Benchmark WOD: “Elizabeth”

3 Rounds
Pigeon Stretch
Followed by 10 m duck walk

AMRAP in 4 minutes
10 Static Pull-ups
20 Box Jumps

Squat Cleans (135)
Ring Dips

Compare to 091014

Post results to comments.


Sarah prego
Happy Birthday Sarah, aka "S*Nash"!!  This is Sarah's 3rd birthday celebration with us.  This photo was taken before she had the baby.  Sarah maintained a really good regimen while being pregant.  She will be back soon!

32 Responses to “Benchmark WOD: “Elizabeth””

  1. Silverback

    HBD Sarah! Hope Dozer takes you to a really expensive restaurant.

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Bday Sarah! Look forward to seeing you around the box soon.
    12:38 RX
    Suuuuucked. Wasn’t ready physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Failed on rep 10 of first round– didn’t think I would be able to finish. Ironically, as slow as I was, still feel pretty good about it. Great working out with the 8:30 class.

  3. Dustin

    HDB Sarah!
    Did this wod last week at CF801, 9:59RX. Hope everyone is doing well in TX

  4. andi

    75#, blue band ring dips
    Freakin f-reezin in the ice-box today

  5. Bobo

    Happy Birfday Sarah!
    9:54 RX. beat my last pr by 1 second. woohoo!
    all thanks to Daniel and Kenny. i was ready to downshift and you guys kept me going.

  6. FPR

    HBD Sarah!
    8:38 (95)…tough one!
    Great job 830! Small class but powerful. It was nice to have the Sienna girls in the house. Thanks TI for the push and counting my reps.
    Awesome job 930 and noon!
    Rest day for me tomorrow…ready for some friendly competition Saturday morning! Go Team Venum!

  7. G

    10:55 (95#) – shaved 2 mins and 18 secs.
    Previous PR from Oct09 was 13:13 (95#) – Thanks for the push peanut gallery – FPR, Fam, TI and Toe…and Coach Daniel.
    Being explosive at the bottom of each ring dip helps – I have been using that tip from Jim for a good while now. Still slowed down towards the end.
    Yep, all number of reps and ROM of the nooners were recorded by Tea Eye :). I would love to see our facial expressions in that video. At least, nobody was breathing like “Lean Rob” from yesterday’s YouTube posting – haha!

  8. Gab

    Happy BDay Sarah
    11:04Rx I beat my previous time by almost a minute and a half. Stunned but happy…
    Good job everyone.
    Now it’s time to scoop all this snow that falls on us since yesterday.

  9. G

    Good to see you post Gab!
    Bobo, glad you kept moving =)
    Ramrod needs to eat before doing a WOD!

  10. Tee Aye

    I need to bring that camera out more often, it kept a whole class honest today, LOL! I wish I would have caught Steph hollering at me though, haha! Ramrod, you can blame Toe for your lack of food before your WOD. Lunch was fun though πŸ™‚

  11. Tee Aye

    Happy Birthday Sarah!! I hope you had an awesome day πŸ™‚

  12. Jen C

    11:38 (75#, bard)
    Brrrrrrr! This morning was quite cold! Thanks for the extra push Fam! Nice work 8:30 & 9:30 groups!