“Straight Razor”

5 Rounds For time

3 Muscle-ups
7 Deadlifts (245)(155)


Post loads and results to comments.




January 15, 2011 to January 16, 2011 – Alvin, Texas, United States

Contact: Tim Swords
Phone: 832-723-0068
Location: Alvin High School
                  802 South Johnson
                  Alvin, TX  77511
Sanction Number: 43-11-01

35 Responses to ““Straight Razor””

  1. Bullhorn

    good workout, good to work on these 2 weak points for me.
    13:37 rx

  2. heatherd

    Missing the box like mad!!! At some point it’s going to be like starting all over. Hope to get there today!!

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    11:13 (jumping MUs (1 MU))
    + Muscle up strength training (30 ring PUs w/ 20# vest & 30 narrow grip PUs w/ 44#)
    Good to see David “Chalkman” and MLB. Great job 8:30 and 9:30.

  4. Z

    15:17 [pu/asst. rd, 1 abmat, 100#]
    Good job, 9:30!! 🙂 Thanks for the push, Billy and Daniel. So nice to meet so many new peeps!
    I have loved being back in the box the past week. I love y’all and I miss y’all already!! Thanks for being so awesome!

  5. chrissy c

    (Scaled: 1 MU = 3 rnds of: 1 pull up + 3 blue band asst ring dips; 5 push ups; 105# DL)

  6. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    14:34 (PU/BARD, 1 AbMat)
    Great job 9:30! Fun group this morning, everyone needs to drop in at 9:30 more often. 🙂 Nice meeting you this week, Z, come back soon!

  7. Billdozer

    19:21(1 abmat) The bench press yesterday caught up to me today. Pumped to do all 25 HSPU’s with 1 abmat, thats a new personal best.

  8. dianna

    (jumping pu,paraboxdip, 30#dbpress, 135#DL)
    slowly refilling the gas tank. burning off the Christmas haze.

  9. FPR

    11:42 (2MU, jumping MU for the rest)
    My shoulders were feeling it today for sure from yesterday’s bench.

  10. Ramrod

    Pop quiz dozer:
    Where does the 2nd pull begin in the power clean ?

  11. Teach

    13:13 (RX)
    Actually did all of the HSPU!
    I’d like to thank Cal for not kicking me out of the gym this morning while doing his muscle ups 🙂
    Great returning with the Pacemakers today! Great WOD to come back to. It’s always good when heavy dead lifts are a rest…

  12. Bullhorn


  13. T-REX

    14:45 (purple band asst RDs, 1 ab mat, then 1 1/2) 155DLs. I blame the 3 day food binge on my pitiful HSPUs

  14. Will M

    I’m in for Short Shorts.
    Good WOD this morning pace-setters. Fjord, thanks for the extra umph on those HSPU’s. Arms are shredded. 19:46 (3×3 PullUps&RingDips, also 2 AbMats on the HSPU’s)

  15. Speedy J

    Ran 4.5 this am, then took the kids ice skating..gotta say, ice skating with a 2 year felt like a WOD..sweat dripping, low back tight..feet and legs were aching..back in the box tomorrow!

  16. Billdozer

    Ramrod, According to the Silverback journal on weightlifting. There is actually no pull required to lift the barbell, you simply stare at the bar goes up and down out of fear.

  17. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    19:39 (Purple Band RD/PU, Pike Push Up, 155)
    Going from box-assist RD to purple band was like getting hit by a truck, but glad G talked me into it (about 30 minutes afterwards!). Thx G & Ramrod for singing to me on the last set of rings!

  18. The Nomad

    24:57 (C2B Pull Ups/Ring dips) – after yesterday, was definitely feeling it today. Sorry Ramrod….didn’t mean to show you up by taking my shirt off as well!

  19. Dustin

    7:43 (225#)
    not feeling so razor sharp today so went lighter on the DLs

  20. dub

    15:13(rxish) need to work on my form for the muscle ups, broke down halfway through round 4.

  21. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    23:58 (225/1 rd mu/4 rd pu/dip / 1.5 abs mats 4 rds)

  22. G

    15:56 (Ring PU/Ring Dips, started with para dips because rings were n/a on the first round, 17 reg hspu and 8 hspu with 1 abmat)
    Pre-WOD practice MUs were fruitful, thanks to the tips of Coach JB, Ramrod, Crazy Carl and Dustin….I’m up there now…just need to push the rings a bit more to the side and to finish from a very very deep ring dip. Can almost taste it!
    Great energy, way to work 5pm crew! Good pace at the ring pullups, Ace!
    Nisha and Old Hickory, way to step it up tonight!

  23. Dr. Peter

    13:56 ish
    Had to scale the MU’s today. My wrist is not quite back to normal yet. HSPU using the PVC bars to stabilize wrist was harder than normal HSPU’s. Will implement this technique in the future to build more shoulder strength.
    Great job 5:30!

  24. G

    Welcome on your first WOD, Dan K!
    Welcome back Steve W, David W, Mogi, Mark G and Army Flight Medic Sgt. Mike P (aka Sherpa, who is back in the US for his brief R&R)!
    Good to see Dr. Peter, Toe, Chi, Logan and HD back in action!
    Nice OHS milestone Fam!
    Z, you will be missed! Sorry I missed seeing you on your last day in town. See you around, thank goodness there is facebook!
    Lauren, hope you feel better soon. Chicken broth soup always help.
    HSPU can be a pain in the butt, sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t.
    Saw a lot of progress on ring dips and hspu today! Also, saw some with gargantuan work capacity on back to back MU and HSPU work!

  25. B Jules

    Sledge 11:56 (RX and with bum pinkie)
    Jules 16:40 (black band, band ring dip, 2 ab mat, 2 1/2 ab mat 5 rd, 115#)

  26. Maricel

    10:13 (RR/paradips, 12#DB press, 75# DL)
    added 500m row post WOD and felt good!
    Thanks G for taking it easy with my back… was feeling it during the DLs.
    Not sure about the short shorts at 5:30 am! 🙂

  27. HeMan

    25:ish. (2 abmats, 4MU’s and then pu/rd)
    Shit hit the fan in rd 2… Epic MU fail.

  28. 007

    Not proud of the time but all things considered, not too pissed about it.

  29. Toddzilla

    19:23 1 abmat. I did not turn rings out on MU’s. Thanks for the push 4 pm’ers! HSPU’s are coming along even at 1 abmat.