Happy Birthday Bobby!

Welcome Shara and Chris, owners of Mile High CrossFit!

Welcome Justin, athlete from Lone Star CrossFit!

We had time to take a group picture of the last class.  All classes were packed and we thank you all for spending part of your Christmas Eve at the box.

Seated:  Shelly

Front Row (Left to Right):  Brant, Kyle aka "SOF", Stephanie aka "Arnold", Coach G, Nicole "Z", Philip aka "Weezy" and Justin of LoneStar CrossFit

Middle Row:  Michael P aka "Ping", Chrissy, Mario C aka "Chief" and Coach Daniel aka "Ramrod"

Back Row:  Silverback, Chris and Shara of Mile High CrossFit

6 Responses to “Greetings”

  1. Shara Scrabis

    It was great working out with y’all. Thanks for letting us join in on your Christmas Eve wod. Hope everyone at Atomic CrossFit has a great Christmas! Come visit Mile High CrossFit if you are ever in Denver!

  2. G

    Bobby hope you had an extra special day….double on the gifts!

  3. Z

    Merry [belated] Christmas! 🙂 So happy I got to spend part of Christmas Eve with my ACF family!!! That was definitely my top 3 favorite gift I was blessed with this year [plus the wod, of course];) just behind spending time with both sides of my family and some of the greatest friends a girl could have. Doesn’t get much better than that! See y’all tomorrow! 🙂