“Drop The Bomb”

500m Row
rest 1min
500m Row for time

Front Squat Position – Bulgarian Split Squat
5 – 5 – 5 each leg.  (Beginners keep back foot on the floor)

5 rounds for time

10 Power Snatch (95)
10 Wall Ball (20)
10 Push-Press (95)
10 Pull-ups

Post results to comments.

"Filtering for Character" by CrossFit Lisbeth.


40 Responses to ““Drop The Bomb””

  1. mario c

    I just read that the great Jack LaLanne died yesterday. He was 96 years old!
    Here is a small glimpse at his physical capacity as reported.
    “When he turned 43 in 1957, he performed more than 1,000 push-ups in 23 minutes on the ‘You Asked For It’ television show.” That is 100 push ups every 2.3 minutes.
    “At 60, he swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco – handcuffed, shackled and towing a boat. Ten years later, (at 70) he performed a similar feat in Long Beach harbor.” – The water in SF Bay is in the mid 50’s. I could not dive in the water at Twin Lakes when it was in the mid 60’s and I was wearing a 5 mm wet suit, hood and boots. The guy was an animal.
    He was a little guy too. Just goes to prove the old adage:” It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

  2. The Institution

    13:52(RX): Good battle this morning w/the Mexecutioner!
    RIP Jack LaLanne, a true fitness pioneer.

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    13:40 (65#/20#WB) Unloading
    Great job 8:30.

  4. todd

    I pretty much love that article. Thanks for posting it.
    I did not hear about Jack lalane. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Speedy J

    So sick all weekend..all I can think about is when will I be able to workout??? 🙁

  6. Bullhorn

    Info. and the date (March 15) on how to do sectionals is up on the games site.

  7. mario c

    mario c
    row: 1:54
    BSS: 15-15-15
    Scaled the Metcon: 15:48; 5 reps per round; 65#; 10#WB; static pull ups done as singles.

  8. FPR

    Row 1:57
    13:09 (65#, 14 WB)
    Awesome job teammates!!!

  9. Barbella

    1:56 row
    22:49 (65# i meant to do 55#,green band,14WB)
    ~~Snatchy Snatchers~~

  10. Monte

    18:48 (75#)
    Todd, HS and back weren’t too bad today after yesterday’s workout.

  11. B Jules

    I’m sick too. 🙁 Something got me last night and I’ve been hopped up on meds since. I want to come do split squats but I don’t think I can hold a kleenex to my nose and a barbell. Maybe tomorrow.

  12. JohnnyB

    2:21 row
    75-95-135(9) B. Split Squat
    22:49 Rx, I literally fought hard & not sure about my form!
    Thanks CoachG, Wolverine & Brant for the push!

  13. The Nomad

    1:41 Row
    18:15 (75#) – Thanks for talking me out of 85# Billy. That was a gaser!
    Nice to back in the Box.

  14. The Force (Kendra)

    1:50 row/18:29(55#,thin wht band). Not pretty but got the job done…… Eventually. Great work Judy.

  15. T-REX

    1:56Row/50-60-70. 16:07, 65#, 14#WB. Thx Kendra, same to you! Hope you don’t mind me yelling @ ya! Thx G for the pace! Way to push through Keith!

  16. wolverine

    75-95-135 The adjustment w/ my hands made a huge difference. Thanks Grace!
    14:20 (rx)

  17. G

    500m Row = 1:58
    Bulgarian Squat = 65-65-70
    MetCon: 16:09 (65# PS/PP, R1 20#WB, R2-R5 14#WB)
    That was the last available ball on the rack aside from 6# and 10#. So, I though I would sacrifice my first round, then just grab a 14# in site from then on.
    T-Rex and Keith (aka KJB Bulldog) it was great pacing with you guys!
    Thanks for the encouragement Toddski and Arnold. Thanks for all the yelling Coach Billy! Love that bossy tone of voice!

  18. G

    Pat, the hand/bar placement and how you angle them to hold the bar so that the inside of your elbows face the ceiling rather than each other helps your broad shoulders set up a solid real estate for the bar to sit on. Bigger angle on the wrists as well! You can apply the same set up when you catch the bar on your shoulders during cleans from now on…now that you are working really hard on not bending the arms too early =)
    Good to see OMG and Lingo join the pacemakers and Cody join the pm class today.
    Good to see Young Blood, Jared M, Kate O, Ping, BRev, Tye, Ready Fredie, HD, The Barbarian, SOS, SOF and Nomad back in action!
    Rest well Speedy J!
    Hope your cold/sniffles goes away soon B-Jules, Tony and Alice!
    Have a good trip Jim, enjoy the 24″ snow blizzard while you can because you ain’t getting that here in Texas!

  19. G

    Thanks for the post Chief! Jack Lalane’s grandnephew, Chris Lalane, is a CrossFit affiliate owner,
    He is a superhero in the fitness world, early adopters to his philosophies were being shunned upon and questioned by their peers. He is a legend!

  20. chrissy c

    1:56 = 500 m Row
    45-55-65 – BS (the Bulgarians have a strange way of squatting!)
    16:52 (40# PS/PP; 10#WB; Thin white Band)

  21. Matt H

    Can we name/do a workout in honor of Jack Lalane?

  22. Dar

    2:11 row
    45-55-55 BS
    21:34 (45#,10#) slow but felt really good. Liked this workout.
    Thanks Billy and Vamps. You guys rock!

  23. Teach

    1:50 row
    Split Squat
    Metcon: 13:03 (65#, 14#WB)
    Had a blast today! The split squats were interesting. That metcon was right up my alley 🙂 Great job 4:00 group, it was a speedy one!
    Get well soon sick people!!!!

  24. Ace

    1:30.7 row
    16:56 (rx) – Metcon
    Not a big fan of the Bulgarian split squat… But as usual it was good working out with MLB, Playboy and the rest of the 6 pm crew.

  25. SOS

    1:42 row
    95-115-135 my head was about to explode from the 135
    18:45 (Rx)
    Thanks HTB, Teach, and Todd for pushing me

  26. V-lo

    18:24 with 35# for push press and power snatches. Did ring row as scale for pull ups. 15 # bar for Bavarian squats

  27. Steve W

    18:05 65# for push press and power snatch. 14# walll ball. #65-#65-95# for Bavarian squats.

  28. Jason

    The problem with naming a work out after Jack is you gotta ask yourself…..what would you create and can you finish it…..at 70 yrs old? RIP beet juice

  29. G

    @Matt H
    @Jason C
    Jack’s grandnephew named the following workout after him. But in their affiliate box, they made it a team workout, imagine that?!! Not sure if I can even complete the workout myself.
    “Jack LaLanne”
    For time:
    1,000 Pull-Ups
    1,000 Push-Ups
    4 person teams.
    (Jack did this solo in 1 hour 22 minutes)

  30. Lingo

    This Jack LaLanne sounds like a real-life Bill Brasky.
    Thanks Grace for your encouragement today. Summer pushed me to try and finish faster, and thanks to the little plastic army men as well.
    Good meeting the 5:30am people (Victor, Tank, et al); hopefully I can drag myself out of bed for more workouts soon.