think it is good luck. like Sampson.
    Beth try to come by more often, i need more Beth in my life more often than every 3 months.

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    14:12 RX double under regression

  4. Maricel

    12:11 (35# back squat, para jump, para dips) – My back thanks Coach G for letting me not do OHS this am after poor attempts at thrusters last night.
    Tony B – 11:25 (65#, para jumps, para dips)
    Great job 5:30 class. Bonnie B, thanks for the push and making me stop on those para jumps!

  5. Teach

    10:56(?) (RX)
    Made an appearance with the Pacemakers this morning! It was cool and refreshing 🙂
    Bullhorn – I do miss that much trash-talking early in the morning!! I’ll try to make it more often; sorry I had to bail on you early, but it looks like you didn’t need ME to make you go fast. Thanks for pushing me through those Ring Dips!
    I’ve decided that ring dips are my “fren-enemy” we should be friends, we run in the same circles, but each time we hang out, we don’t get along! Plus I talk a lot of trash about them when they are not listening 🙂

  6. ingrid

    11:something I can’t remember,45#OHS,para,
    Thanks Logan for helping me stay strong throughout the WOD.It made the difference.
    You make DU look easy.
    I’m still looking for my rhythm.Good luck this weekend.

  7. Khara

    12:39 (LJ’s and P-Dips)
    Great sharing the bar with you Garrett, thanks for the push, and great job today.
    See ya’ll next week, good luck to all the competetors this weekend, wish I could be there.

  8. Jackrabbit

    Good Luck to all of you this weekend. It is going to be fun to watch!

  9. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    16:06 (65#, BARD)
    Continuing to embrace my weakness…OHS!
    To the ACF competitors this weekend: Good Hunting!

  10. Lauren

    Good luck ACF competitors! Looking forward to setting weights and cheering you all on this weekend.

  11. FPR

    Thanks Steph!! Did I really say that??…hahaha…I know I’ve given you other beautiful complements like that before…way to hang in there!!
    12:01 (Rx)
    Rest day tomorrow!!!

  12. Vegas

    Good luck to all of you competitors this weekend. My fellow ninja Crazy Carl, nothing less than the podium. You got this booooyyy

  13. She-Ra

    16:05 Rx
    2nd WOD ever with full RD. Oh how I hate RD. Good luck and the HnC ACFers!!

  14. dub

    11:41(rx)..good group at 5 oclock, shoulders are going to be dead tomorrow.

  15. Ruel

    17:03(75#,1st rnd DU, 2 rnd PJ, BARD)
    DU I just can’t get it…. It’s killing me…
    Thanks Ralph for partnering with me……
    Ur game face is one of a kind.. U did awesome work today….
    Good work 0930 and 0830 peeps..
    Good luck to all competitors….

  16. G

    14:02 (Rx) – Thanks for partnering with me, Billdozer. Plenty of redo’s on the last 9 reps. I think you and I won on the battle against Ring Dips.
    It was fun working hard with the 5pm crew today!

  17. G

    Good to see Nathan C, Ox (Garrett), Megan, Habib, SOF (son of Face, Kyle), Schubert and Natalie back in action.
    Milestone for Kendra on 65#!
    The weather forecast on Friday and Saturday is sunny (no rain), low temperature in the high 40s and high temperature in the low 70s.
    Best of luck to everyone competing!!!!

  18. Noel (SKIP)

    Open gym: Wasn’t really aiming for anything, just trying to break-in my new shoes. But had fun doing it!
    Billy: Hope you get a nice pair for yourself, they’re super comfy!

  19. Alice S.

    13:24(#35OHS, para)
    Thanks JohnnyB!!!
    Your form is getting there!!!
    Arnold great DU!!!
    Don’t be frustrated MasterG… You’ve gone a long way!!!
    Thanks G!!!
    Good luck to all competitors!!!
    We’ll be there for you guys!!!

  20. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    Stephanie, you can look up Brachistochrone on Wikipedia. Be warned! If you are allergic to math, esp. calculus, ignorance may be bliss! 🙂

  21. Billdozer

    12:53(RX) I hate ring dips!
    Good work in the taco stand tonight everyone.
    Skip, I will be dreaming about your shoes tonight, I must have a pair.