“Kettle Corn”

Agility drills

For time:

Buy in: Run 800m


10 rounds for time

6   Curtis P* (105)

    *1 Rep of Curtis P = 1 "Hang" Squat Clean, Alternate Lunge on each leg and 1 Push Press

30 Double-unders


Cash out: Run 800M


Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Doug M, aka "Ace"!!

37 Responses to ““Kettle Corn””

  1. Crazy Carl

    Happy B-day Ace…. question is will u do ur own birthday wod like Arnold said!… decisions, decisions.

  2. Jen C

    Happy Birthday Doug!
    44:20 (65#)
    I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me seeing FPR in the 5:30a class…Nice work girl, you are a machine! Great work this morning everyone!

  3. Ace

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes! And no. Unfortunately I will not be doing today’s WOD. Wed is my off day so I will be treating myself to a massage instead. ;o)
    And G – We really need to work on your picture choosing methods… lol. JK.

  4. mario c

    Hey Ace, you think your pics look bad now? Wait until you go bald headed and she’s taking pictures of you with your hat off!
    And watch out for the Gatekeeper too. He appears out of nowhere with that camera of his. And he’s got one of those 8000 times telephoto cameras. I think he bought it from NASA. So as long as he has a line of sight on you, you are never safe!
    I had to have my image copyrighted in order to get control of it.

  5. ingrid

    HBD Ace.Have a good birthday deep tissue massage.Too bad you miss your BD WOD,I was seeing shadows just working on my 3rd round.
    Chief,you make me laugh..Somebody has to invent a camera that would enhance our better features and shrink the not so good ones.
    49:00 45#,scaled to 3CP’s and Para Jump.
    Glad about this wod and glad I had the discipline to stick to my schedule.
    Carb Overdose+Kettle Corn=Seeing Night @ 8:30AM.
    Thanks G for letting me do 3CP’s.It saved me my pukee.

  6. FPR

    35:18 (75#)
    Good to see you too Jenn! 530 is starting to grow on me…
    This was a tough one! I wanted it to be done after about round 5.
    Good job pacemakers!! Great job teammate!!

  7. Tara

    Today was brutal, thank you for the push Daniel and Lauren.

  8. SpeedyJ

    Was planning on coming…had to cancel..started feeling sick during PE kickball, no chance I could get through a WOD..so frustrated!! Want to be done with this sickness..

  9. Dar

    Happy Birthday Ace! Hope you had a wonderful day!
    Boo – I hate missing wod’s like these. =( IT Band is feeling better, though.=)
    Get better soon SpeedyJ! Sucks being sick!

  10. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    41:17 (8rnds, 55#=5,45#=3, singles) i can think ok 101 reasons why i sucked today:((( jst glad i’m done!
    HBD Ace!

  11. SheRa

    Had a sick nasty birthday WOD you guys should check out!! πŸ™‚ miss ya guys!

  12. mario c

    mario c
    28:19 SCALED this way:
    500 meter shuffle
    10 rounds – 3 CP’s (40#) & 5 DU’s per round.
    500 meter shuffle

  13. The Nomad

    HBD Ace!
    Technically DNF – 45min time out
    46:57 – 85#, Split 10 DU/10 LJ’s. This one was a bear

  14. The Force (Kendra)

    42:59(55#,DUs). Holy crap. Really, who comes up with this twisted stuff? My goal was to finish and not let daddy long legs (Tmac1) catch me on the last run. Finally managed to fend him off. Abbye-good job……I couldn’t have done two rounds at that weight. Way to stick with it.

  15. Miss Kay

    Okay so the look of fear was on my face once I saw the WOD performed before my eyes…nevertheless, glad I came out! I did the best I could for my 2nd week!! Nothing but up from here!!
    32:30 scaled down of course…and rowed 800m instead of the run. Just as beat!!

  16. chrissy c

    32:37 (35#/60 Singles)
    You know, I like Curtis P’s! πŸ™‚
    Then 100 DUs for time (10 minutes) for punishment from JB!

  17. Crazy Carl

    39:09 Rx
    Holy crap…. do not eat the long grain rice! This one was a true test for all who partook in the Chipper. Here’s to walking funny tomorrow!
    Grace, great job fighting me off at the end… ur a Tru badass!… not to mention a great coach that has got me to where I am today in the world of crossfit.

  18. Crazy Carl

    Speedy, I hope ur able to finish fighting off the sickies soon enough. ‘The other guys’ need our anchor woman at full strength here in a few weeks!

  19. Kaylynn

    46:13 (8rds) (45#,LJs)
    Obviously brutal! Worse than the prowler–maybe the toughest yet for me. Thanks for keeping me moving JB!

  20. G

    Ace, you have that tough mean and hardcore look on your face in that photo! Chief needs to wear his glasses, I find no imperfection in that photo, haha!
    Good job on your baseline WOD this morning Frankie!
    Welcome on your first WOD Josh B!
    It was a fun treat to have FPR join the pacemakers this morning!
    Fjord was on fire this morning!
    Good to see Erika, Crazy Carl, Sherronda, Dub and Ian J back in action!
    Paul, try the contrast hydrotherapy (hot/cold). That will help relax your tight muscles.
    Chrissy, 35#???….where’s Playboy, btw? He’s being an FDB!
    Rocky Top, don’t be too hard on yourself. Grinder WODs like this can get really challenging.
    Toddski and Bullhorn were getting their skills honed down at OG tonight with Coach Nate.
    Speedy, feel better soon!

  21. G

    39:01 (70#) – thanks for the encouragement on the last 2 rounds, Bullhorn.
    Rushed out and forgot about the DUs until I got to the mailbox, went back and nullified that distance 8-(
    But on the brighter side…..
    Crazy Carl, gotcha, LOL! Haven’t done that in a year, and you are now a badass yourself! Thanks for the kudos, haha! Everybody is a badass in their unique way. Hearing your footsteps after the turn through the alley was a good pressure to have!