“Horizontal Happiness”

Pair up.
Staggered Start

Cumulatively Perform the following

50m Prowler Push (155)(135) (one person on the sled at a time)
50 Deadlifts (45% combined body weight)
40 GHD Situps
20 Backsquats (45% combined body weight)
30 Weighted Pull-ups (40)(20)
40 GHD Situps
50 CrossFit Push-ups
1000m relay run (500m each)

Time stops when second person finish the run.

BlkNWt photo by Slim
(Photo courtesy of Slim)

2 Responses to ““Horizontal Happiness””

  1. B Jules

    This was definitely happiness! Sorry about laughing during the HSPUs!!! That prowler whooped my bootie!! Thanks for running with me in the end G and Arnold!

  2. G

    PU (G,few w/20#db, rest static)(Summer, negatives)
    HSPU (Summer, 10 Assisted)(G,15 HSPU/5 assisted)
    Awesome partnering with Summer! You were cranking your reps fast today. I think you liked the assisted HSPU, haha!
    Sledge and B-Jules, not sure what really was going on there with you guys on the assisted HSPU but it was definitely hilarious!
    Way to go on the 20# vest pull-ups Arnold!!