“Proper Manners”

3 Rounds for time

250m Row
15 Squats

in 20 minutes Work-up to 1 RM on Bench Press

4 Rounds for time
400m Run
50 Squats

Post results to comments.

The 2011 CrossFit Games: July 29-31 at the Home Depot Center with a $1 Million total purse and $250K first prize thanks to Reebok.

B-Jules and Sledge
Happy Birthday Julia, aka "B-Jules"!   She is pictured above with her hubby and also one of our top athletes, Davie, aka "Sledge". (photo courtesy of Fred S)

56 Responses to ““Proper Manners””

  1. The Situation

    HBD, B-Jules!!!
    This picture is “Just PerfecT”
    Best wishes…Enjoy Ur day and more power to you both…

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    BP 245#
    Metcon 14:22
    Nice working w/ 5:30 group… thanks to insomnia.
    Happy Bday Julia!

  3. Silverback

    Happy Happy Birthday Julia! Make Sledge take you to a nice dinner.

  4. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)


  5. Bullhorn

    Horrible day for bench but i knew that was going to happen. nice brisk 27 degree run this morning.
    205# bench
    WOD = 11:55

  6. Billdozer

    Bench Press
    WOD- 13:32, just a little cool during the runs this am.
    Happy Birthday Julia!

  7. Macho

    Happy B-day Jules
    I remember the time you said to me “You make me hate you so much, but then you find a way to make me like you again” One of my proudest moments as a coach πŸ˜‰
    It’s been great seeing you progress as an athlete. Keep it up and enjoy your day!
    205# 12:42

  8. Andrea aka Genie

    Happy Birthday Julia! I hope you have an awesome day!

  9. Junior

    135 BP thought I could get 145!
    13:19 it was a bit cold this morning! Awesome job 5:30!

  10. Silverback

    BP – 250
    WOD: 13:32
    Great work Darrell. Don’t remember what your last lift was, but I do remember seeing 325# go up without a problem.

  11. Alice S

    Happy Birthday Julia!!! Enjoy!!!
    D Best place and Best way to warm up!!!!
    70- 18:32…. Can’t imagine still able to run/jog after evey 50 squats….
    Thanks G!!!
    Great work 0830&0930 peeps….
    Nice chatting with you BB4….

  12. MasterG

    Happy Birthday Julia!!!
    135-15:21- First time to run the whole 4rds…and still able to walk after 245squats…
    Thanks G for watching my form and pushing me everytime….
    Great job guys!!!

  13. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    Happy Birthday, Julia!!
    105#, 14:45
    Great job, 9:30! Nice to meet you, Lingo.

  14. The Situation

    Nice working with you Slim….and nice to see new peeps….good work everyone

  15. Ralph/SLIM

    BP 135(PR)
    Metcon – 14:09
    It was horribly cold, and its making my allergies worst. But it was a good WOD. Nice working out with the new folks. Nice sharing the bar with Ox, Lingo and The Situation.
    HBD Julia!!!

  16. mario c

    mario c
    warm up: forgot to time it, but no doubt it was some kind of freaking elite time!
    115 bench press;
    Metcon..11:26 – scaled to a 200m shuffle and 10 squats per round.

  17. Bobo

    WU: 4:00
    BP: 215
    almost got 225.
    Metcon: 12:16.
    legs are a bit wobbly now.
    great sharing the bar with ya Steph!

  18. ingrid

    100# BP my PR
    Awesome peers to hang out everyday.
    18:49 was able to complete 4 rds.
    freakin’ cold this morning but no match for the WOD.I was shedding off a layer before I was done.
    Thanks G for sticking it out with me and my sloppy squats.It makes a huge difference when points for improvement is addressed on the spot.I wonder how I’m gonna check my chest tubes tonite without hurting.
    All I should do is squat..’til I learn to stick my butt out and go low,low,lower than my own squat.
    Happy happy day B-Jules,here’s wishing you have a good one.Cheers.

  19. FPR

    Arnold….once again you are a beast!! Nice job!
    Only did BP today
    Then, 6 miles on the treadmill bc it was too damn cold to run outside….57:45
    HBD Jules!!

  20. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    BP 81.5# PR (thank God for the 2.75 lbs plate:)
    16:5? Thanks G and the rest for the cheer!
    HBD Julia!

  21. Bullhorn

    Per fords request:
    Open gym WOD:
    5 to 1 315 dl and muscle ups
    5 to 1 135 clean and jerk and hspu
    5 to 1 ohs at 135 and over the bar burpees
    22: something

  22. The Nomad

    Happy Birthday Julia!
    195/13:18 – stayed right with Speedy J for the first 2 rounds…then she was gone!

  23. Speedy J

    145/11:12 – did not think I would get 145 with my shoulder..here’s to healing!! Thanks for sharing the bar ladies…run was fun, sprinting the last one and forgetting that I still had to do squats, not fun..thanks for the push!

  24. MLB

    Nice sharing the bar with the Wolverine, once again stuck at 295……Thanks for push tonight Cal. Just a heads up, watch out for the speed bumps at night, I got SNIPERED!!!

  25. The Force (Kendra)

    105/14:42 – Thanks for the pointers on the bar Jim and G. Grim Reaper – you crushed the wod tonight, great job!

  26. wolverine

    Good work MLB!So we’re not mathmaticians it was alot of weight either way.The funny looking kid ALMOST caught me.Great job!

  27. G

    120 1RM – short of 2 inches on 125, boo! Thanks for the tips Jim, I will focus more on it next.
    MetCon: 13:35 – pacing with Toddski again but tried hard to keep up with the Grim Reaper and Brant! Speedy J was like light years away!
    It was nice sharing the bar with Grim Reaper, Gina, The Force and Speedy J at 5pm.
    Grim Reaper, you’ll get used to it. Like Jim said, do a few reps after a WOD every now and then to hone down that neural pathways since bench isn’t generally a woman’s kind of lift.
    Good to see progression on loads with Gina and The Force.
    Speedy J, well…I imagine what you can lift when you are a 100%….WOW!

  28. Andrea / aka Genie

    Mike:BP=335# Metcon=15:30
    Genie: BP=115# Metcon=15:31

  29. G

    Not sure what was going on this morning but typically and history shows that at our box when it’s freezing cold only 2 or 3 souls show up. Well, we must now have tons of freaking hard working and hard core group of crossfitters (or psuedo-insomniacs)…because a lot of them showed up with their frozen butts at 5:30 this morning!
    Great to see Teach, Andrew C (aka N1OA), Darrell, Ashley O, Melanie R, Carolyn F, Diane S, Lingo, LA, Mike M, Richard D, Whiskey, Tyler, CP and George back in action.
    HTB, nice lift! You are getting stronggger!
    Tank, Tosha relayed the message to me. Hope you are doing body weight WODs on the road.
    MasterG, nice to see that your air squats have matured…torso upright, knees directly over your toes and glute and ham tension at the bottom. You look like JohnnyB now =D
    Alice, IMMA BE seems to get you pumped up!
    Ingrid, it’s going to be a tug-o-war for a while….body tension and knees out over toes or all the way down and loosing the tension. The later is not the best choice but you’ll learn where to go down just enough to break parallel without relaxing soon.
    FPR, treadmill? I know you are “kind of” de-loading but if I only knew….should have forced you to run your mileage with the group this morning….tsk…tsk!!!
    ZenJen, thank Joe Weider πŸ™‚
    Teach, wall climbs looked like fun; I may try that on OG.
    4pmrs….thanks so much guys for helping on the pulley contraption with Juan and me. I really meant to get all that water leakage all over me, it was a master plan.

  30. Steve

    Happy Birthday, Julia.
    Bench press – 185# PR
    400 m / 50 squats x4 14:54
    I wasted my legs in the warm-up; but enjoyed the workout anyway.

  31. Grim Reaper

    #75 1RM
    METCON 13:30
    Great WOD
    Jim & G. – Thanks for the pointers! I will be sure to work on form each week.
    The Force – you killed it on strength today!
    The Force, Speedy J, Gina, & G: All you ladies are my inspiration! Thanks for sharing the bench!

  32. Jen C

    120# (PR) 15:49
    Loved bench press, not loving squats…

  33. FPR

    It was a last minute decision to my defense….haha
    First time in a year I get on one of those…Never again I guess….ha

  34. T.I.

    At Ranger CrossFit in McAllen this week:
    Three lifts to get to 1 RM:
    1 RM Back Squat: 255-295-315#
    1 RM Shoulder Press: 135-155-165#(m) πŸ™
    5 Rounds of:
    30 seconds of Push Press @ 45#: 142
    10 seconds rest
    60 seconds of Abmat Sit-ups: 143
    10 seconds rest
    90 seconds DU’s: 321
    30 seconds rest
    TOTAL: 606