We Share……..


We’d like to share with you an artilce posted by and courtesy of  CrossFit Spartanburg.

We Share.  At my CrossFit that is what we do.

We share our work outs, our water and our food.  We share our wrist wraps, our chalk, our tape and sometimes even our shoes and socks.

We share our sweat, our blood and tears.  We share our laughter, our pain and our exhaustion.

We share our techniques, our encouragement and our time.  We all share our desire to kick each others a*s on the board and then we share in the effort to see our brothers and sisters finish and kill the monster.

We share our disdain for the excuse and our ability to call each other on sh***y reps.  We share phone numbers so that we can find out why someone has been absent and then get their a*s to the gym.

At my CrossFit we share a lifestyle, a fire and a desire to be better than average.  We share a desire to lead the pack while we recruit others to be better as well.

At my CrossFit we share the ability to hand out a*s whippins and lollie pops.

And since we are a paleo gym…

We are fresh out of lollie pops.

3 Responses to “We Share……..”

  1. HeMan

    I think we need a WOD called ‘fresh out of lollie pops’

  2. T.I.

    Made up a WOD today: “Ocho-uh”
    8 Rounds: 8 Pull-ups, 8 Air Squats, 8 CF Push-ups, 8 Wall Balls (20lb), 8 KB Swings (53lb), 8 Box Jumps (24″), 8 Sit-ups, 8 Double Unders.
    21:13: Good job Juan and FPR.
    19:19: Juan

  3. FPR

    Thanks TI…Great WOD!….only did 4 rounds. I was feeling a bit lazy this Sunday morning.