“El Cabron”

AMRAP 20 minutes


50m Farmers Carry (53)(35) each hand

3 Power Cleans (135)(95)

3 Squat Cleans (135)(95)

3 Front Squats (135)(95)

3 Push-Jerk (135)(95)


Warm Down


41 KTE (Unbroken) 10 burpees to get on the bar including the first set. 

Happy Birthday Juan, aka "BB4"!  Juan is one of our most consistent athletes who has started dialing in on "clean" nutrition.  This is his third birthday celebration with us.

71 Responses to ““El Cabron””

  1. ingrid

    Happy Birthday BB4!!!
    Give a Cheer,give a cheer…to the one who drinks a BEER,he’s the warface of Old ACF.
    He is Brave he is Bold for the LIQUOR he can Hold…that’s the story that’s never been told.
    Happy,happy beerday Juan..I’m shouting out my order of… MORE BEER loud and clear
    Excited about sweatin’ out once more.No doubt I’ll be startin at ground zero again..

  2. dar

    Happy bday juan! Hope you have an awesome day!
    Glad you’re back ingrid!

  3. ingrid

    Thanks Dar,got mixed emotions scared but excited and willing to do it all over again -get high,light,laugh,drag myself to the box,get busy…missing all of those.

  4. CrazyCarl

    Happy Birthday Juanito…. the most baddest ass Mexican I have ever had the pleasure of grinding out a WOD with.

  5. Billdozer

    10 rounds + 50m(RX) Fun little workout this morning for the legendary Jaunito in the cold.
    Happy Birthday Juan, I hope it is a good one. It has been a pleasure to workout with you for the past 2 1/2 years.

  6. Billdozer

    TOE, if you read this, Cal and I have some very important questions to ask you about tshirts.

  7. Macho

    Happy B-day Bro! Hope you enjoyed the WOD! and the Warm-Down!
    9+5 (2 squats cleans) (115/44)
    Great energy in the box this morning.

  8. Teach

    Happy Birthday Senor Juan! The most awesomest Mexican I know!
    Hope you have a fantastic day!!!!

  9. Bonnie B

    Happy Birthday Juan!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have an awesome day!

  10. Junior

    8 rds + 1 rep (RX)
    Happy Birthday Juan! I’ve enjoyed the 5:30am workouts the past 3 months!!

  11. Keith Fogle

    7 rds + 50m (95#, 44#KB)
    27 kte’s + 35 burpees
    Happy Birthday Juan!!

  12. Bullhorn

    8rd +1 rep
    today was a great example of how bad form will screw you. i fell apart because i could not jerk to save my life.
    happy birthday little Mex

  13. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    8 rounds + 5 reps (85# first two rounds, 65# the rest), GHD sit-ups instead of KTEs
    Shoulder was acting up today, the cold wasn’t nice this morning. Great job on your first CrossFit WOD Diane, Melanie and Caroline! Awesome job to all of 9:30.

  14. Matt

    Only 6 rounds + 4 reps but I did manage to do 41 kte in one hold.

  15. dianna

    Sooooo sad I am missing the box and G and Ramrod and my friends!

  16. Alice S.

    Happy Birthday Juan!!! We wish you the BEST!!!
    8rds+ 25m (#45,#20)
    Ingrid- nice to see you again!!!!
    Thanks G, Ramrod and Mr Proud Dad!!!

  17. ingrid

    8 rds(45#,18#KB)
    Knees to air (hardly) plus 10 extra burpees.
    Nice feeling my muscles again and lifting in the cold..
    I did miss those familiar beeps from the clock.
    Nice to meet you Diane and Matt.
    Thanks that there is ACF.It’s a lifeline, a life saver..sweeter than my childhood’s tootsie roll.

  18. Khara

    9 Rounds + 50 m Farmers Carry (65#)+ 41 Knees off the ground, he he, with 30 burpees!!
    Fun Times! Welcome to Caroline, Diane, and Melonie!
    Thanks G for the help with the push press, a little acomplishment, yay!
    Dianna….Where have you been? Miss you girl!

  19. FPR

    11 Rounds (Rx)…my hands were completely frozen the whole time. Thanks Fam and Alice for counting my reps and your support!!!
    Awesome job Diane, Melanie and Caroline on your first WOD!
    Warm down was more like a second WOD…what’s up with that??
    Feliz Cumpleaรฑos Juan, que la pases super bien!!!

  20. Gina

    I’m looking for volunteers in the business community interested in judging at a high school DECA (marketing) conference on Thurs, Jan 27th. It’s from 12-5 & will be in the Galleria. Lunch is provided.
    Judges listen to 6-8 presentations & then determine who answered their scenario the ‘best’.
    Lopez, Todd, & Sharon did this last year, so they might be able to tell you if it’s fun or not!
    If you, or someone you work with, are interested or have questions, please email me at gwalker@lcisd.org.

  21. Disco D Nicole

    Happy Birthday Juan!!!!!!!
    8 + ( FW) (55#, kb 26#)

  22. Barbella

    8 + 10 (70#) some KTE & some not.
    Loved this cabron WOD!
    Happy Happy B-Day “ACF MAN” Juan!!
    Thanks for making me stronger today…on your day!

  23. Bobo

    Happy Birday Bro!
    hope i’m kicking as much butt as you are when i get to 41. who am i kidding.
    WOD 1: 9 + 4 RX.
    KTE: got em all. well… the coaches may have been a little generous on my last one.
    Thanks to Macho and Arnold for keeping on me the whole time. i didn’t think i would get 8 rounds in. you guys kept me going.

  24. JohnnyB

    Tara, Nomad, Brant & JohnnyB TEAM! Now, I’m in trouble!
    Happy Birthday Juan!

  25. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    9r+25m (55#,18#)
    30 total burpees
    Thanks for the weight suggestion G!!!
    Nice to see my 4pm peeps:D
    Happy Birthday Juan! G2 – good to see you!

  26. The Nomad

    Happy Birthday Juan!
    Glad to be back after my week long break!
    9+50m (95,44)

  27. G2

    Thanks everybody for your birthday wishes! It feels good to be 26 ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Juan (BB4)

    Thanks everybody for your birthday wishes! It feels good to be 26 ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    8+30m RX
    Great to be back after 6 days away from Atomic. Lots of fun working out with 4:30.

  30. Kendra

    8+9 (65#/35#) and 30 burpees on KTE (KTE transitioned into knees to air). Thanks for the pointers Robert……I was hearing what you were saying – it was just that my body wasn’t responding.

  31. chrissy c

    9 even (55/26)
    I wanted to use the 35# KB, but Gracie took the last 2 and wouldn’t give them up!! And since she is the lovely bride of the BD Boy, I let her have them! ๐Ÿ™‚
    KTE – HA! Knees in the air, nowhere near the elbows. 40 burpees total – was going to do 1 extra one for Juan, but then said, No, that’s OK! HBD Juan!

  32. T-REX

    8+5(RX). 41 KTE finished @ 5:47 (need to work on ROM). Happy Bday my Fellow Devil’s Reject! I did 41 GHD for you to grow on! Great seeing Zen Jen, we missed our run today!

  33. G

    Welcome on your baseline today Lisa Garcia with Coach Daniel!
    Welcome back Keith Brooks and Ingrid!
    Great to see ZenJen, Easy Rider, Wingman, Debbie, Chief, Sniper Josh, Drew G, AK, The Nomad, Regina, DNeely and Lawrence back in action!
    Khara, awesome job on catching on! Push jerks are not supposed to involve any “pressing at all”.
    ZenJen, it’s a good wod to come back to at the lighter weight; all the movements are like a 20 minute review since you been gone from your long travels.
    Gina, I would love to volunteer but have to coach the 4pm class that day.
    Arnold….this is me —> “stiff-a-lip”, no idioms, figures of speech nor rhetoric from me tonight to add from this morning =D You did great!
    Juan, you have turned into a CrossFit monster. I still remember back in the day of our Kempner High School and the old “CF Sugarland” WODs. It is a night and day comparison on performance and aesthetics and nobody can take that away from you. Keep up the hard work and consistency!!

  34. G

    9 Rds + 6 reps (Rx) – wasn’t sure if 6 seconds was enough to do 3 more front squats…I plainly gave up ๐Ÿ™
    It was nice to have Ramrod workout with us, 5pm folks, for a change. I tried to hang on with him up until the 5th round. Joe F, it was good working out side by side with you.
    Monday’s are always a packed house, lots of energy from all you hard working folks! =D

  35. Tara

    I think I am in trouble Johnny B. Ok ramrod it!s time to start helping me overachieve

  36. G

    Almost forgot…Welcome on your first WOD Carolyn Fjord and Melanie Rossi!

  37. G

    Also, welcome on your first WOD Diane Summa!
    Tara, time to ramp it up! You’ll do just fine!

  38. HeMan

    8+9 reps (rx)
    See Billy, I still have an rx wod or two in me, there’s a method to my scaling madness.

  39. T.I.

    Happy Birthday to my brotha from anotha motha! I wanted to be there this morning Juanito but I’m fighting a bad cold. I hope you had an awesome day.

  40. Billdozer

    Matthew, you almost brought a tear to my eye when you told me you were doing 135.

  41. Nisha

    8+5 steps (75#)
    only made it to 28 on KTE so had to do my 30 burpees plus an additional 39 penalty crossfit Pushups!!
    Happy Belated Juan ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. Steve

    Happy Birthday, Juan!
    Stats: 8 reps of
    85# on the lifts, two 36 KB on the farmer carry