UPDATE – GW2011 Schedule

We are looking for a few more volunteers to help with the team competition on Saturday.  If you are interested in helping out, just respond below and plan to meet Friday night 7pm at the box for about an hour.

Change to the WOD Reveal process

7:00 Team Check-in Captains receive score card

7:15am  - 3 of 4 individual events and 1 of 2 couples events will be revealed. The last event in both categories and the final WOD will be unknown until the event. Captains will then have 15 minutes to fill out the team's score card with the names of the competitor(s) in each event.

7:30 – 8:00 Warm-up

Movement standards briefings will be before each new event.

Heat and lane assignments are below. (Click for Larger Image)


37 Responses to “UPDATE – GW2011 Schedule”

  1. Speedy J

    Any sitters available for Saturday? If so, my husband would love to volunteer.

  2. Jim

    No competitiors can volunteer. Thanks Arnold. Including Friday

  3. Tiffaney Cortez

    Hey coach Jim i can help out also if you still need people. coach G has my number just give me a buzz. Tiffaney C.

  4. Alice S

    Me and MasterG will be there… Friday and Saturday…

  5. Kelli

    Wish I could come and help– but can’t make it this weekend. Will try for the next one for sure.

  6. Jen W

    I have something for school Friday night but I can help out on Saturday.

  7. G

    @Tiffaney, great to see you post. We’ll give you a call soon. Hope you can make the volunteers meeting on Friday night at 7pm.
    Thanks everyone.

  8. mimi

    i would love to help out. i will come on friday at 7 to see what i have to do… thanks

  9. Courtney Phelps

    I’m sure you and Grace already have me down for volunteering. I’ll be there Fri @ 7:00 for the meeting!

  10. Andrea / aka Genie

    Jim-What time are we (Teams & Judges) supposed to be at the Box on Saturday?

  11. Toddzilla

    Looks interesting. I thought the event was ending at 2.

  12. macho

    Todd…sorry your busy social life may have to wait an hour or two….

  13. Jim

    Actually…we thought it would end after lunch but due to the huge team turnout we had to add some heats!!! Looking like an awesome day to me!

  14. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    Jim, it won’t be later than 4 will it?

  15. Jim

    @rockytop shouldnt be..the schedule is very conservative. we should move through intitial WODs pretty fast.

  16. B Jules

    Jim, we might run into a problem. We thought this was ending at 2… Davey has to be at work at 3.

  17. Jim

    well get him there….there is always flexibility in which team goes when……no worries.

  18. Toddzilla

    Thanks for the flexibility.
    Boss Todd has to be at my restaurant pretty close after 2…
    Fellow ACF’ers, i am having a friends and family event Saturday all day. After the competition, everyone is invited there for an after-party.
    50% off your orders and free beer (while supplies last).
    No need to RSVP, just show up!

  19. Dar

    I think you already have my name down but just to confirm, I’m volunteering and will be there Friday night.

  20. Jim

    Soooo. I feelin’ it today. I will reveal WOD1 early on FB sometime this morning…

  21. Jack Rabbit

    Good Luck to you all! So awesome to see so many teams!!

  22. Jim

    “Dead Leg” 7 minute cutoff
    For time:
    25m Overhead Weighted Walking Lunges m(45) f(35) – m(45)f(25)
    Load your DL Bar
    25 Deadlifts m(225) f(155) – m(175) f(115)
    Unload your DL Bar
    25m Burpee Broad Jumps

  23. Jim

    More hints were given earlier this morning via yes\no questions from Bobby, Juan, and Summer. Will there be HSPU? Yes…. Will We push the Prowler? No… Will there be Double-Unders? Yes.

  24. Nisha

    Dear Employers,
    My productivity level will be at a ZERO today as I can do nothing more than stay tuned to the Atomic/FB pages in case Coach Jim decides to toss out some more teasers…In fact, I might even leave early so that I can go practice my DUs and OHS but please continue to pay me my normal rate for this day.

  25. SpeedyJ

    Funny Nisha…I already have butterfly’s in my stomach…hope to be able to sleep tonight.

  26. Nisha

    SpeedyJ, you are the last person who should have butterflies..in fact, your abs are so hard-core that those puny little butterflies wouldn’t have a chance in there 😉

  27. Jim

    Event 3 “Lateralus”
    3 min. Max Reps Thrusters (135) (95) – (95)(65)
    3 min. Max Reps Double-Unders
    Scoring 5 DUs = 1 Thruster
    [Example 32 Thrusters & 123 DUs = 32 + 24.6 points = 56.6 points]

  28. G

    Thanks for coming by tonight Volunteers! We’ll see the rest of everyone tomorrow!
    Oh goodness, what was Jim thinking?!?!?!