“Master of Ceremonies”

Army Medic helmet

(photo courtesy of Sgt. Mike, aka “Sherpa”)

Warm-up (untimed)
1000m Row
50 Situps

Choose a weakness and work on it.

5 Rounds for time

50 Double Unders
15 OHS (95)

Post results to comments.


Reminder:  Volunteers Meeting tonight at 7:00pm at the box.


14 Responses to ““Master of Ceremonies””

  1. Billdozer

    8:56(75#) Came in late, decided to do it anyway. Ready for competition.
    Thanks for lunch Toe, you are the best team manager ever.

  2. Bobo

    14:36 RX
    wheels came off on round 5.
    Thanks for keeping me going Jim.
    when you see Chief tomorrow, ask him why he works out in jeans sometime. the unknown and the unknowable. hehe.

  3. mario c

    mario c
    15:52 Scaled to 7 rds of 6 reps per round(35#)
    I work out in jeans so I am ready for anything. I am simulationg a game situaiton. Consider: I come walking through my kitchen and find my lovely wife Chrissy pinned under the refrigerator. Now, becasue I do WOD’s im my jeans I can simply spring into action and dead lift the frig off her. But suppose I did WODs in workout gear, when I saw my wife trapped under the frig, prior to performing the rescue lift, I would have to tell her to hold on until I went and found my workout gear, put it on, did mobility stuff and did an adequate warm all while listening to WOD type music. All that would take time and could result in all the food in the frig spoiling. So there is more to being freaking elite than just lifting unbelievable amounts of weight in record time, the advanced Crossfit super athlete must be ready for any situation.

  4. Barbella

    Chief, LMAO!!!
    21:?? (35#)
    How do you annotate the single in between DU’s? That’s what I did.

  5. the situation

    goodluck to all competitors..wish i could be there tom…

  6. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    11:12 (65#/100 singles 4rds/50 DU 1 rd)
    Fun class. Competition Eve…. Yeah Baby! Yeah!

  7. G

    13:48 (65#)
    It was good pacing with 007!
    Welcome aboard Renae, awesome job on your baseline WOD tonight!
    Welcome on your first WOD Angie P and Lloyd!
    Welcome back Brian B, aka “Cowboy”!
    Good to see Gatekeeper, Robert O, Sarah R, Kari and Lingo back in action!
    Chief, tell ’em! Haha!

  8. G

    One more, good to see our int’l travellers, Face and Gary B back in action!

  9. Mike B

    10:01 (150single, 45#)
    I underestimated myself on this one because of how my legs were feeling from “Karen” the day before. Tried to make it under 10:00 though but came up short.