“Hail Mary”

Shoulder Press

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3



AMRAP in 8 Minutes of:


5 Squat Cleans (135)(95)

10 Elevated Feet Deload Push-Ups (20")

20 Double-Unders


Post results to comments.


Toy Soldiers Bobo

Wanted to thank Khara for the ingenius idea and providing the toy soldiers for use to count our rounds. (photo courtesy of Bobo)

40 Responses to ““Hail Mary””

  1. mario c

    When I looked at the plastic military guys in today’s picture, the first thing that popped into my mind was: Would I want to be the guy who says to their man in charge: “Take all your men and go that way.” Or, would I want to be the guy who says to him: “Take all your men and follow me.” The perspective changes with the point of view!

  2. rocky top (abbye mac)

    I hate I’m gonna miss this one! I hate being sick! Have a great day guys!!

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    4 rds + 2 (LJ)
    Nice work 8:30

  4. T.I. (Kenny)

    115-135-145-155(2)-155(m): Nice working with you Easy Rider and Ramrod.
    5 Rounds + 1

  5. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    4 rounds even (regular deload push ups)
    I honestly don’t remember the last time I did shoulder presses, all I knew is that my max last time was 70. 15 pound PR jump? I’ll take it. Always a good time sharing a bar with you, Khara! Great group at 9:30, lots of hard work. Awesome start to the week!

  6. ingrid

    still working on my rt shoulder and wrist mobility-very frustrating.
    4 rds and 5 regular push up
    G hope my Tag work watch(silver with blue/blk dial)is still there.I hustled hard to get it at my price when I was in Switzerland.BTW,it’s full of germs since I use it for work,next will be a kiddie watch from wal-mart.

  7. Ramrod

    Nice work 830
    6 + 5 cleans
    Awesome job on the burpees G 🙂

  8. SpeedyJ

    Wish I could make the WOD…JH basketball tryouts – good times!

  9. Teach

    Janet – you should make the kids do a WOD for tryouts 🙂

  10. Alice S.

    I didn’t do good today on the shoulder press..
    Max- 55#
    3 rds+11
    Good job 0830 peeps and thanks a lot for the push from the 0930 peeps… Could never made it without you guys!!
    G you are really gifted… You just know our strenghts and weaknesses too well!!! Awesome burpees too!!

  11. CrazyCarl

    4 +34reps (Rx)…. one damn double under away from 5! Just not good enough for the big leagues. Good to see so many people out at the nooner class!

  12. chrissy c

    Got to work on the SP!!!
    4+14 (65#/reg deload/LJ)
    Good to work out at Noon today!

  13. Speedy J

    Lol Beth..dribbling with both the right and left hand is hard enough…

  14. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    3 + 15 (95)
    Hate elevated deload push-ups, but pleasantly surprised I pulled it off!

  15. mario c

    mario c 70-75-80-85-90
    Metcon: 3 rounds even. Scaled this way:
    5 hanging squat cleans #45
    10 Elevated Feet Deload Push-Ups (18″)
    5 DU’s

  16. Bobo

    SP: 135-135(2)-135(2)-125-130
    tough day on overhead.
    amrap: 4+3 RX.
    didn’t have much in the tank today.
    was pretty cool to have such a big nooner class.

  17. Barbella

    same ol’ same ol’ SP’s…grrrr
    3 + 5 cleans (85#, reg PU)
    I think that was one of our biggest Noon Classes today! =0)

  18. G

    65-70-75(2)-75(*)-70(2) SP was tough today no other excuses except for this continues to be my weakest lift.
    MetCon: 4 rounds + 14 reps (Rx)
    It was awesome partnering with FPR. You’re a beast of SPs! Also thanks for sharing the 20″ box on the elevated deload push-ups. Great push trying to keep up with you.
    The bet is if anyone gets 6 Rounds RX on the MetCon I will do ten (10) burpees. Right on Ramrod! Dub, you had your chance on the bet, next time.
    Pacemakers missed Bullhorn this morning. Good to see Fjord, 007, Dub and Holly back in action.
    Way to go Black n Blue!
    Alice, your squat cleans are looking good that’s why it’s time to move up on the weights.
    Fam, you & me…..and shoulder presses =)

  19. G

    Welcome James G, who did his baseline with Coach Daniel this morning!

  20. G

    Ingrid, I put away your tag heuer for ya. What germs? ICU germs? I thought you meant gems, haha!

  21. Khara

    4 rounds + 33 reps (#65, pu(3 rds) kpu (2 rds., LJs)
    60-65-70-missed at 75
    Great AM, these are the moments you can see progress, it may be small, but its progress. My max in September for SP was 60, yay!! Great am group as always, and Ivannah you are awesome as always!

  22. Keith Fogle

    3 rds + 10 reps (115#,LJ)
    Got a PR by 1# today, thanks to Joe Weider 🙂

  23. dianna

    4 rounds even (reg PU’s, 85#, lat steps)
    Still workin toward earning my BADASS socks, G.

  24. T-REX

    75-80-85(2)-85-85(2). 2 rounds + 33 (2 double unders short). 1 round on 18″ box, second round non-elevated.

  25. MLB

    4rds+6 (Rx)
    Nice sharing a bar with you TC….Tried keeping up with Silverback on the Metcon but got distracted by his Silverback mating call, got me out of my dbl unders rhythm!!!

  26. TC

    MLB always a good time working with you!!!! I wish i could breath through this one, and on top of that like MLB I couldnt help but to give in to the mating call of the wild and untamed Silverback!!!!
    135-150-160-175-185 PR

  27. Ace

    4+18 (rx)
    Good group in the 6 pm class. Missed my pacing buddies tho. TC and MLB – Y’all are not allowed to go to the 5 pm class anymore… sorry. lol. JK.

  28. Silverback

    MLB – My grunting wouldn’t have bothered you if you kept up and were on the same exercise as me…
    TC – What can I say, you turn me on too.

  29. FPR

    3 PR’s today!
    5+4 reps
    Great working with you G. Great push on the metcon. Deload push ups kicked my butt!
    Awesome noon class!!!

  30. Kari

    45-51-56-61-62 first SP! Thanks Holly!
    3 + 3 cleans
    45#, kpu, LJ

  31. G

    Welcome on your intro today with Coach Scott, Anthony W, Sunil and Courtney! Good job on your baseline WOD tonight!
    Keith, glad those Weider irons are put into good use 🙂
    Awesome energy today everyone! Way to work hard! T-Rex’s lift was pretty eventful. You had to be there to witness it.
    Good to see TC and Agent Orange back in action!

  32. Teach

    Sorry I missed this one today!! I did manage to get in a 3 mile run… Forgot my watch, but was somewhere in the 27-28 min range, according to the clock in my car 🙂

  33. Billdozer

    5 rds + 2 reps(RX) I asked Daniel if a round a minute was possible, and quickly realized it wasn’t.
    TC, sorry to yell at you to pick up the bar while you coughed your lung up. You will thank me later, that’s part of the mystique of my coaching. Silverback can attest to this. My motivational cues also include, Run faster, don’t stop, jump, but pick up the bar is probably the most effective.
    Good intensity this evening, a lot of you are stronger than you think, don’t be afraid to push yourself, you may like what you find.

  34. Princess Slaya

    5 rds (65#, knee, 35# kb swings)

  35. Bryan G.

    4rds+ 4 (115 / para jumps)
    and i did ten DUs and quickly realized it would take the better part of an evening to finish a round and switched to para jumps.