Eating Clean Awareness

Eating Clean Awareness Clinic 01222011
Saturday's Eating Clean Awareness/Informative Session with Dr. Peter Osborne.  Thanks for coming everyone! 

(Left to Right)

Seated front row:  T-Rex, Dar, Ingrid and Sirun

Seated 2nd row:  G2 and T.I.

Standing first row:  S*Nash, Dr. Peter, Kelli, Arnold, Gina, HeatherV, Ramrod, Babs and Maricel

Standing back row:  HTB, Dub, TC, Juan, Richard D, Playboy and Billdozer

7 Responses to “Eating Clean Awareness”

  1. Toddzilla

    Did main site wod w JB
    3:42 (225#).
    Good work by all. Thanks for ego-checking me, Jim.

  2. The Institution

    Finally did Fran: 4:11
    She did me in. Thanks for pushing me Jim. You’re f’n awesome!
    18 unbroken HSPU..tried for 25. Shoulders were wrecked from Fran though. Then 300 unbroken jump rope (singles). Killed my calves.

  3. G

    Todd, that’s an awesome time!
    TI, I’ll check our acf leader board to see if you are the new record holder for the consecutive singles jump ropes. If s, we’ll make sure to update it.

  4. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Linda BW=180#
    26:42 RX
    Did not achieve my goal of sub 20 min. A little disappointing but still feels like an accomplishment to finish. Very grateful I did not injure my back doing deadlifts. Form and strength need much improvement on the deadlift. To lift 270# fifty-five times is a feat, as was the bench and powercleans. Thanks Bobo for the spot and encouragement.

  5. G

    Good job Easy Rider!
    3 Rounds:
    10 DL (275)
    50 DUs
    5:04 (185#)
    Untimed 5k Run