Sunday Musings



7 Responses to “Sunday Musings”

  1. tyler

    Did the Helen but lifted the lightest kettlebell.
    But I still beet dad…… 9:14

  2. Speedy J

    Untimed workout..need to get my core stronger..good to everyone at open gym. Aida, you make muscle-ups look easy…
    4 rds
    400 meter row
    20 KB swing (44#)
    30 sit-ups
    20 pull-ups
    30 back extension

  3. FPR

    Helen 9:57 (Rx)
    Never quite felt warmed-up today….Good WOD to do after 3 days off

  4. Dustin

    Hotel WOD for a wedding
    5 rds.
    5 DB thrusters 50#
    10 push up/rows 30#
    15 sit ups
    Sunday’s wod was sleep for time. Moving to Utah on Tuesday, holler if you want to come snowboard with me. Free housing!

  5. Logan

    Home Driveway WOD
    12 minute AMRAP
    7 CF Push Ups
    5 Power Cleans 135#
    3 Tire Flips
    10 rounds 3 reps
    Did have one neighbor “fertilize” azeleas next to driveway…

  6. Lauren

    Ran on the beach, did about 50 push ups, kips on a make-shift bar (2×4 nailed between two trees) and some sand burpees. Fun!! Miss you guys. Going to a Hawaiian box Tuesday!!

  7. G

    Good job Tyler…nice gas tank!
    Missed you, too, on Sunday Arnold….my head was buried into year end fun stuff all day. Didn’t get to run either, it was a good day to be off.
    Logan – LOL!
    Dustin, make lots of snow burpee angels in Utah. For sure check out Speal and Miranda’s boxes!
    Lauren, go to see that you are over the cold/flu. Pictures…pictures….acf shirtspotting time 🙂