“Skip To My Lou”

Staggered Start



200m Prowler Push (+50 lbs)(+30)



3 Rounds of the following couplet:


10 Power Cleans (135)(95)

10 DB Push Press (40)(25) [No Jerking for Rx]


Followed by:

2 Rounds of the following couplet


10 Back Squats (135)(105)

10 Burpees



25 (20 for females) Unbroken Pull-ups – 10 burpee penalty for each break


Post results to comments.

Sheryl, aka Barbella, is a regular of our noon classes.

47 Responses to ““Skip To My Lou””

  1. Billdozer

    17:55(RX) Nothing like getting your ass kicked at 5:30 in the morning on a friday. Looked at the bar for a good 2 minutes after the prowler. Well done today Juan Armstrong.

  2. Junior

    18:14 (100m, band PU)
    Hello Prowler, it was nice to meet you this morning! First Prowler WOD and it was…interesting. I second Billy, I was looking at the bar wondering how I was going to pick it up after that prowler! That was a tough one today!
    Gig’em Aggies!!!!

  3. SpeedyJ

    Dang it.. missed the prowler again! Had to get the baby to school and have a Basketball tournament this weekend..this one looks fun..might have to make it up on Sunday. Have fun everyone!!

  4. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    I have a feeling that “cash-out” is gonna kill me…10000 burpees minimum! See ya’ll at happy hour afterwards if I can still move! Have a great friday!

  5. Dar

    17:21 but scaled big time!
    100m,65#,15#,1/2band(haven’t done a band in 9 months!)
    WOD wouldn’t have been so bad except for that freak’n Prowler! Thanks G for hangin’ in there with me and keeping me going.
    Love the 5:30 class. I hope to see you guys more often. =)
    My 22mi peak long run is tomorrow. Good times!

  6. Dar

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Barbella!
    And one last thing…EVERYONE should do the Team Competition!! A “competition” may seem scary at first but the team atmosphere is AWESOME and SOOO much fun!!

  7. Keith Fogle

    27:15 (95#, 30#DB, band assist pullups)
    that prowler is something….even with the band assist pu’s, still did 20 extra burpees — great wod!

  8. Teach

    hmmm – maybe Speedy J 🙂 So you didn’t get up this morning for the 5:30 class either?
    Getting back into the swing of things is tough!

  9. FPR

    First time doing 530am class…Awesome energy!
    15:05 (Rx)…Prowler slowed me way down
    HBD Barbella!!! Miss seeing you!!
    Nice to see you Dar!! Awesome job pacemakers!
    Geaux Tigers!!

  10. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    24:05 (75#)
    Holy prowler. Great job, 9:30!
    Happy Birthday, Barbella!!

  11. Ramrod

    12:39 rx plus post wod hurl
    Nice work T. I and the rest of the thundercats

  12. Khara

    16:43 (200m-65-20s)
    Great way to end the week, awesome week black n blue, see you next week.

  13. T.I.

    That 50# felt like 150# on the way back. Evil Prowler. Awesome job Ramrod and Thundercats!

  14. G

    Hey guys and gals! We are just featuring the famous “Barbella” matching shorts and bumper plates photo. Her birthday is much later this year =)

  15. Ralph/Slim

    That prowler is a b\+€h!!!
    Did 2 sets of burpee with the PU.
    Awesome week ender WOD.
    Have a good weekend everyone

  16. Ace

    Damn. You know when RamRod meets Pukey its a good WOD… Gonna try to make it back from Austin in time. If not, I may you Teach and Speedy J on Sunday morning…

  17. Macho Ranger

    RamRod that time indicates you are truly a Lactic loving beast. Well done sir. Well Done.

  18. Dr. Peter

    This was the most humbling WOD I have done. Fought off the post prowler puke (just barely). Spent a good 5 minutes trying to start after.
    24:?? (95# – damn wrist injury)
    I am looking for team mates. Would like to compete in the competition. Anyone interested?

  19. Macho Ranger

    I like the sound of Logan, Dr Pete, Arnold and hmmmm. Bobo?

  20. Barbella

    18:24 (100m,70#,20#,80#,fatband)
    SO VERY disappointed that I did not do the 200m prowler – C-R-A-P!
    Great Nooner class today =0)
    Grace just lovessss my yellow shorts.
    Gig’em Ags, WHOOP!

  21. Ramrod

    Lol thanks Jim for that. I think lactic acid is my friend. Gotta give Kenny a shout out as well though, he killed it

  22. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    31:01 (30# @ 200m, 95#, 25#, 105#)
    Didn’t break any speed records, but beginning to assert myself against Vlad!
    Remember Arnold, there is no cone!

  23. JohnnyB

    22:35 (PC/BS=115#) the rest as prescribed.
    F):&:$:$ng Prowler!!!
    Coach Daniel, awesome time & thank you!
    Whiskey, Bobo, T-Rex, HD, Drew, TMac, & AK— well done guys!!

  24. T-REX

    16:08 (RX). Thx Whiskey for the push on my PUs, 9(PR) w/o dropping. Great job Fire Breathers! Good luck w/ school Callie! =)
    Don’t have a team, G – can you pimp me out?

  25. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    25:31 (125/35/unbroken)

  26. The Situation

    Prowler killed me…i was happy just to finish,
    I had terrible cramping post prowler…it just drained me…can’t even walk… for those guys who came to me and tapped me for enouragement… i appreciate it…Coach G I cant thank you enough for helping me finish… I dont think i would have made it….Noon peeps…u all did well today…

  27. Bobo

    16:26 RX.
    that prowler digs ya quite a hole.
    was fighting off pukie the whole time.

  28. Nisha

    23:17 (85#, green band)
    Hardest part for me was getting the bar over my head and onto my shoulders for the backsquat…definately made me push through all 10 at a time though as I didn’t want to have to reclean it again…
    Good times by everyone in the 6:00p class!!! There was some hard work going on 😉

  29. Kari

    2nd WOD back. Super scale, but feeling it. Non-weighted prowler, 35#, 10# DB, RR! Great to be back!

  30. chrissy c

    18:26 (Prowler + 10#/65#/15#DB/10 extra burpees cuz I only got 11 pullups in before I had to stop)
    Loved the prowler to the speedbump. Nice!! Thanks to Jimmy and his weight concession for me, I made it!!!

  31. G

    Welcome on your baseline with Coach Billy this morning Carolyn Fjord and Melissa Rossi!
    Good job on your first WOD Michael M!
    Dar and FPR appeared for the very first time at 530am class with the pacemakers today.
    Good to see Jared M, Contra, Tye, Ready Fredie, Drew G, and April K back in action!
    Arnold, I thought I wrote 18:22 but 18:38 is correct. Way to keep moving!
    Josh P (Sniper Josh), right on! But the prowler is the lesser evil!
    Old Hickory still remembers his name….Vlad ….Vlad the Prowler!
    Ace, you are hardcore for driving back to H-town from Austin just in time for the 6pm class.
    The Situation, the prowler will make you stronger!
    T-Rex, I’ll be happy to be your pimp 🙂 Stay tuned…
    Congrats to O.M.G.’s Milestone of 10 consecutive kipping pull-ups!! she got the prized black beanie also because she met the other requirement of having competed in a challenge. No more bands for you Summer! Wear the beanie with responsibility, pride and honor.
    Callie, good luck back in college! Study hard!

  32. G

    14:45 (Rx, unbroken kips) – Thanks for the push Jim! As soon as the WOD was over I quickly forgot what a bitch Vlad was the whole 200 meters. Truth, girl scout’s honor! Some of you heard me say that, it wasn’t a sales pitch on the buy-in at all! Isn’t that right Wolverine? Nisha, I don’t know how your husband can relate when he said, “just like giving birth”, because that was your job in your family, haha!
    Great hard work all week. You all know what athletic fitness training is!! Very cool!

  33. Ace

    Not extremely happy with my time, but WOW that was a bitch… especially after driving for six hours and sitting for the other five today… But I’m really glad I did it. Thanks for the push G and Jim. You guys always push the right buttons to keep me moving.

  34. Jen C

    18 something (100m, 65#, 20# db)
    I got 10 kipping pull-ups in a row! Previous record 6. Woohoo!

  35. Matt

    I felt like a smoker after the workout – coughin’ and wheezin’- and i’m not a smoker. Thanks for the push Mr. Kelly.