“Mid Atlantic Madness”

800m Run

5 Rounds
Instep Stretch
Shoulder Push Twist Lift

Squat Snatch (95)(65)
C2B Pull-ups

Post results to comments.


Compete March 4-6 in CrossFit at the Arnold Sports Festival – video [wmv] [mov]



Happy Birthday Anthony W, aka "Tiger"!

40 Responses to ““Mid Atlantic Madness””

  1. G

    Check out this version of C2B pull-ups starting at 00:39 on the vid

  2. Jack Rabbit

    Crazy Video! EEKKK! Impressive!
    Happy Birthday Tiger!

  3. ingrid

    this video makes me dream,regret,and wish I could roll back time.
    awesome strength and control

  4. Junior

    16:17 (Rx)
    Those snatch squats are a bit frustrating. One C2B pull up at a time! It’s OK, I am getting there!! 🙂 Thanks for the coaching G and Jim! Y’all are the best!

  5. Lingo

    I can’t do a squat snatch to save my life. Either I can’t lock the arms, or the heels come off the ground. Either way, lower back is screaming.
    The only prescription: better glute muscles. Thanks Daniel for the encouragement. Green band pull-ups.

  6. FPR

    Loved this WOD….especially with my new lifting shoes… 🙂
    Nice pacing with Ramrod…couldn’t quite catch you on the 3rd round

  7. Dawn

    Had a hard time with this wod, had a lot of trouble coordinating movements with staying on my feet, lost my balance several times and couldn’t lift as heavy as usual to compensate for my balance…oh well good job rest of 930

  8. Khara

    12:31? (55#, bpu)
    Seriously contimplated missing this am, but I’m so glad I didn’t. Great WOD.
    Happy Birthday Tiger, my team mate for Saturday. I know we haven’t met yet, but I hope your day is great!!
    Great video G.

  9. Tiger

    Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes ACF crew. No drinking until Saturday after 2pm, so I hope there’s plenty of cold beer after the competition! Thanks again!

  10. Billdozer

    Tiger, drinking isn’t the enemy. Go celebrate your bday.

  11. Teach

    Teach’s Traveling WOD
    Courtesy of Lindsey Smith
    Burpee Madness
    Minute one: 10 Burpees
    Minute two: 20 Burpees
    Minute three: 5 Burpees
    Minute four: 11 Burpees
    Minute five: 2 Burpees
    Minute six: 18 Burpees
    Minute seven: 6 Burpees
    Minute eight: 15 Burpees
    Minute nine: 4 Burpees
    Minute ten: 8 Burpees
    Minute eleven: 17 Burpees
    Minute twelve: 3 Burpees
    Minute thirteen: 13 Burpees
    Minute fourteen: 9 Burpees
    Minute fifteen: 12 Burpees
    Minute sixteen: 14 Burpees
    Minute seventeen: 16 Burpees
    Minute eighteen: 7 Burpees
    Minute nineteen: 19 Burpees
    Minute twenty: 1 Burpee
    If for any reason that you don’t hit the specified # of burpees in the minute you must finish the remaining burpees on the next minute but you can not move on to the next set of burpees, you must wait until the next minute.
    No rounds missed! Thought I would around minute 16/17, but squeezed in the last burpee with about a second to spare! I’m not gonna lie, basically 20 straight minutes of burpees sucks!!!
    Done in my hotel room in Austin.

  12. Jack Rabbit

    Nice job teach…I saw that WOD on Lindsey’s blog also. Way to burpee it out girl!

  13. mario c

    mario c
    10:52 Scaled to 3 rds of 6 reps; 35#; green band.

  14. Ruel(the situation)

    my back was still sore from yesterday and the squats were very challenging.
    Nice small group @ 0930… Thanks coach Daniel the push… I fell on my butt a couple of times … That’s the highlight of my wod…lol… Thanks Kara for sticking with me on my last set of squats..and Kenny for the push on my last sets of c2b… Did all 9 unbroken …. Appreciate it buddy!!
    Nice to see u coach G… I hope I could make it to one of ur classes soon…

  15. Ruel(the situation)

    Happy birthday , tiger… Enjoy ur day!!!

  16. Alice S

    Happy Birthday Tiger!!!
    15:08- (#35s, band asst)
    A tough WOD indeed!!
    Thanks Coach G and Coach Ramrod!!
    Great job 0830, 0930 peeps!!!

  17. Master G

    My overhead squat is finally getting better… Thanks for Coach G for always checking my form….
    Definitely a tough WOD!!!
    Happy Birthday Tiger!!

  18. The Force (Kendra)

    15:45 (45, black band). Back is still stinging a bit from yesterday’s deaflifts so 45 proved to be difficult. The peanut gallery was strange at 5 pm…….all coaches. Thanks for the pointers on the kip Ramrod. First official Kip tonight. FINALLY!

  19. ZEN Jen (JenM.)

    Awesome Kendra!!!!
    happy birthday Tiger! hope to meet you one of these days.
    Alt WOD: 3.1m run 50 KB swings (35#)

  20. G

    18:20 (Rx) – my excuse: my muscles refused to get warm even with the 1000m row and a few warm-up sets on the snatch.
    Thanks for the push the entire time Coach Ramrod and whenever I slowed down, Coach Billy and Coach Nate!
    And for the record Silverback & Billdozer…..it was 27 degrees by the time the 5pm WOD started! The incremental change from the 4pm temperature when you factor in everything or like the forecast says “FEELS LIKE” was more than you both think ;P
    It was like a boys night out with the cool studs in the box tonight!

  21. G

    Good to see Jared M, Ping Zing, Slim, Tye, Ready Fredie, Carolyn and Young Blood back in action!
    The Osbornes showed up together at 530am; glad you could join the pacemakers, Kate O, and also glad you were able to wake up your roommate 🙂
    Way to go The Force!
    Tank, I wanted to mention that it was good to see you post the other day. Let’s get Tosha here, too!
    Fam, glad to be able to jump start you mojo…just in time for TGW!!

  22. G

    @The Situation, good to see you as well!
    Tiger, you missed a fun WOD. Hope you are enjoying your bday!

  23. Gina

    12:08 (55, C2B with band)
    Just me & the guys tonight – & I liked the small class. Definitely couldn’t get anything by Grace tonight! Thanks for the pointers on form.
    Awesome job, Kendra – way to get a Kip!!
    Good luck to all the teams on Friday! Sounds like there’s going to be a major battle…

  24. Andrea / aka Genie

    13:48 (35#) Thanks JB for explaining the wrist deal. I couldn’t feel it after the 5th one on my first set. It was FREAKEN FREEZING in the Box tonight! Way to go Vamps!!
    What time are we supposed to all be at the box on Saturday Morning??????? I know it says 8-2 but should we be there 7am 7:30ish??? just curious!! Probably wont sleep well anyway! May just pitch a tent! NOT!!!!!

  25. Ramrod

    i just wanted to give a BIG shout out to THE FORCE for getting her FIRST full kipping pullup tonight! Congrats girl way to work hard!