Agility Drills

20 minutes
Establish a 3 RM on Bench Press

2000m Row for time


Post results to comments.

Dar Wtd Vest Run
Happy Birthday Dar!

Josh P
Happy Birthday Josh, aka "Sniper Josh"!

53 Responses to ““Droid””

  1. Alice S

    Happy Birthday Dar and Sniper Josh!!! Enjoy your day!!!

  2. Silverback

    Happy Birthday Dar and Josh. Hope you two have a great day!

  3. Andrea aka Genie

    Happy Birthday Dar and Josh! Hope both of you have a great day!

  4. Dar

    Thanks everyone! Loved starting this special day with ACF this morning!!
    Birthday WOD: 70#BP (worked on ROM)
    9:22.7 row
    Thanks for the rowing tips, G. May need to work on that during open gym.
    Great sharing the bar with you Speedy J! I like seeing what I’ll be doing in about a year! lol!

  5. SpeedyJ

    Happy B-Day Dar…had no idea this am. Thanks for sharing the bar..good push on that last set of 3.
    135# 8:19.5

  6. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    HBD Dar and Josh!
    235# bench
    7:32.4 row
    Silverback, way to set the mark. Good job 8:30.

  7. Andrea aka Genie

    Dar can you believe what your Birthday WOD is? I had no clue even after telling you about me and my husbands discussion of the 2k meter row for time. He said he wanted to go to see because he thought I was wrong on the time. Great job today! I will fight w/her (the rower) later! Have a wonderful birthday!!

  8. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    BP 77(2)
    2K row 9:54
    good job Dawn and Nicole!!!
    Happy Birthday Dar and Josh!
    Awesome 9:30!

  9. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    100# 3RM (PR)
    9:30 row (PR)
    Great sharing a bar with Khara and Lisa. Khara, don’t hurt yourself anymore today. Hahaha. Awesome job, 9:30!

  10. Toddski

    215# 3rm bench. Less than stellar performance.
    7:22 2000m row.
    Bad Company….

  11. Silverback

    235# bench
    7:39 row
    Had fun this morning being the rabbit that others in the class could set their sights on to chase. Yet another strong showing for Bad Company.

  12. Andi

    95# 3 rep (100# 2 reps twice DAMN!)
    Nice meeting you Carrie!

  13. Monte

    Happy birthday Dar and Josh!
    155 BP
    8:11 row
    Thanks for the help today Todd.

  14. Khara

    BP 75
    2K Row 8:40
    I must say the agility drills were my favorite this am, I only wish we couldve caught my graceful fall on video so we could play it in slow motion. Ha ha!!
    Great work 0930, awesome sharing the bar with u black n blue. Nice to meet you amd good work Lisa.

  15. Tara

    Hey everyone, Brant is putting together a volunteer group for a family in need of help. If you are interested/available, they will be helping a widowed mother of 11 kids. Move her belongings from her house into a Pod that will be on site because the city is condeming her home. If you want to help, they are meeting saturday at 9 am. Prob gonna work for 3-4 hours. Address
    1314 Guadalupe Stafford, Tx. Thanks for your support. Tara

  16. Barbella

    90# ouch…
    8:53 row
    Happy Birthday You two!! Awesome Pic Dar!

  17. Tiger aka Anthony Woods

    165 Press
    8:54 Row
    2 CrossFit classes within 24hrs = one tired mutha %%$#@$% haha
    Happy Birthday Josh Josh & Dar

  18. Tiger aka Anthony Woods

    165 Press
    8:54 Row
    2 CrossFit classes within 24hrs = one tired mutha %%$#@$% haha
    Happy Birthday Josh Josh & Dar

  19. T-REX

    HBD! same thing happened to me, Andi – missed 1 rep twice @ 100, so only my 95 counts. 2k row is slower this time around too- 8:50. F-bomb! Post wod punishment – 4×10 GHD, both hands. FDB!

  20. FPR

    111(PR)…by accident used the 3 1/2 plate on one side. Awesome job Steph!
    Thanks Steph and Juan for your pointers. Nice sharing the bar with you guys.
    8:49.8 Thanks for the push Todd! Gotcha Steph… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Fun times today at 830!

  21. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    Bench Press 125#
    2000m row 7:59.8
    Took 3 shots @ 135#, but failed to control the bar on the 3rd rep.
    HBD Dar & Josh!

  22. Nisha

    Bench Press 90#
    8:57 row
    Gina, I think I used your rower cuz it was still smokin ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your row time was HOT…

  23. TC

    HBD Dar and Josh!!!!
    255 on bench
    7.29.6 (2000 M row) Way to work Tim, we had one heck of a battle!!!

  24. dar

    Genie, thought you had the inside scoop OR psychic! Lol! Hope you killed it, which is to say ‘under 20 min’! Lol!
    Thanks again ACF for all the messages. Y’all rock!

  25. Andrea / aka Genie

    Mike: 355# / 10:00
    Genie: 105# – not happy, but still sore from yesterday! LOL
    9:38.1 on 2k row
    Mike: “That rower ain’t no joke!”

  26. Kari

    90# PR/ 10:38
    Nice to meet you too Andi!
    Happy Birthday!

  27. G

    BP 3RM 105# (PR)
    2k Row = 9:00.6 time included taking off clothes, thanks for the reminder Nisha.
    Gina, I think you still hold the record on 2k row for the women’s 8:06 was your personal record back in Sept2010.
    HeMan still owns the PR for men’s 2k row in our box.
    Team PGX has an answer to Bad Company on the white board in the second WOD room!

  28. Ace

    245 Bench (PR – cuz I’ve never tested it before)
    7:19 Row (PR by 30 seconds but I think I could have still gone a bit faster… I was too busy gaming Toddzilla’s time… lol)
    Good work 6 pm! It was COOOOOOLLLLLDDDDD tonight…

  29. G

    HeMan’s Rid-i-cul-ous 2k row of 6:22.
    Good job on your baseline tonight Warrick and Pam C.!
    Welcome back Sarah R! It was a good WOD to come back to for sure.
    Good to see Keith B (aka KJB), Will M, Lisa G, Kari. LA and 007 back in action!
    Andi, miss seeing ya! I’ll have to drop by and do the noon class very soon.
    Josh and Dar, hope today was a good one! Glad you guys were able to do your Bday WOD! It’s a great treat for yourself!

  30. Ramrod

    7:5? 2k row
    Pleased with that but definitely not built to row lol
    Back squats today last set was 315 x 4

  31. Teach

    130# bench
    8:23 row
    Totally screwed up on the bench….grrr. Decided to change my hand placement at 135 and missed, then went down to 130#, and that was pretty easy. So jumped up to 140# and got 2 easily, but lost it on the last one because I wasted too much energy on the other dumb sets. Lesson learned!
    I also should have read the board before I rowed! Totally would have gotten you Speedy J ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good to see everyone brave the cold tonight!!

  32. Teach

    HBD guys!
    Dar, I think you might be the only person that smiles while running with a weight vest on!

  33. Tiger aka Anthony Woods

    165 Press
    8:54 Row
    2 CrossFit classes within 24hrs = one tired mutha %%$#@$% haha
    Happy Birthday Josh Josh & Dar