January 2011 Painstorm

Untimed 1 mile run

The Jan 2011 Painstorm (courtesy of CrossFit Northeast England):

AMRAP 12 min of:

3 unbroken Ground To OverHead *
7 push-ups
7 burpees
7 squats

Then (after 12 minutes is finished) immediately run 1 mile for time.

Post total load lifted (reps x load) and mile time to Comments.

* Hands must stay on bar for full three reps – touch and go on the deck – last rep can be dropped from overhead.


Left to Right:  Darrell, Ingrid, Aida "FPR, Fam, Lisa H, Kate O, Alice, Chi, LaTosha and Fred "MasterG"

Standing Left to Right:  Marie "Grim Reaper", Joe W "Whiskey", Bill G, Ben "El Captn", Todd "Toddski/Toddzilla", Janet "Speedy J", Gina, Kendra "The Force", G, Chad B "The Nomad and Chris P "CP"

Seated:  Joe F

Standing Left to Right:  Jared "Rossi", Melanie R, Scott T "Wingman", Darrell, Speedy J, Andrew C "N1OA", Will M, Bobby F, Maricel, Johnny "Fjord", Carolyn F, Cal "Bullhorn", Billdozer and  Nate "NChurch"

Seated Left to Right:  Jamie "Junior", Juan "BB4" and Cody "Dble D"

38 Responses to “January 2011 Painstorm”

  1. SpeedyJ

    Great WOD…Jamie, glad we did the 95..challenging but do-able. Juan, fun to work side by side..had no chance of catching you on the run.
    2,755 (95#) 7:47

  2. Junior

    1,995 (95#) 8:24
    Very cold run this morning! Agreed Janet- good call! Johnny, glad we could push each other on the run.

  3. Teach

    I think 2,280 @ 95# (8rds)
    8:10 mile
    That was a tough one to do in my garage by myself this morning! No one to push me 🙁 But my own fault for oversleeping and missing the 5:30 class.
    Way to go Junior on using 95#!!

  4. JohnnyB

    2,280/9:34(20# vest)
    First time running 1 mile with vest on.
    Silverback, you inspired me to run with it! Thank you Coach Silverback!
    Coach G, I’ll sign up tonight… 🙂 & thank u for eyeing on my form!

  5. Speedy J

    Beth, we asked G to recommend a weight…”if Beth were here, she would do 105..or at least 95″ – we are just trying to keep up with you..did you not beat me on the mile because you had no board to check :)?..I just saw your post from yesterday…

  6. Billdozer

    Beth, should we organize a carpool, so you can make it to the workouts?

  7. Silverback

    3645# (135#)/ 8:59 (20# vest)
    Juan, you’re an animal. Good job teammate/Arnold.

  8. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    1090 (85#)/10:48
    30 seconds off my last mile run, woo! Running is still a struggle for me but it’s getting better for sure. 🙂 Great job, 9:30!

  9. ingrid

    Rest day today per MD’s order although I tried to catch AM classes.
    Belated Happy Birthday to Dar and Josh.Nice pics btw.
    Thanks for the video on squats Coach Jim.

  10. Sirun

    Tough workout for me, but definitely slowly making my way to Strongerville…Thanks coach Daniel and Billy, and teammates for the encouragement!

  11. Junior

    It is true Beth, that was a direct quote from Grace…

  12. wolverine

    3240 #135 7:23 Failed at rep 2 twice. I need more hop and less press. Thanks for the tips Daniel. And Juan for keeping me going! Good pace Whiskey!
    2:35 showered and dressed(pr)

  13. Tara

    Today was great, thanks for your help Robert. Johnny u need to sign up!

  14. Khara

    1560 (65#) 9:46
    Great group this am, nice jeans Lingo!! Great work everyone.

  15. mario c

    mario c
    1 X 500 warm up
    750 (5 rds; 50#) scaled the timed run to 1 x 500 in 3 min.

  16. Teach

    Speedy & Junior – It’s nice to know that in my absence I’m still thought about! I’m not sure I would have caught you on a run today – but I definitely would have had you on the row yesterday 🙂
    Dozer – if you want to organize a carpool that would be great!
    I would have tried 105, but didn’t have the right plates in my garage, plus, I lack the proper securing mechanism to hold the plates on the bar. Therefore, I had frequent stops to push plates back on the bar!

  17. Andi

    1560 (65#)
    For some reason the second mile didn’t feel as cold…………

  18. Lingo

    1170 (65#).
    8:30 run. Sorry Arnold :(. Tried to catch Bullhorn, but it looks like all that time spent on the couch isn’t going away overnight.
    That said, I think I could have lifted more weight had Daniel let me keep the Levi’s. Not just stylish, but performance-enhancing!

  19. Lingo

    @Andi – nice meeting you the other day! Hope your shoulder isn’t feeling too much out of alignment after Wednesday (my butt still hurts).

  20. FPR

    2565 (95#)9 rounds of C&J
    1 mile run 8:43…Speedy J, you’re my hero for the day!!
    Awesome energy at 830!!

  21. T.I.

    Way to go Toe! That’s awesome!! I hated to miss today.

  22. dub

    3105(115#) 8:13 run…that was a tough run, never could catch my breath after the weights

  23. Gina

    Great job Toe!!!! That’s awesome!
    Wish I could have done this one, but alas high school competition prep/cruch time. One week to go….

  24. chrissy c

    990 (55#); 9:19
    The running releaved a stressful day at work (even though I was freazing my butt off!!) 🙂

  25. G

    2755 (95#), finished a whole 9 rounds and got to complete only 2 C&J on the 10th round
    1m Run = 9:31 — BOOO to the exponential power of 10! It took about 400m to recover.
    (previous 1m Run was 7:55 after the bottom to bottom tabata squats on 12/30/2010)
    Great job 5pm folks!

  26. G

    Awesome Toe!
    JohnnyB Nuts, way to go on the 20# Vest and for keeping Silverback in your sight!
    Lingo, LOL!
    Janet, nothing slows you down…that’s why we call you Speedy 🙂
    Summer, good to see you doing the WOD this afternoon. I miss our running WODs together at noon back in the summer hot days.
    Good job on doing the WOD on your own with no one else to push you! We missed you this morning.

  27. G

    Teach, my last sentence was for you! Miss you much! 7:30am tomorrow?

  28. Alice S

    945- 13:22
    Like Toe my goal is just not to stop in both runs and I was happy that I made it… I just have to learn to love running….
    Good job everyone….
    Toe, hope you are feeling better… the box is not the same without your “presence”….
    Have a good weekend to all!!!