“Snow Globe”

3 rounds for time:
  3 C2B Pullups
  5 Push-press (95)(65)
 10 Squats

Three rounds for time of:
6 Muscle-ups
30 Wallball shots, (20)
12 Handstand push-ups
135 pound Power clean, 15 reps

Post results to comments.

Drew Gless

Happy Birthday Drew Gless!

43 Responses to ““Snow Globe””

  1. T.I.

    20:39 (RX)
    Team Venum representing at 5:30!! Great job Juan! Good seeing my ol’ buddy Cal 🙂
    Happy Birthday Drew!

  2. Macho Ranger

    Happy B-day Drew.
    Team Venum made a statement today! WOW.

  3. Juan (BB4)

    Happy B-day Drew
    20:09 RX
    good seeing you at 5:30 Kenny (T.I.) Great job

  4. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy bday Drew.
    30:27 (ring PU/dips, 1abmt) Shoulders fried from yesterdays extra strength work, slow on HSPUs. Good job 8:30.

  5. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    happy birthday drew.
    28:01 (kipping pull ups/band assisted ring dips, 1 abmat, 14#WB, 95#PC)
    First time doing band assisted ring dips instead of box assisted. It sucked. Hard. And back to back days of HSPUs is not nice. Tough workout but I made it 🙂 Great job with the smaller band on your pull ups, Khara! Awesome job, 9:30!
    Khara, Darlene and I are in need of a guy to join our team for the competition. We’ll be scaled, obviously. If any of you guys are interested, shoot me an e-mail (ivannah.bandalan@gmail.com) or a text (832.279.0189)

  6. Disco D Nicole

    Happy Birthday Drew!!!!!!
    26:34 (para bar/pu purple, 65#,6#wb)

  7. Ramrod

    Skill/ strength day for me
    Very hard sitting this one out..

  8. Ramrod

    On a side note it was good to see one of ” The Other Guys” at the noon class. Nice work carl as well as bobo, barbella and Andi!

  9. ingrid

    22:00 scaled to a max
    wrist and shldrs complaining.55#,para dip and band,15# seated PU,6#WB
    Great job 0830H,nice meeting you Carlos.
    It seems I am meeting,seeing new faces everyday I couldn’t keep up with the names and probably when I fin’ly could,the aliases will kick in-oh well,pardon me if I forget.
    Here’s to GoodTimeS at the Box.

  10. FPR

    18:47 (some jumping MU, 14#WB, 95#PC)
    Amazing what 3 days of rest do! Was able to do some strict MU. The rest were jumping, but way better than the last time I attempted MU’s. Definitely doing less jumping…woohoo!!
    Great job 830!
    Awesome job Team Venum!!!

  11. Barbella

    FPR – puhhhlease, pretty sure your time would have been the same with no rest!

  12. Barbella

    29:07 (BPU/BARD,14#,pike,85#)
    Ramrod, your time would have been 11:42 Rx, just a bit longer than the 135lb guy you were talking about-only cuz u weigh more.
    And Jim, where the Heck did you go??? You can’t just leave in the middle of helping coach a WOD! I think I would have touched the ground had you stayed…darnit.

  13. Andi

    BPU/dips = MU
    10# WB
    1 Ab Mat = HSPU
    75# PC
    Fun having Coach Jim & BoBo in class today – felt like old times!

  14. The Situation

    28:53 (2mu, ring pull-ups and dips, 10#Wb, ab mat, 95# Pc)
    I was just happy I was able to do atleast 1 MU.. my shoulders were very tired..
    Aida was very impressive as always…and Fam did awesome in fighting thru it and even pushed me when everything were really getting heavy…Everyone did fantastic today…Good job!

  15. Gina

    27:22 (gr band, pu, blue band dips, 10#, pike, 95#)
    Judy, great racing you again. Been a long time since I was that close, but alas, you got me again!
    Thanks Grace for keeping me honest! 🙂

  16. FPR

    Barbella…you’re funny! I will try and make it to a noon class soon!

  17. Maricel

    Happy birthday Drew!
    21:40 (RR/para dips, 6# WB, 12# seated DB press, 35# PC)
    Great job 5:30 class! Glad it was not freezing this am and can’t believe I finished those WBs!

  18. Keith Fogle

    27:15 (PU/RD, pike, 115#)
    awesome wod! My arms and shoulders are worn out 🙂
    Happy Birthday Drew!

  19. The Force (Kendra)

    15:20 (BARD/thin white band pull ups,10# wall ball……..I put a 14# out but it was taken, 2 ab mats – plus some air, 85#). Will we be doing handstand pushups tomorrow too?

  20. V-lo

    Wow great WOD to come back to. It’s been over a year since I’ve been in the box. Was great seeing all the new and famiar faces.
    Warm up was 2:17 and WOD was 23:52, scaled of course.
    Thanks for the support. Am looking forward to getting in shape with everyone.

  21. Speedy J

    23:28 (C2B, band RD’s, 1ABMAT)..nothing speedy about it..thanks Jim for forcing the depth, a weakness that can only get better. Did not want to come to this WOD but knew I needed it.
    HBD Drew!

  22. B Jules

    31:12 (KIPPING PULLUPS/Band RDs, 2 ab, 10#, 65#)
    + 24 extra HSPU cause I’m an idiot and messed up the first round.
    Wanted to keep going on the kipping and not scale to a band, so my time was slow. Thanks Jim for the help at the end.
    See you Thursday Toe and G2!
    Sledge: 24:19 RX

  23. TC

    HBD Drew!!!
    Went the doc and had my ankle looked at today. Swam laps and 20 min on the hand bike.

  24. chrissy c

    25:42 (only did 1 pull up per MU, but did it without a band/black band asst ring dips/10# WB/20# DBSP/55# PC) Have no idea what my time was on the warmup.
    Thanks for the assistance with the pennies Nate! I would have been very confused without them!!

  25. Ben

    Good work tonight
    115 # cleans, 9 rounds of 3 hspu….first ones ever…..ring dips with box and tiny band pull ups. Pretty stoked on the night.

  26. Logan

    23:49 jumping mu’s and 1.5 abmats on hspu.
    This WOD was so perfectly miserable…

  27. T-REX

    27:15?? (kips/purple band asst RD, 1 1/2 abmats, 14#WB, 95#). Great job Gina! B-Jules, I did an extra 5 HSPUs yesterday, but I guess you got me beat! =) +post wod 800m “jog”

  28. A.O.

    First time back in a box in a couple weeks. Got a bit worried when I asked if it was a high bar back squat or a low bar and the answer was “huh?”
    Back Squat 3-3-3+
    Amrap 20 minutes – 250m row, 10box jumps, 10 sit-ups
    7 rounds

  29. G

    28:44 (False Grip Jumping with a false grip negative return to the bottom “Hurts Like Heck Muscle Up” – the traffic jam was here) Logan and I did this and we can definitely feel how it feels to drop down to a hang with a false grip – OUCH! – Thanks for the useful tips Coach Jim!
    Everything else was like a blurr, 14#WB, 20 reps strict HSPU and 16 reps with 1/2″ blue mat, 95#PC – thanks for the coaching cue on my last set Coach Nate!
    I will put this WOD away now with the thought that it was definite progress on skill work on the most elusive movement in CrossFit, IMO.

  30. G

    Good job on your baseline WOD tonight Paul B and Tiffany M!
    Welcome on your first WOD Victor!
    Great to see V-Lo, The Situation, Fam, FPR, Carlos G, Crazy Carl, Sledge, Andi, Ian J, Logan, CP, Sherronda, Toe, Tricia P, Patti and Drew G back in action!
    Gina, no prob. You can a vary the choice of scale every now and then. ROM IS KING and you are very coachable…rock on!
    Drew G, good to see you do your bday WOD.

  31. G

    Good to see A.O. on the white board again! Welcome back from Chicago!

  32. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    kpu/para dips / 14lb wb/ 2 abmats/ 95lb