“Coach Crusher”

(WOD courtesy of G/Bobo/Silverback/Dozer/Macho)

5 rounds for time:


30 Double-Unders

20 One-Arm Sumo Deadlifts (95)(65)  — No High Pull – Just a 1 arm deadlift with sumo stance – 10 each arm

15 Thrusters (95)(65)

10 Power Snatch (95)(65)


Post results to comments.

Kenny ti
                       Before                                                  After

Kenny TI better performance

But since we are a "performance-based" gym, we'd like to share that after 7 months of consistency in his training with us, T.I. has accomplished several milestones (i.e., handstand push-ups and muscle-ups) and is easily able to put them together in a WOD along with other movements.

Happy Birthday Kenny, aka T.I.!!

55 Responses to ““Coach Crusher””

  1. Ruel

    happy birthday, Kenny…best wishes and more power….God Bless!!

  2. JohnnyB

    I forgot to post yesterday… “Hi!” Barbella & Coach G, I’m strong because of your guidance! Again, Thank you!!

  3. JohnnyB

    All ACF coaches too, of course! LOL
    Coach Billy, Daniel, Jim, Silverback, JB, Juan, Teach & Nate – ACF is ACF because of you guys!! It is indeed, incomparable BOX!!

  4. B Jules

    Happy Bday T.I.
    and Congrats on your 1 year Aida!! 🙂

  5. Bullhorn

    When I woke up this morning and saw these before and after pictures, it brought a tear to my eye because it’s been an honor to see my little nugget morph from an itty bitty caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Happy birthday!!

  6. Courtney P

    Happy Bday Kenny!!! Impressive transformation pics!

  7. Barbella

    HBD Kenny!
    Miss seeing you at NooN too, movie star!
    Nachhhoooooooooo! LOL

  8. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    28:31 (55#)
    On the other hand, I got all the double unders today. WOO.

  9. dub

    Happy birthday TI, im still waiting on your autograph!

  10. FPR

    21:10 (Rx)
    Great WOD! Thanks for the push teammates!! You guys are awesome!
    Happy Birthday TI!!!

  11. T.I.

    Thanks for keeping me moving Coach Ramrod and Billy. Great job FPR and Juan, I just couldn’t catch y’all today. However, I did get my first strict muscle-up today.
    Cal, lol…jerk.

  12. CrazyCarl

    Happy birthday brother Ken. I hope one day to be as strong as you when I grow up.

  13. FPR

    Oh yeah, and nice to see you Jenn!! Also, very cool that I got two friends to do their baseline WODs the past two days!
    Awesome job TI on the strict muscle up!!

  14. Silverback

    TI, I forgot to mention in my last post that your dead-lift form in the “after” pic is bang-on. The only additional guidance I can give you is that you should stand up…

  15. wolverine

    Happy Bday bro!You are a great person and a pretty good crossfitter!Who is that monster in the backgound of the before picture?

  16. dianna

    TI: Happy Birthday! Congrats on your progress and winning attitude.
    27:43 (p-steps, 55#)

  17. Sirun

    Thanks, Ox and Triple B for your help. Thanks coach G/Bobo/Silverback/Dozer/Macho/Daniel for the WOD!

  18. Kelli

    28:27 with DU’s (35#). Did I really just do 150 du’s? YES! They weren’t very pretty, but I did them. Great job 8:30! Post WOD workout of going up & down stairs a jillion times with huge Christmas boxes :)…that counts right?

  19. Ramrod

    Track wod
    3 x ( 200m run + 400m run + 600m run)
    Rest time was run time for each interval.
    If anyone takes active rest days on Thursdays I started doing crossfit endurance wods and would love some company

  20. Gab

    Happy Birthday TI
    24:55 Rx, for my part, it was a hard WOD, I think I need a rest now. Good job everyone…

  21. Gina

    29:19 (1-du,2+dua, 1-2 65#, 3-4 55#)
    Hated to do it, but left one man standing, didn’t want to still be doing thrusters when the 5:30am class came tomorrow!! – tough WOD!
    Post WOD 800m run + 30 GHDs as a penance

  22. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    36:28 (65)
    Objective degenerated into survival! Thx G, Teach, Billdozer, & esp. Face for singing to me on the last round…it was very much needed!
    HBD Kenny!

  23. Speedy J

    18:08(Rx)..did not feel like a sub-twenty pace..tough stuff!! Thanks for catching my miss on the last round of snatch Beth…did an extra 15 DU’s and 3 snatch by not following the order..get zoned out fast. Hope to make it in the am…

  24. The Force (Kendra)

    Brutally ugly…..28:08 (45). I was just shy of the 20 minute goal G set for me by 8 minutes and 8 seconds. All in a days work. Will do better next time.
    Happy Birthday Kenny!
    Speedy J you made that look way too easy. You could have atleast broken a sweat to make the rest of us feel better (as we withered away on thrusters).

  25. chrissy c

    21:26 (90 singles per round/35#)
    Didn’t have time to get to the box so I did this WOD in my garage, timed by the mighty Chief. Good WOD!
    That being said, whichever coach picked the thrusters is EVIL!

  26. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    28:43 (75 / para)
    Thoroughly embarrassed by andrea “genie” carrera moore tonight.

  27. Andrea / aka Genie

    37:11 (RX) Yes Baby!! Getting back into it!! Whatever Playboy!!! Thank you all for the push at the end!!

  28. G

    Nice job on your baseline WOD today, Diana Summa and Michael Moore!
    Good to see A. Carr (aka N1OA), Tom G, Mark G and Grim Reaper back in action!
    Welcome on your first WOD Trish and Joe P!
    Sirun, good to see you post.
    Gab,reste est le meileur =)
    Kendra, funny girl…but on the positive side, you were stringing the DUs!
    T-Mac1’s milestone – 15 consecutive DUs, yay!
    T-Rex, the day will come when DUs will be your friends.
    Today was rest day for me.
    Teach and Speedy J, way to get it done under 20min…studs!!
    Awesome “strict muscle-up” milestone for the birthday celebrant! Hope you had fun today Kenny!

  29. Andrea / aka Genie

    Ramrod – Thanks for the intro class for my Husband Michael. He will be returning at noon tomorrow! Whip that crack-a-lacka………LOL!!!

  30. G

    Genie, haha! I’ll make sure since I’m subbing Ramrod’s noon class tomorrow. Michael can handle it 🙂

  31. Teach

    Tough one to come back to after being out for a few days!

  32. Teach

    Great night tonight! Everyone fought hard through this one!
    Welcome Trish and Joe P!

  33. Tiger "Anthony Woods"

    Last night’s WOD was fun, but my body thinks different this morning.