“The Q Course”

Teams of 4

Each member must complete the Q course relay style. (1 team member goes then the next etc…)

20 Wall Ball (unbroken) (20)(14) – (14)(10) 5 burpees if you stop the "wall ball motion"
20 Pull-ups (unbroken) 5 burpees If you come off the bar
10 Thrusters (95)(65) – (75)(55)
10 Squat Snatches (95)(65) – (75)(55)
200m Sandbag Run (70)(50)
20 KB Swings (unbroken) 5 burpees if you stop the "KB motion"
200m Farmers Carry (53)(35)

Once the last team member has completed the course time will stop. Each team member must establish a 1RM Deadlift within 7 minutes (1 second will be deducted from you time for every 5lbs lifted as a team).

Post results to comments.

 Check, Check……

Tony Budding on scaling, GHD Edition – video [wmv] [mov] (courtesy of CF Mainsite)



We are stoked of the tremendous milestones being achieved time and time again at the box.  These ladies completed 10 consecutive kipping pull-ups and have had competed before or are registered for an upcoming competition.  The ACF black beanie comes with such great pride.  Once you are awarded the beanie, you have accepted the full responsibility of setting examples: doing your best in executing proper form (paramount), striving for full range of motion (king), training hard/heavy to the best of your capabilities and being the first to support the "no man left behine" motto.  We think that all of you are already doing all these…carry on and continue.  Congrats!! 

Blk Beanie Triple B
Triple B, aka Black N' Blue (Ivannah) and Coach Daniel

Blk Beanie Rocky Top
Rocky Top (Abbye) and Coach Billy

Blk Beanie Dar & Genie
Dar, Coach G and Genie (Andrea)

10 Responses to ““The Q Course””

  1. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    Great job this morning Dar, Khara and Richard and everyone else! Lots of hard work happening despite the cold. Set a new 1RM for myself at 245#, 20# up from my previous PR. And then I hit a mental block after I was told how much I had on the bar. Funny how that works…

  2. Silverback

    Great fun this morning. Thanks Team Bad Company for your hard work. Damn those bars/KBs were cold this morning. My hands were so frozen, I couldn’t hang on to sandbag.

  3. Keith Fogle

    Lotta fun this morning working out with the FDB’s! Set a pr for 1rm deadlift @ 265#
    Looking forward to more Saturday mornings!

  4. Keith Fogle

    Filthy Dirty Bastards Results:
    48:33 time
    1085 lbs dead lifted (with 225 lbs given for Genie)
    44:56 adjusted time
    Q circuit for me:
    20# WB
    75# Thrusters
    45# snatch/ohs
    70# sandbag
    53# KB
    53#/55# FW

  5. The Institution

    Congrats Ladies!
    Team Venum!! Great job!! Juan, awesome job on the 425# DL. Awesome day.
    Thanks Dr. Peter. I’m glad I attended your class!!

  6. dar

    Good times this morning with Khara, TripleB and Richard!
    Lots of energy at the box, especially at the deadlifts. Well deserved beanie, Ivannah! 245, Wow!
    And congratulations to the ladies. I’m honored to be in your company. 🙂
    Thanks,Dr Peter. I appreciate you taking the time. Good stuff!

  7. T-REX

    Filthy Dirtier Bastards (FDB2) – So many elements thrown in the mix today to affect performance, but I love a challenge! Overall, I am proud of my team – first time working as a unit! Bryan and Keith, congrats on your PRs! DL=260. Andrea, we’re praying for you and your fam!

  8. TC

    God work by all this morning!!!!! I just lve the feel of cold steel in the morning!!! Way to work Bad Company!!! Thanks again Dr. Peter!!