“Turkey Bowling”

Two person teams


Buy in: 

400 m sandbag run (70/40)


Using the painted lanes outside move from station to station


Station 1 10 sandbag getups

Station 2 20 dead lift (275/155)

Station 3 30 overhead squats (95/65)

Station 4 40 burpees

Station 5 50 jumping squats

Station 6 60 kb swings

Station 7 70 pushups

Station 8 80 situps

Station 9 90 kb clean and press

Station 10 100 double unders



Lift as much weight overhead in five minutes.

Each 100 lbs of weight lifted reduces your time by ten seconds.


Post results to comments.

Bobo Sandbag Get Ups
Poor 70lb sandbag!

10 Responses to ““Turkey Bowling””

  1. Macho

    Great work today by everyone. It was great to see Trish and Joe rocking the team WOD today!
    I worked with the Mighty MLB and he drug me throught the WOD. I forget our time, but after further review… Bobo can’t multiply and we finished first (Rx). Bob and O’Malley were nipping at the heels the whole time! Thankfully we had our double-under Mojo going today!
    Nice to see Andrea at the box again 😉
    Have a great weekend everyone.

  2. MLB

    Good workout today, great working with Macho!!!
    I think Bobo took more time to figure out our times than it did for us to finish the workout, LOL!
    Couldn’t think of a better way to start the weekend……

  3. Gina

    Steph, I had a blast & you’re an awesome partner! Way to crank on db press (ps, I already have bruises that are going to be interesting to explain!) 🙂
    great job everyone!! Awesome hustle!

  4. Teach

    Looks like a fun one!
    Ran 5K this morning, felt pretty good!

  5. Tara

    Today was awesome! I loved doing the team thing, thanks everyone

  6. 007

    First there was Silverback and introducing…Silvernub

  7. G

    Hey there 007!
    This WOD looks like a lot of fun!
    Good to see Tara post for the first time!
    Miss ya Teach!