“Tabata This, That and Whatever”

(WOD c/o Teach and G)


3 Rounds for time

200m Run
5 Pull-ups
10 KB Swings

Tabata Pull-ups
Immediately perform 15 push press (95)(65) within 2 min after the last round of tabata, finish early and that is your rest

Tabata Push-ups
15 Hanging Power Cleans (95)(65) 2 min time…same as above

Tabata Sit-ups
15 OHS (95)(65) 2 min…

Tabata Squats
200m Barbell Carry (anyway you want) (95)(65) you have 2 minutes to complete the carry. If you fail to complete the carry in 2 minutes you will do 25 penalty Burpees

Score only tabata rounds as you normally would (lowest tabata reps from each round)

Dennis This That
(photo courtesy of Gatekeeper)

72 Responses to ““Tabata This, That and Whatever””

  1. Billdozer

    Total Avg. Reps 40(RX) That got tricky quick, nice big group at 5:30. Team Progenex team building tomorrow morning, i can feel the excitement all around the box for the competition.

  2. Junior

    31 total reps (Rx) First WOD doing regular pullups and NO band! Whoo Hoo!
    Great group at 5:30!

  3. Bullhorn

    Total Reps 43, Team Progenex’s performance will be remebered for many years after Feb. 12.

  4. Billdozer

    The city of Stafford is already working on a statue to commemorate our victory. The only problem is that they can’t put it anywhere because traffic would be backed up for miles with tourists.

  5. Bullhorn

    Junior on Feb 12 we will whipeout the greatest ass kicking ever known to man. the statue will be bigger than big sam in huntsville.

  6. Mike Honcho

    Team progenex.
    it’s made with real cal and billdozer parts, so you know it’s good. it’s been banned in nine countries.

  7. Bullhorn

    That is what i am talking about Mike. At least one person knows whats up.

  8. Mike Honcho

    So Cal, are you going to whip out an ass kicking as in:
    excuse me while i whip this out.
    or are you going to wipe out the previous greatest ass kicking as in:
    Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks don’t really kill people. They wipe out their entire existence from the space-time continuum.

  9. The Truth

    Reps will be counted correctly. Billy are you sure you want Bullshit on your team? Rumor has it that he counts his reps by 2’s.

  10. Bullhorn

    I do believe I have been on the podium before β€œThe Truth” so let that be a testament to my work. So if you want to see the shit fly just show up in the morning to see the team.

  11. Mike Honcho

    Is there something wrong with that?
    i can’t count by 2’s because i can’t do math, so i just do half the reps.
    so we are going to have a poo flinging component added to tomorrow’s team wod?
    i’m in!
    or does that mean that cal will have to stop mid-wod for a poo again?

  12. Mike Honcho

    i am beginning to get a clear image of what this commemorative statue may look like.

  13. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    40 (RX)
    YEAHHH. Had to work my ass off after a pitiful 6 reps on the pull ups though and then sprint the last 25m or so on the run to get in just as the two minutes ran out. But still, no burpees for me! Way to crank them out like a trooper though, Ruel, awesome job.
    Steph, you rocked this morning. Working out with you always keeps me on my toes. Nice meeting you this morning, Lisa and Tosha. And I hope you actually read this, Lingo, good job today. Great job this morning, 9:30!

  14. Kelli

    36 (35#). Getting stronger and OHS easier this go round…
    Great wod

  15. T.I.

    The podium, lol! How long are you going to hold on to that one?
    PS: Leave Billy alone…I believe he has a family now. He can’t play all the time. He traded in the vodka bottle for a baby bottle. Plus don’t you like have a drive-way to wash, a yard to cut, a diaper to change, a kid to pick up from school, a meal to cook, a car to wash, etc….”manny”. You and “Bat Boy” Kyle better start training hard. Fam and Billy can’t carry you boys. The competition is too good for that.

  16. T.I.

    PS….I will be there tomorrow with my team. Good talking to you today, later.

  17. T.I.

    Cal only stops to poop mid WOD when Juan is way ahead of him. That way he has an excuse for the beat down Juan gave him.

  18. MLB

    Was the T.I or Tattoo, “Boss the plane, the plane boss!”

  19. Speedy J

    47 Great 5:30 group..needed my teammates for the shit talk this am…we got this!!

  20. T.I.

    Come on now Farm Team. You know I love you bro. Fyi I can do a good Tattoo voice.

  21. Bullhorn

    Midget Kenny had to open his little mouth. I have never seen you do a WOD where running is required. Hell if would of done the one from Wednesday we still might be waiting on you to finish with those short little strides you have with those Carnie legs. you just get your mind right so you dont mess up like you did on that Muscle up Wod where it took you like 30 min to do one. see yea tomorrow Too Short

  22. T.I.

    LOL! Sounds good Mr. Ed.
    Short jokes..I’ve heard them all. Lame.

  23. Billdozer

    Team Progenex will be ready. I have shared the podium with Cal once, we will share it again. Looks like we are headed for a showdown tomorrow. Janet, don’t even get me started on your team.

  24. Bullhorn

    On a side note if anybody wants to commemorate the wonderfulness of Team Progenex see me tomorrow and I will order you an official team shirt. All proceeds will go to a Kleenex fund to dry up all the tears of the losers.

  25. Ramrod

    Score = 49
    You all crack me up with this jibber jabber. Game on.

  26. G

    Haha! You guys are hilarious!
    Awesome job on your baseline today Robert F, Robert O and Victor L.!

  27. wolverine

    44 total reps(8,15,10,11)
    sorry for the collision HtheB, it was either you or the truck. Not sure how I would explain that to the insurance agent.Please keep the talking going, I need the entertainment the rest of the afternoon!

  28. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    32 (6,6,10,10) @ 65#
    Hokey smokes! This is shaping up to be a rumble!

  29. Bullhorn

    I love how Arnold was barking this morning on Facebook about destroying times and scores and there has not been a peep from her on here. thats what happens when your mouth rights checks your butt cant cash.

  30. Silverback

    “Always on the run. Destiny is the rising sun. Oh, I was born 6-gun in my hand. Behind a gun I’ll make my final stand. That’s why they call me
    I’ve enjoyed today’s banter between the wannabe teams, but let’s set the record straight. The team that will dominate this competition will be none other than BAD COMPANY.

  31. Bullhorn

    Bahahahahah, Get those old ass lyrics out of here, or wait those guys are probably wearing the same Depends as you are they are so freaking old.

  32. Silverback

    Bullhorn, last time I saw you in a run, I thought you were riding a chicken. Then I realized those were your skinny-ass legs…

  33. mario c

    mario c 27 (3-8-8-8)
    Lot of didn’ts for me in this WOD.
    Didn’t go 3 rounds in the warm up (only did 2).
    Didn’t make the 2 min cut off on the last run;
    Didn’t do the burpess for not making the cutoff.
    Other than all the didn’ts I figure I killed it!

  34. Silverback

    Mario, we understand. You had to hold back today because tomorrow you’re swimming the English Channel with one leg & one arm tied together.

  35. T.I.

    Scott he’s from East Barnyard..it wouldn’t surprise me if he was mounted on top of a chicken.

  36. Bullhorn

    well i hope there is a run tomorrow or at the comp. then instead of your mouth talking it will be puckering up to kiss my butt, and Kenny really, really, you and running makes as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.

  37. Silverback

    Cal, if we do race I hope the winds are calm. I’d hate it if you were blown over and you broke one of those stilts.

  38. Ramrod

    Speedy I’m sorry I wasn’t there to have your back, but it seems that nobody has the jeuvos to say anything about the champs-to-be on here

  39. Bullhorn

    your one to talk you act like you got some tree trunk thighs there. last time i saw you in some shorts you looked like pinocchio when he first came to life, all wobbly and shit.

  40. Silverback

    Really, all that time to think & that’s what you came up with, Cal??

  41. mario c

    mario c (cont’d)
    Almost forgot: Didn’t do Rx weight either (35#) but nothing new there.
    Scott, Swimming the English Channel’s been done. I do Crossfit workouts! I was thinking of swimming butterfly across the Straight from Gibraltar to Tangier or maybe swimming through the Panana Canal next to a ship going through the locks. Now that would be something worthy of a guy would never met a WOD he couldn’t find a way to scale, hehe!
    Hey, and another thing. Lauren bested me today on her first WOD back from her Hawaiian vacation. She better not post she felt weak and slow and out of shape from taking it easy on vacation! More likely she was on Maui doing two WODs a day! That would account for it.Yeah, I feel better already, hehe!

  42. Bullhorn

    Just wait till tomorrow Silverback, when your team is hurting just to get through practice. i will be sitting on my ass resting because we will be done and probably will have gone to lunch all ready to to come back and see that yalls old asses will still be at it. In a way this all makes me feel real good inside helping the elderly feel young again.

  43. T.I.

    Cal, no excuses tomorrow when you start f’n up. No poop breaks, no calls from the boss..none of that crap. Man up. Oh, and no ‘Roid rage..Kyle no sticking Cal in the ass with needles until the competition is over.

  44. Bullhorn

    Kenny i dont know what youy were smoking down in the valley with the rest of your MS 13 homies, but just get ready to get a teaching tomorrow.
    Arnold, you beat Billy not me, and the only reason you beat Billy is because he is winded because of the new addition to his family. so it really is not a win for you.

  45. The Truth

    Silverback…please pull your shorts down some during the WOD tomorrow….moose knuckles aren’t cool. Or at least untuck the one T-shirt you own and cover it up.

  46. Silverback

    You know, I have been compared to a moose before…

  47. Coach Jim

    OK teams….the trash has has started to fly around the message board. Let’s see whose form, range of motion and power output does the talking!

  48. Bullhorn

    listen here kenny is from BFE Louise, out there they have relations with goats and bigs for fun. that is why most of the people from lousie are short in stature like him so they dont have to bend down so far on the short farm animals. so he really had no room to talk, true story.

  49. Monte

    32 (45#) Great job this morning, 9:30! Need to work on my OHS.

  50. Mike Honcho

    Is that why you raise ponies? pigs and goats are a little too short for ya? i can only imagine why you have full size horses also…nice visual of burying your face in… oh… that also explains the haircut.

  51. The Nomad

    41 (95)* – Felt something pull and snap in my left shoulder on pull ups and wasn’t able to do any overhead after that. On the OHS I did back squats instead. Need to get healthy for the competition

  52. The Nomad

    PS. We have a team name now!
    SILENT ASSASSINS – “By the time you see us coming…its too late!”

  53. Teach

    49 (Rx)
    Great group at 4:00 today! Dr. Peter, sorry I had to take my bar from you πŸ˜‰
    G- thanks for working out at 4:00! It was a good push pacing with you!
    All the trash talking going on today, I’m afraid I might get poo flung on me. I think jello wrestling might be in order πŸ™‚
    Just a thought, but it didn’t look like team Progenex was at the top of the board today…. I’m neutral, but just an observation πŸ™‚

  54. chrissy c

    31 (50#/Thin White Band)
    I could have gotten more on the squats – Damn!

  55. G

    Verified my math since I added wrong initially. I guess I would fail in WODs that have linear equation in the middle of the rounds πŸ˜›
    7+10+13+15 = 45 (Rx)
    It was great pacing with you Teach. We were doing the classic face to face squat off πŸ™‚
    I sure missed that!
    Dr. Peter, thanks for offering the pull-up bar. As far as Teach, she’s marked that particular pull-up bar with her sweat, blood and tears.

  56. G

    Again, welcome on your baseline wod today Robert F, Robert O and Victor L!
    Good to see the Fjord and Rossi couples join the pacemakers early this morning.
    Great to see Lauren, Daniel E, Sniper Josh, Sunil, Tara, Khara and Kaylynn back in action!
    Looking forward to February 12th. With all these trash talks aside, what I really look forward to is seeing the how teamwork is implemented in each group and how one carries their burden for the sake of their group. I will be judging fair but range of motion is key when it comes to competition. So, there will be a lot of mental aspect to this. Can you handle it? Yes you can and, therefore, prove it at the challenge.
    Awesome hard work by ALL today!

  57. T.I.

    Cal, no matter how many reps you miscount, how many corners you cut, how many push-ups you do from your knees (BTW, I did see you doing that on Tuesday’s warm-up) or how many short jokes you give me….I still love ya like a brother. Thanks for the laughs today jerk πŸ˜€

  58. G

    And….whoever brought up Tattoo’s (rest his soul) name in vain, shame on you! He was The “Fantasy”-maker in the Island.

  59. Lingo

    @Arnold. Finally found it! Great working out with you today!
    Posted a miserable 19 πŸ™ That’s what I get for being ambitious with the ring pull-ups. Hopefully I’ll look back at this post months from now and laugh.