2010 Christmas Party

Christmas gift
When:  Friday, December 17th

Time:  6:30pm

Where:  6711 Cartwright Court, Richmond, TX 77469

We will be holding a white elephant gift exchange during the event.  For those who are interested in participating, the gift value is $15 per person.  Also, please bring an ornament for our tree.  FYI, the hot tub will be warmed up for anyone feeling froggy. 

Food from Lopez Restaurant will be served and some brand-name beverages.  Bring your own if you have a special preference on a particular beer or drink.

We hope you can make it.


54 Responses to “2010 Christmas Party”

  1. Billdozer

    Sarah and I will be there, unless the baby decides to come and see us early

  2. Bonnie B

    a party in my neighborhood… im so sad to miss it! 🙁

  3. dianna aka dianne

    I’ll be there. Will ask my dtr if she’s willing to babysit,J. She is 15 and very reliable but it is 1st nite of Winter break.

  4. Tara

    Brant and I will be there as long as we have babysitter.

  5. Dustin

    i have to cancel my rsvp. impromptu trip to Dallas for my bday on Friday

  6. Vanessa

    i will try to come for a bit! have friends coming in town, so i’ll probably have to come and go early.

  7. SpeedyJ

    Need to cxl my RSVP too…family obligation..damn it, just when I thougt I could finally join the fun..

  8. Kari

    I have to cancel my RSVP due to family stuff. Have fun and merry Christmas!

  9. Logan

    Logan but no Jacky. Sorry to only be sending the JV to a Varsity event.

  10. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    I already responded with a count of 2, but just wanted to let you know we do not need a sitter.

  11. T.I.

    Me. I have my wife’s company Christmas party first so I will be late.

  12. Lauren

    Sadly have to cancel. Have fun everyone!
    G – I’ll try to bring some pecan bars to the box tomorrow.

  13. dub

    I cannot make it, thought it was on saturday for some reason. I have my company’s party tomorrow night.

  14. Jen C

    My sitter is a no go…will there still be one there tonight? I will pay generously 🙂 Someone please let me know!

  15. Ace

    I’m still feeling pretty crummy and I don’t want to put any of ya’ll through the torture I’ve had to endure this past week. So I think April and I are gonna stay home next to the fire. I’d really like to start feeling better eventually. Ya’ll have fun tonight!!!

  16. G

    addressing popular questions so far:
    If you haven’t rsvp’d it’s ok, you can still come and you can come later.
    In the subdivision, look for an angel. Turn right onto that street and following meandering road all the way until you see red and green ballons tied to a mailbox.

  17. Courtney

    I’m sorry I have to miss it…I got sick & am on antibiotics. Anthony (Tiger) and I won’t be there.