“Sleet or Freezing Rain”

Take 70sb, 50sb, 40sb, 45 plate, 70kb to the fire hydrant
Scaled: 50sb, 40sb, 25sb, 25 plate, 44 kb

Once done then run back and

Single relay (each team member with one person working at a time must complete one round)
21 Thrusters (95/65)(75/45)
21 Pull ups

Then run to fire hydrant and bring back all items

two rounds Double relay (two team members work, two rest)
One teammate performs:
10 KB Sumo deadlift high pulls (70/53)(44/35)
10 KB swings
One teammate performs
14 Box Jumps
14 Push ups

Team task (in any order two working at a time)
250 Double-unders
60 Renegade Man-makers (35)
60 Curtis P (95/65)(75/45)

Superbowl XLV winter weather
(photo courtesy of The Dallas Morning News)

10 Responses to ““Sleet or Freezing Rain””

  1. Crazy Carl

    Awesome Saturday morning. A battle of epic proportions… great work to all teams who partook. Thanks Jimbo and JB for a great team wod. Looking forward to the insanity that will be Guerrilla Warfare next weekend. THE OTHER GUYS!

  2. Speedy J

    Great work to all this am…next weekend is going to be a blast!

  3. Gina

    Nice brisk morning for some good fun! Thanks for letting me join FDB once again!
    DUs are my friend, DUs are my friend….

  4. Billdozer

    Good job all. I was proud of team Venum, they almost did all the reps today. I’m just kidding. it will be a fun battle with you talented folks next saturday, especially with The Other Guys getting a run through in.

  5. Keith F

    Another fun Saturday! Thanks to Gina and April for joining the FDB’s today!

  6. T.I.

    Billy, team PGX was there this morning? We didn’t even notice.