“Hungry Hungry Hippos”

Warm-up for time: Staggered Start
3 Rope Ascents
50 Double-Unders


5 Rounds for reps (3 minutes between rounds)
Max Static Pull-ups (Kipping is scaling)
AMRAP in 8 Minutes

10 KB Snatch
3  Renegade Manmakers (30)(20)
10 Ring Dips

Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Maricel! (photo courtesy of Gatekeeper)

45 Responses to ““Hungry Hungry Hippos””

  1. ingrid

    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday oh dear Maricel…happy birthday to you.
    CHEERS,CHEERS..let’s wash with Patron (strawberry or vanilla)

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Maricel!
    3 + 31reps (53#)
    Felt slow and weak today, nice skill training.

  3. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    Happy Birthday, Maricel!
    Strength (Kipping): 8-14-10-11-13
    AMRAP: 3+11 (26#KB, 15#DB)
    Good lord, this one was a doozy. That rope is no joke but I got some good double under pointers from Billy and Daniel today. Thanks! Great job, 9:30!

  4. Silverback

    Nice Warm-up! We didn’t stay cold for very long.
    Pull-ups: 13,12,10,10,12
    AMRAP: 4Rds + 11 Reps

  5. Ramrod

    CFE wod
    2 x 12min interval runs. 2 minutes rest between.
    1.7 miles/ 1.5 miles

  6. Disco D Nicole

    15-12-13-10-12 purple
    3rds+13 (18# kb, 15#db)
    Happy Birthday Maricel!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bobo

    first wod was a doozie!
    got some nice rope burns.
    Pull ups: 7-6-6-6-5
    amrap: 4 (53#kb,30#db)

  8. Barbella

    Pull Ups: 6-6-6-5-5 (thin band)
    3+7 (26#,BARD)
    Nooners were in rare form today, hilarious! =0}

  9. Mike Honcho

    is everybody too scared to get your wod on in the cold?

  10. JohnnyB

    4-5-4-5-4= Strength
    2+15 (44kb,30/bard)
    My NUTS literally burning on my first descent! Jezzzzzz
    LOL 🙂
    thanks coachG!

  11. Ruel

    Strength: 4-4-4-4-5… No more grip after the ropes
    Amrap: 3+10..(35kb, 20db) nice small group today… Not to mention it’s freakin cold… Oh thanks coach Bill and coach Daniel for the climbing tips,
    HBD again Maricel ….

  12. FPR

    I believe I had a PR on strict pull ups…
    3+13 (26#kb)…I could barely feel my arms after the pull ups…
    Thanks Ramrod and Billy for your pointers.
    Great job 930!

  13. Nisha

    Strength: 20,20,14,10,15 (green band)
    3+18(18kb,15db, para)
    Thanks for making me do 15 on the last strength round Gina 🙂

  14. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    3+13 (25/35)

  15. MLB

    Arms and back are shot, always enjoy Coach B’s class!!!

  16. chrissy c

    Liked the rope climb! 150 singles/round
    2 (thin purple)-1 (no band)-7-6-5 (black band)
    3+10 (18#KB/10#DB/black band asst ring dips)
    It was a Vamp reunion!!!

  17. TC

    HBD Maricel!!!!
    Nice to be back in the box and do some work, great to see everyone!!!
    3+4 53kb

  18. Jen C

    Happy birthday Maricel!
    3+10 (18#kb, 15#db, bard)

  19. Gina

    9-10-10-10-7 (green)
    3+18 (18,20,box asst ring dips)
    Nisha, no more nice girl – next time I start at 30!
    It’s when I start getting discouraged about my progress that we do a WOD like today. Not too long ago, I was on the thick white band & jumping off the box to get leverage to string 2 pull ups together. Of course, I would have preferred to go up more than 5″ on the rope.

  20. T-REX

    10-10-13-11-12. 3+10 (26#, purple band addy RD). Quite a few F-bombs thrown on the rope, but my 13 KPUs (PR) made my day :)! Thx 4 the encouragement everyone! =D

  21. G

    Warm-up: Used the small rope the entire time since it was the less favorite, very short waiting line there.
    Strict Pull-Ups 6-5-4-4-4 (It was hard not moving the hips)
    MetCon: 3 Rds + 19 reps (26#kb, 20#db; ring dips felt good tonight)
    Love me some Club Atomic with Teach =D
    Great working out with the rowdy 6pm crew! You know it’s a fun crowd when Keith F is jammin’ during rest periods, Fight Club is doing some crazy moves, Chrissy is being intimidating, MLB is frisky and you repeatedly hear the phrase “DO IT” uttered and it resonates through out the gym…

  22. Peter

    Arms completely spent after this one. Got the rope climb down.
    16-12-10-11-11 (I think)
    5 rounds +2
    Nice working with the 6 pm crew
    HBD Maricel!

  23. G

    Welcome on your 1st WOD, Nick K!
    Great to see TC, Kelli, BRev, OMG, 007, AK, Contra, Gina and HD back in action!
    Congrats on the Black Beanie T-Rex!
    FPR & Teach awesome strict pull-up max rep on your first set!
    Lots of Milestones today:
    Rocky Top = 10 consecutive Kips (Black Beanie awarded when you have competed – I believe it will be the Team Guerrilla Warfare)
    Jen C = 10 consecutive Kips as well tonight and before (Are you registered to compete at the Team Guerrilla Warfare as well?)
    First time rope climbs for the afternoon and night folks: Monte, Ready Fredie, TC, Bill G, Contra, Keith F, Dr. Peter, Ben “El Captn” and Nick K.
    Shakeweight is getting close to her 10 consecutive kipping pull-ups!
    Gina, I’m proud of your progress!
    JohnnyB is now officially “JohnnyB Nuts” – or what was that Teach? something Nuts?
    OUCH! How was the shower experience tonight? Hehe!
    Hope you had an awesome celebration Maricel!

  24. G

    One more, welcome back Michael Pelligrin! First time rope climb in a while for you!

  25. Jen C

    No G, I am not on a team but would be if anyone is looking for a scaled girl!

  26. Teach

    Warm up thoughts: Never let Silverback coach you on rope climbs! He insists on yelling the EXACT samething at you on each climb 🙂 However I do think I have some sort of mental dysfunction when trying to use my legs on a rope climb.
    Static Pull ups: 10-6-6-5-5 – I totally hit a wall on those! I think it was the combo of doing a “special” (I.e. Probably not a great idea) WOD yesterday and the all arm rope climbs I did!
    AMRAP: 3+15reps (26#KB, 20#DB, ring dips) good thing was that my shoulders were so shot it forced me to do my ring dips the right way!
    Glad to see big groups tonight at the box! You guys do a great job encouraging each other.
    Word of the night: NUTS….any variation of the word you can think of is acceptable!
    Congrats T-Rex on the beenie!
    Nice to meet you Nick!
    I got a little nostalgic seeing the Vamps reunion with Playboy, Babs, Chrissy and G2…
    MLB- maybe next time you will sign up for class….just sayin….

  27. Maricel

    Thanks for all the HBDs! Had an awesome day and was spoiled by friends, family and Tony B. See you at the box @5:30!