“The Crucible”

100  Double-Unders
100  KTEs
100  Push-ups
100  KB Swings (53)
100  Box Jumps
1,000m Row


Post results to comments.

Dont quit

It's supposed to be hard!


Attention:  Let's visit some rules aside from our officially written ACF Gym Rules.

Let's not drop an empty bar!  A finely tuned bar can't last that long after that.

Please do you best to put things away where they are supposed to go!  While the corner by the rowers may seem to be a logical spot to you to put your med ball or jump rope, that's not where it belongs. Dumbbells and kettlebells may seem better organized by randomly grouping them in any weight order or stacking method, but really it isn't. If you haven't noticed, we now have a couple of racks for our dumbbells.  Also, pull-up bands have their place, too, when they are no longer being used.  Bumper plates must be stacked back on the floor and iron plates in the plate holders.  Most importantly, keep the PVC's in the bucket when you are done and not in places like next to the bumper plates or the bathroom. While it's arguably functional to practice with the PVC while taking care of business, we actually don't encourage that type of efficiency!  Finally, water bottles and binders must be put away where they belong; remember your mom is not here to pick up after you.

25 Responses to ““The Crucible””

  1. Maricel

    Great job pacemakers!
    37:30 (lateral jumps, KTA or whatever G called it, kpu, 8Kb, box steps)
    No scaling on the reps although there were numerous times I wanted to stop but did not quit! Yay!
    Have a good weekend all!

  2. B Jules

    I just threw up a little… after a week off sick this is the work out I’m coming back to!?!? Now I know why I rarely check the site. I’ll be there at 6p.m.

  3. mario c

    Hey G: After reading the article about putting stuff away, I guess now is not a good time for me to suggest that you get valet parking at the Box? Or my other request about having a reserved parking space marekd “Chief” right out in front of the place, so I don’t have to walk far to get to and from my vehicle, thereby conserving maximum energy to direct at killing another WOD!

  4. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    31:40 (75 reps) Deload week complete. I’m going to miss it.. I might need to do this every other week 🙂
    Good job Fam, Aida, Daniel, Brant and the rest of 8:30!

  5. Junior

    (singles, KTish, 35#, 20″)
    VERY humbling week for me…just when I thought I was getting the hang of it, these workouts come along….lovely.
    VERY discouraged 🙁

  6. Speedy J

    Ok team The Other Guys – is that right??…I am going to see a doctor today – enough is enough, we got a competition to WIN in couple weeks!!
    I may be available this weekend?? Depending on the drugs I can get today…Sat or Sun?

  7. Bullhorn

    Janet, your team is no were around, lazy Carl and Bravo are in Austin running in some fairy run, and Ramrod is to busy writing love comments to his GF on Facebook. looks like you are S.O.L. 🙂

  8. Silverback

    28:58 (Rx)
    Nice WOD to come back into town to face. Although there were only 4 of us in the 9:30am class, there was a lot of hard work going on. Way to go Triple B! Thought you were going to catch me.

  9. Teach

    34:57 (35#KB, 20″ box)
    SOOOOOOO slow at KTE. I mean REALLY slow 🙂 I need to practice kipping them so that I can do more than 5 at a time!
    Nice working with the Pacemakers again this morning!
    Keep your head up Junior! We are all constantly battling things that set us back. You’ll get the hang of it and then find something else that frustrates you!

  10. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    33:05 (35#KB, 20″ Box)
    Wanted to catch up to the elusive Silverback but I’m satisfied with having kept him in my sights for most of the workout. 100 of anything is rough but I’m pleasantly surprised that I had a relatively good double unders day. KTEs took way too long, per usual. There has to be a faster way to do them, I’m just not privy to that secret yet. Great job Steph, Ruel and Silverback!

  11. ingrid

    41:21 scaled to singles,knees to air,26#KB,18″BJ,KPU
    This WOD shld stretch me at least 2 more inches vertically
    Had a lot of fun with the Thundercats today.
    Have a great weekend y’all.

  12. Ramrod

    Cal, please spend a little more time on the computer..

  13. Barbella

    41:53 (C2G,35#,20″)
    Loved it…needed it….but never thought the rower would feel so ackward.
    Thx Lauren =0)
    And Bobo is finally back!!

  14. Will M

    44:11 (KTish)
    This sucked… The KB Swings weren’t hard, pacing them is. The box jumps aren’t hard, pacing them is. No. Gas. Tank.

  15. The Situation

    This WOD stood to it’s name…my legs almost quit on me…thanks Coach Daniel for the push…and ofcourse to all 0930 peeps…
    Believe me Steph i was trying to catch you… appreciate the push that really kept me going…

  16. chrissy c

    37:23 (300 Singles/KTAP area/40 KPU-60 Regular/26#/19″)
    Bryan – what’s up with the noon timeslot??
    Chief – What…no consideration for the lovely wife?? How about letting me share that reserved spot when you aren’t there??
    Nice to have Brutus in the box-a cool little mascot!

  17. mario c

    mario c: 11:40 SCALED this way:
    300 singles
    25 KTE
    25 Push Ups
    25 KB #18
    25 Step ups 20″
    250 m Row

  18. B Jules

    37:38 (singles, knees-to-boobs, 26#, 20″)
    I fell off the bar around 70. It hurt, I shook it off and I got back on the bar. Icing my back now.
    Hell of a WOD after a week being sick!
    I agree Chrissy, Brutus was sooooo cute!!
    Nice to meet you Lingo!!

  19. Keith Fogle

    – 50 DUs/150 SUs
    – KTEs with a few KTAs
    tough wod, but still fun 🙂

  20. G

    35:22 (35#KB, 20″box, a few KTEs didn’t actually hit the knees) – couldn’t get the rhythm on kipping those KTEs. Teach, at least you got the rhythm on kipping those this morning.
    Make sure everyone annotates it if some of the reps didn’t accurately hit the knee. I know I made some of the RX people redo their reps so that they actually hit their knees for ACCURACY purposes, one of CrossFit’s ten general physical skills.
    Toe, no problem. Way to deal with the tall bars!
    Good to see April K, Will M, Daniel E, Lingo and O.M.G. back in action!
    Bobby, is that your new nick name? …. H.A.M.?
    B-Jules, good to see you back. Rest, sleep well and let you body heal overnight. You can kick some butt at the team WOD tomorrow.
    Brutus is cute!
    Awesome job working hard guys!

  21. G

    Chief, what happened to your HMX-1 or Air Force 1 that lands on our roof whenever you come by for a WOD at ACF?
    Junior, I agree with Teach. Some WODs will leave feeling like you are on top of the world, while others will expose what needs more work.
    There’s been a few questions regarding tomorrow’s Barbell Clinic. Late registration is up to the time we start. Just text me and have a method of payment ready to register you on-line on the spot.

  22. FPR

    Nobody will probably read this, but I was traveling all afternoon and didn’t have time to post.
    Nice WOD to finish the week!
    29:45 (35#KB, 20 in.)
    Great job 830!!
    Back on Monday!!

  23. mario c

    Hey G: Now that you and ACF have made me Freaking Elite, I would just do a H-A-L-O parachute jump (high altitude, low open) onto an X marked on the roof, no need to land a copter, which would make all of Stafford declared a no fly zone by the FAA. hehe!